10 Celebrities with Gynecomastia – DON'T DO What They Did

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Clearly Some of These Guys Have Taken Something...

Let's Look at Which Celebs Got Gyno Naturally and Unnaturally



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  • 💉 I Hope Steroids Caused That... – some famous men look like they've paid for breast implants.
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    Did you know that there's a subreddit (r/gynecomastia) for Gynecomastia with 9.4k members?

    I thought Gynecomastia (let's call it Gyno) was something you got from taking anabolic steroids.

    I had no idea it affected about 40% of the US adult male population.

    Or that ~60% of all mid-puberty boys experience it!

    It's easy to see on a muscular bodybuilder.

    It's so out of place.

    They're absolutely ripped and have bulging muscles, yet they have these little man boobs around their nipples.

    On older men, or overweight gentlemen, the contrast isn't as strong.

    The soft, flabby tissue is surrounded by other soft flabby tissue... hence it's hard to see.


    A Bodybuilder before and after gyno

    A bodybuilder with Gynecomastia (left) had surgical treatment to remove it. picture (right)




    Celebs with Gyno

    We have higher expectations for celebrities bodies.

    Part of their job is to look good - they get paid for it.

    But they're still people and we probably ought to cut them some slack... but not today!

    Let's look at some male celebs that have "man boobs" and speculate on how they got them 👇




    10. Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson gynecomastia 

    Dwayne Johnson has had Gynecomastia for the first time as a young man


    The Rock has been a steroid user for decades and has had Gynecomastia at multiple points in his life and career.

    Recently, he's even opened up and talked publicly about his struggles with it.

    Though he still hasn't admitted to steroid use.




    9. Jack Black

    Jack Black had always been overweight 

    Jack Black has never looked particularly "fit"


    He's definitely not the worst on the list.

    In fact, I'm not sure if he even has Gynecomastia – it's not something celebrities and actors talk about or admit.

    But my best guest says he does.

    Plus, half of all Americans his age have it.

    So it wouldn't be the weirdest thing if he did.

    I doubt Jack has ever used anabolic steroids.

    So hi Gyno is likely a result of ageing, low testosterone, excess weight, genetics and other lifestyle choices,




    8. Denzel Washington

     Denzel Washington man boobs

    You can see Denzel's man boobs through this white t-shirt


    Denzel always plays the tough guy in his recent movies.

    Tough guy with man tits?

    Haha, I'm kidding.

    You can be plenty tough without looking tough.

    He was born in 1954, so he's not exactly young.

    His Gyno-looking pectorials could just be a results of aging.




    7. Ice-T

     Ice-T man boobs

    Ice-T not looking at his best


    Ice-T is particularly young either.

    But we're not making excuses here, he's got Gyno and it doesn't look great.

    I wonder how much it has to do with our modern diets and lifestyles?

    I really just can't imagine a 65 year old ex-legionary in Roman times with saggy breasts.

    Maybe I've seen too many movies and have a distorted image of what it was like back then.




    6. Leonardo Dicaprio

     Does Leonardo Dicaprio have gynecomastia

    For one of the sexiest men alive, Dicaprio doesn't have a very sexy body


    Leo proves that a "manly" body isn't needed to be a hearthrob.

    I also doubt he's ever taken anabolic steroids.

    He's not that old either, so I'm not sure where his Gyno could have came from.

    Maybe he's just been enjoying the "good life" a little too much, eh?




    5. Tusshar Kapoor

     Indian actor Tusshar Kapoor has gynecomastia

    This is a famous scene from one of Kapoor's movies... damn those breasts are pointy!


    Tusshar Kapoor is a famous Bollywood actor that's been active since the early 2000's.

    He's not overweight, yet he seems to have perky, female-like breasts.

    That's a very typical sign of Gyno.




    4. Simon Cowell

     Simon Cowell seems to have gynecomastia

    Simon would no-doubt have a snappy comeback if he heard I was talking about his man boobs


    Simon Cowell seems to be cursed with Gyno-type man boobs.

    Even when he's on the thin side, his pectorals droop to the side.




    3. Jack Nicholson

     Jack Nicholson has real man boobs

    Jack is getting quite old now, so he might be excused


    Jack Nicholson has legitimate breasts.

    BUT he's over 85 years old, that's probably acceptable.

    At that age, who gives a damn what anybody thinks.




    2. Tommy Morrison

     Tommy Morrison has a serious case of gynecomastia

    Tommy Morrison played Tommy Gunn in Rocky 5 and was a professional heavyweight boxer


    Would you be scared of a boxer that has boobs?

    If it was Tommy Morrison I still would be.

    He's passed away now.

    But he was 6'2, 235lbs and a 48-3-1 boxing record.

    Unfortunately he died at age 44 after a lifestyle of drug abuse and multiple health issues including AIDS.




    1. Steven Tyler

    Steven Tyler gynecomastia 

    The lead singer of Aerosmith tops the list


    Steven Tyler sits at #1 because his Gynecomastia looks particularly gross on this thin frame.

    He's in his 70's and has been a rockstar for decades... which usually comes with substance abuse.

    That doesn't help with maintaining a healthy hormone balance. 




    Top 10 Celebrities with Gynecomastia

    1. Steven Tyler
    2. Tommy Morrison
    3. Jack Nicholson
    4. Simon Cowell
    5. Tusshar Kapoor
    6. Leonardo Dicaprio
    7. Ice-T
    8. Denzel Washington
    9. Jack Black
    10. Dwayne Johnson

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