Are Broad Shoulders Attractive? 5 Reasons Women Can't Resist

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Most men obsess about building a six-pack but overlook the fact that clothes will cover it most of the time.

Need a more attractive and dominant feature? Try working on sculpting broad shoulders.

A Cambridge University study of more than 700 women found that the most attractive thing about men is their broad shoulders.

Researchers found out how important physical strength is to the look of men's bodies by showing women pictures of men's bodies and asking them to rate how attractive they were.

The results showed that three things could almost perfectly predict how attractive a man's body is: how strong he looks, how tall, and how thin he is.

 Not only can broad shoulders make you appear more muscular, but they also give the illusion of a trimmer waist.

This gives you that V-shape that women love. 

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Which Shoulders are Considered Broad for Men?

Broad shoulders are defined as having a collar bone that is wider than your waist.

However, you must have a narrow pelvis in terms of bone structure.


broad shoulders doing pull ups



5 Reasons Women Can't Resist Broad Shoulders


1. Broad shoulders show good health and fitness.

A person's waist-to-hip ratio has been demonstrated to predict health, fitness, and attractiveness in both men and women.

While there is an optimal WHR for male beauty (0.8, if you're curious), another study indicated that women are more concerned with waist-to-chest ratios than hip ratios.

Guys with inverted triangle bodies, more prominent shoulders, and smaller waists are deemed more handsome.

A V-shaped body represents victory for the ladies. 


2. Broad shoulders make you look bulkier.

Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a big part of how attractive women think a man is.

But research shows that this is not nearly as important as the size of their shoulders.

Men who are overweight might not have as much trouble as they think, as long as they keep the extra weight on their shoulders.


3. Broad shoulders could intimidate other men.

Women aren't the only ones who like men with big shoulders.

One study found that guys also think this is the ideal body type.

Men who participated in the study said that the shoulders are generally one of the essential parts of the body and that having strong shoulders is important.

Men also said that their shoulders were one part of their bodies they would most like to change, especially to make them look bigger and stronger.

In the end, most men thought that big shoulders were signs of strength, dominance, and manliness.

Since ladies love attention, it’s nice to be seen with an attractive guy.


5. Broad Shoulders might mean he makes more money.

One study found that men with stronger shoulders are seen as better leaders and more important than their peers.

From an evolutionary perspective, this could be because people place a higher value on those they deem more attractive.

Since men with broader shoulders are probably more attractive, they may be more likely to get a promotion than guys with smaller shoulders.


5. Broad-shouldered men may be better fathers.

Even though broad shoulders signify attractiveness and strength, the top thing that makes these big guys more attractive is that they're more likely to become fathers.

That's because being attractive makes them more likely to find a partner, and when they do, their partners are less likely to leave them.

On top of that, being attractive shows that they have better genes and that’s one thing most women fantasize about – cute babies!



How Can You Get Broad Shoulders?

With all these perks that come with having a broad shoulder, you are probably wondering how to get it.

Well, you can't change a bone structure completely but you can build muscle to get broad shoulders.

Lifting heavy weights is, by far, the most straightforward approach to target the shoulder muscles.

So, keep adding weights to the exercises you do every day.

When you do this, your muscles get bigger to handle the stress of your workouts.

We call this "progressive overload."

On the other hand, you must prioritize a healthy diet and lifestyle simultaneously.

There are other gym equipment that can also help you get strong shoulders.

But in the end, those exercises that hit the shoulders directly are the only way to get big shoulders.



Workouts for Building Bigger and Stronger Muscles

Your goal of having broader, stronger shoulders can only be reached if you do your regular exercises well.

Using this approach and trying different variations can avoid joint pain or boring workouts.

If not, you can do the same targeted shoulder workout for 12 to 16 weeks without switching. It’s totally up to you.

To get defined muscles, you need to get intense at your exercises.

If your muscles get bigger every time you lift, you need more shoulder exercises.

But if gaining muscle mass is hard for you, look into improving your diet or lifestyle.

The best kind of workout lets you lift more weight over time.

So, do heavy compound moves like the overhead press to build up your shoulders.

After that, make lighter, more isolated moves to work the other parts of your shoulders.


Exercises That Are Perfectly Fit For Broader Shoulders


  •     Barbell overhead press.
  •     Dumbbell overhead press.
  •     Barbell incline press.
  •     Landmine press.
  •     Unilateral cable lateral raises.
  •     Butterfly lateral raises.
  •     Upright row.
  •     Chin-ups and Lat pull down.
  •     High rows.
  •     Face pulls.
  •     Reverse Bayesian fly.
  •     Rear delt fly.




Broad shoulders make you look more attractive.

Luckily, it’s not just gotten through good genes.

Several exercises we've talked about can help build shoulder muscles and give you road shoulders.

If you needed any more convincing to keep up with your regular gym routine, consider this your bonus reason.




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