10 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks – You'll Be Surprised Who!

  • by Ileana Cortes

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      10. Robyn Lawley

      Robyn Lawley Model

      Robyn Lawley is an Australian plus-size model.




      9. Stacey Solomon

      Stacey Solomon Singer

      Stacey Solomon is a television personality and singer. In 2009, she finished third on the sixth series of The X Factor and went on to win the 10th series of I'm a Celebrity... I Need to Get Out of Here!




      8. Leah Messer

      Leah Messer TV Personality

      Leah Messer was part of the show Teen Moms. She is a country girl and former cheerleader from West Virginia.



      7. Lala Kent

      Lala Kent Actress

      Lala Kent rose to prominence on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules and has since become a hugely popular media personality, coining the phrase "Give Them Lala."



      6. Nikki Bella

      Nikki Bella Wrestler

      Nikki Bella is a professional wrestler and television personality. She is currently signed as an ambassador for WWE.



      5. Iskra Lawrence

      Iskra Lawrence Model

      Iskra Lawrence is a British model who to fame in the fashion industry. She has also made a name for herself by promoting body positivity while making it a priority to never retouch her images.




      4. Barbie Ferreira

      Barbie Ferreira Euphoria Actress

      Barbara Ferreira is a model and actress. Her most well-known role is that of Kat Hernandez in the HBO series Euphoria.




      3. Melissa Suffield 

      Melissa Suffield Actress

      Melissa Suffield is a former English actress from London, best known for her role as Lucy Beale in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.



      2. Chelsea Houska 

      Chelsea Houska TV Personality

      Chelsea Houska is now a proud mom of four. She was a TV personality in Teen Moms 2. She was a popular softball player who dropped out after becoming pregnant by her then-boyfriend.



      1. Ashley Graham 

      Ashley Graham Plus size model

      Ashley Graham Ervin is an American model and television presenter. She appeared on the cover of Vogue in 2017, becoming the magazine's first plus-size model. 



      Top 10 Celebrities with Keyword

      1. Ashley Graham
      2. Chelsea Houska
      3. Melissa Suffield 
      4. Barbie Ferreira 
      5. Iskra Lawrence 
      6. Nikki Bella
      7. Lala Kent
      8. Leah Messer
      9. Stacey Solomon
      10. Robyn Lawley 

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