10 Celebrities with Lipedema – Why Not Have Surgery??

  • by Matt Phelps

How Can These Celebs Avoid Lipedema...

When Science Doesn't Even Know What Causes it!



      Did you Lipedema affects about 11% of all women?

      I feel really bad... because lots of people I thought were overweight, probably had Lipedema!

      It's basically just large fat deposits accumulated under the skin in the lower body - legs and buttocks.

      Sometimes the upper arms can be affected, but the hands and feet are never affected.

      The strange thing is: women of any weight can develop it.

      You don't need to be overweight, unhealthy and normal weight loss methods don't seem to help.

      Exercise may help prevent the disease, but will do almost nothing to reverse it.

      Invasive procedures like liposuction are the main current method of treatment.

      After learning all this, I kind of feel the need to spread the word.

      I mean, there must be millions of people who think they are obese and completely unaware of the condition they have, right?


      Stages of lipedema

      Lipedema comes in many shapes and sizes




      Celebs with Lipedema

      We have higher expectations for celebrities bodies.

      Part of their job is to look good - they get paid for it.

      But they're still people and we probably ought to cut them some slack.

      Especially for potentially genetic conditions like lipedema... but not today!

      Let's look at some female celebs that are suspected of having it 👇




      10. Misha Barton

      Lipedema or cellulite? 

      This angle shows Misha's cellulite more than her Lipedema


      From the angle in picture above, Misha seems to have cellulite rather than Lipedema.

      But I have seem video footage where it appears that her legs are disproportionately large for the rest of her body – suggesting lipedema,




      9. Maisie Smith

      Maisie may just have thick legs 

      Maisie may just have "strong" legs... but I think there's some signs of Lipedema


      I want to avoid coming across as thinking that every woman with "big legs" has lipedema.

      For Maisie in the image above, I think her legs look great!

      Apart from being muscular, her legs show some signs of excess fatty deposits.




      8. Amy Schumer

       Amy may have lipedema

      Does Amy have early-stage Lipedema or not?


      When about 11% of all women have lipedema in the modern world... what are the odds that all celebrities could avoid it?

      Amy's legs are thick, but nothing too unusual.

      Not compared to the celebrities below.




      7. Kirstie Alley

       Is Kirstie just big boned?

      Kirstie has a large frame... but her lower legs are too big and suggest she may have Lipedema


      Cankles can be a result of Lipedema and similar conditions like Lymphedema.

      Kirstie does have quite big lower legs in certain pictures.

      In the one above, she even has proper cankles.




      6. Rebel Wilson

       Lipedema or just overweight?

      Rebel may just be overweight and not necessarily have Lipedema


      Rebel has lot a ton of weight in recent years.

      She gets a lot of flack for it because she's known as the "fat girl".

      People wonder how she's going to get roles.

      I think her weight loss is fantastic!

      She's no doubt healthier, more energetic and confident.

      How could anyone scold you for that?

      Again though, her Lipedema, may just be normally distributed excess fat.

      It's much hard to diagnose of overweight or obese women.




      5. Nelly Furtado

       Lipedema or not?

      Nelly's legs can look disproportionately large on certain days


      Nelly has a somewhat clear case of Lipedema (depending on the pictures you're looking at).

      Despite having a thin upper half, her legs are quite big.




      4. Wendy Williams

       Wendy Williams has large legsWilliam's ankles spill over her shoes

      Wendy may have lymphedema and not lipedema


      Wendy is a tv person and is also known for her radio shows.

      It looks like a case of Lymphedema rather than Lipedema in the images above.

      That's when fluid accumulates in the legs rather than fat.




      3. Mya

       Mya showing her legs at the beach

      Mya's legs are disproportionally larger than her torso – a clear sign of lipedema


      Mya is an American singer, songwriter and actress with a very clear case of Lipedema.




      2. Alicia Keys

       Alicia Keys has lipedema

      A clear case of Lipedema


      As we approach the top of the list, it becomes more obvious how Lipedema can affect anyone.

      Overweight or not.

      Alicia shows clear accumulation of fat in the area above her knees.




      1. Shaughna Phillips

      Shaughna definitely had or has lipedema

      The before image (left) shows Shaughna's thick lower legs and her new legs after liposuction (right)


      Shaughna before and after liposuction 

      Shaughna had liposuction to slim down her legs


      Shaughna is a TV celebrity from the UK version of Love Island.

      She said she was very self-conscious about her legs during filming of the show, which resulted in her getting liposuction afterwards.




      Top 10 Celebrities with Lipedema

      1. Shaughna Phillips
      2. Alicia Keys
      3. Mya Marie Harrison
      4. Wendy Williams
      5. Nelly Furtado
      6. Rebel Wilson
      7. Kirstie Alley
      8. Amy Schumer
      9. Maisie Smith
      10. Misha Barton

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      P.S Lipedema solely affects women... but Gyno affects men. I'm not sure which is worse👇

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