10 Celebrities with Bunions – Why Do They Live With Them?

  • by Matt Phelps

I Had NO IDEA Bunions Were So Common... 


We have higher expectations for celebrities bodies.

Part of their job is to look good - they get paid for it.

But they're still people and we probably ought to cut them some slack.

Especially for potentially genetic conditions like bunions... but not today!

Let's look at some female celebs that are suspected of having them 👇




10. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has bunions 

J Lo's bunions aren't the worst, but they're still noticeable






9. Amy Adams

 Amy Adams has bunions

Amy has a classical set of bunions




8. Molly Sims

 Molly Sims has bunions

Molly has thin, slender feet that are blemished with bunions




7. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah bunions

Oprah Winfrey has bunions 

Oprah has bunions and her toes are pointing inwards




6. Meghan Markle

 Meghan Markle has bunions

Meghan has bunions and really long toes




5. Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton has bunions 

Tilda's bunion is inflamed here, likely from wearing tight shoes




4. Iman Abdulmajid

Iman has bunions 

Iman's bunions are quite perky




3. Nigella Lawson

 Nigella Lawson has bunions

Nigella has quite flat feet and pointy bunions




2. Cristina Hendricks

 Cristina Hendricks

Cristina has bunions and her toes are pointing inward




1. Victoria Beckham 

 Victoria Beckham has bunions

Victoria Beckham showing her bunions

Poor Victoria's feet look like they could be the antagonist in a horror film




Top 10 Celebrities with Bunions

1. Victoria Beckham
2. Cristina Hendricks
3. Nigella Lawson
4. Iman Abdulmajid
5. Tilda Swinton
6. Meghan Markle
7. Oprah Winfrey
8. Molly Sims
9. Amy Adams
10. Jennifer Lopez





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