10 Celebrities That Died Of Aids – You'll Be Surprised Who!

  • by Ileana Cortes

Let's See If You're As Surprised As I Was...




      10. Amanda Blake 

      Amanda Blake Actress

      Amanda Blake is an American actress known best for her portrayal of the red-haired saloon proprietress Miss Kitty Russell. 



      9. Arthur Ashe 

      Arthur Ashe Aids

      Arthur Ashe was an American tennis player. He was the first Black man to win a major men's singles championship.



      8. Brad Davis 

      Brad Davis Actor Aids

      Brad Davis was an American actor best known for his roles in the 1978 films Midnight Express, Chariots of Fire, and Querelle.



      7. Elizabeth Glaser 

      Elizabeth Glaser Child Actor Aids

      Elizabeth Glaser was an American AIDS activist and child advocate.
      She became infected with HIV very early in the modern AIDS epidemic after having received an HIV-contaminated blood transfusion while giving birth in 1981.




      6. Freddie Mercury 

      Freddie Mercury Queen Aids

      Freddie Mercury is a British singer and songwriter best known as the lead singer of the rock band Queen. He is also known worldwide for his remarkable voice and flamboyant stage persona. 



      5. Gia Carangi 


      Gia Carangi Model Aids
      Gia Carangi. She debuted in the late 1970s and graced the covers of Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and fronted campaigns for Dior, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent.



      4. Klaus Nomi 

      Klaus Nomi German Vocalizer Aids

      Klaus Sperber was a German countertenor known for his wide vocal ability and an unusual, otherworldly stage presence.



      3. Lance Loud 

      Lance Loud TV Personality Aids

      Lance Loud became the first reality TV star, the eldest son of a family made popular by the groundbreaking PBS documentary series An American Family, which debuted in 1973. 



      2. Robert Reed 

      Robert Reed Actor Aids

      Robert Reed was an American actor best known for his work on television. In the popular sitcom The Brady Bunch.



      1. Rock Hudson

      Rock Hudson Actor Aids

      Rock Hudson is an actor who rose to prominence in the 1950s, appearing in films such as Giant, for which he received an Academy Award nomination.



      Top 10 Celebrities with Keyword

      1. Rock Hudson 
      2. Robert Reed
      3. Lance Loud 
      4. Klaus Nomi 
      5. Gia Carangi 
      6. Freddy Mercury 
      7.  Elizabeth Glaser 
      8. Brad Davis 
      9. Arthur Ashe
      10. Amanda Blake 

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