10 Celebrities With Cleft Chin – You'll Be Surprised Who!

  • by Ileana Cortes

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      10. Vanessa Hudgens 

      Vanessa Hudgens Cleft Chin

      Vanessa Hudgensis a singer and actress. She gained recognition as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical film series at the age of 13. 



      9. Sir Patrick Stewart 

      Sir Patrick Stewart Cleft Chin

      Sir Patrick Stewart is an English actor with a seven-decade career in stage productions, television, and film. He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996.





      8. Sandra Bullock 

      Sandra Bullock Cleft Chin

      Sandra Bullock is a producer and actress. She is one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, earned a motion picture star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005, and was titled one of Time's 100 most influential people in the world in 2010. 



      7. Rose McGowan

      Rose McGowan Cleft chin

      Rose McGowan is an actress and activist. She rose to prominence with her performance in the dark comedy The Doom Generation, for which she received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Debut Performance.



      6. Matt Damon

      Matt Damon Cleft chin

      Matt Damon is a screenwriter, film producer, and actor. Classified as one of Forbes' most bankable stars, his movies have grossed over $3.88 billion making him one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.



      5. Henry Cavill

      Henry Cavill Cleft chin

      Henry Cavill is a British actor best known for playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe, Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, and Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix film Enola Holmes.



      4. Ewan McGregor 

      Ewan McGregor Cleft chin

      Ewan McGregor is a Scottish actor. His honors include a Golden Globe nomination, a Primetime Emmy nomination, and the BAFTA Britannia Humanitarian Award.


      3. Dan Hedaya

      Dan Hedaya Cleft chin

      Daniel Hedaya is an actor who rose to prominence as a supporting actor, frequently portraying villain roles or wisecracking sidekicks.



      2. Brigitte Bardot 

      Brigitte Bardot cleft chin

      Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, also known as B.B., is a former French actress, singer, and model. 




      1. Aaron Eckhart

      Aaron Eckhart Cleft chin

      Aaron Eckhart is best known for his roles in Thank You For Smoking and Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.





      Top 10 Celebrities with Keyword

      1. Aaron Eckhart 
      2. Brigitte Bardot 
      3. Dan Hedaya 
      4. Ewan McGregor 
      5. Henry Cavill
      6. Matt Damon 
      7. Rose McGowan
      8. Sandra Bullock 
      9. Sir Patrick Stewart 
      10. Vanessa Hudgens 

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