10 Famous People With Ocd – You'll Be Surprised Who!

  • by Ileana Cortes

Let's See If You're As Surprised As I Was...





      10. Nicolas Cage 

      Nicholas Cage OCD

      Nicolas Cage is an American actor best recognized for his roles in action films and huge summer movies.



      9. Niall Horan

      Niall Horan OCD

      Niall Horan is a singer and songwriter from Ireland. He became well-known as a member of One Direction formed in 2010 on the British singing competition The X Factor.  



      8. Natalie Appleton 

      Natalie Appleton ocd

      Natalie Appleton is a Canadian actress and pop singer. She rose to prominence as a member of the band All Saints.



      7. Leonardo DiCaprio

      Leonardo DiCaprio ocd

      Leonardo DiCaprio is a three-time Academy Award nominee and award-winning actor. He also founded his own production company, Appian Way.




      6. Jessica Alba

      Jessica Alba ocd

      Jessica Alba is a businesswoman and actress who rose to stardom at the age of 19 as the lead actress in the television series Dark Angel.



      5. Howard Stern

      Howard Stern ocd

      Howard Stern is a radio and television personality, comedian, and author from the United States. He is best known for his radio show, The Howard Stern Show.



      4. Donald Trump

      Donald Trump ocd

      Donald John Trump is a businessman, politician, and media figure who served as the 45th President of the United States from 2017 to 2021.



      3. Charlize Theron

      Charlize Theron ocd

      Charlize Theron is a South African-born actress who won an Academy Award for best actress for her performance as the real-life serial killer in Monster.



      2. Billy Bob Thornton

      Billy Bon Thornton ocd

      Billy Thornton is an actor, screenwriter, director, singer, and musician. He rose to prominence as an actor on the CBS sitcom Hearts Afire and in a number of early 1990s films.




      1. Baroness Michelle Mone

      Baroness Michelle Mone ocd

      Baroness Michelle Mone is a successful business woman and life peer from the United Kingdom. She and her husband, founded MJM International Ltd in 1996, as well as the lingerie company Ultimo.




      Top 10 Celebrities with Keyword

      1. Baroness Michelle Mone
      2. Billy Bob Thornton 
      3. Charlize Theron 
      4. Donald Trump 
      5. Howard Stern 
      6. Jessica Alba
      7. Leonardo DiCaprio 
      8. Natalie Appleton 
      9. Niall Horan 
      10. Nicholas Cage 

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