Are Cheekbones Attractive? Why High Cheekbones Are More Attractive

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High and pronounced cheekbones are among the first things that come to mind when considering appealing face characteristics.

Signs that the baby fat has disappeared from our faces but also that we have reached sexual maturity are prominent cheekbones and hollow cheeks.

For guys, prominent cheekbones are a desirable trait.

Testosterone makes cheekbones more pronounced after puberty.

Mewing, cheek fillers, fat transfer/grafting, & cheek implants are all methods for achieving high cheekbones.

How do you get high cheekbones and what is the science behind them?

Here is all the information you need.



The Science of High Cheekbones

Although they have no negative effects on your health, high cheekbones are still viewed as more attractive.

Here are a few explanations for why that is:

Additional Notable Cheek Hollows

There is more room for surrounding tissue when cheekbones are higher.

High cheekbones make it much simpler to develop obvious hollow cheeks than someone with low cheekbones:


Age causes cheekbones to sink.

Therefore, having high cheekbones indicates that a person is still young enough to have healthy children.

Check out our video on the subject for more information on how the skeleton and cheekbones change with age:


Sexual Maturity

Men experience a significant increase in testosterone during puberty.

Male sexual maturity is indicated by men having prominent cheekbones, which are a result of increased testosterone levels associated with puberty (Mareková et al., 2011).

As a result, the cheek's baby fat disappears, creating the appearance of cheek hollows.


Unexpectedly, having high cheekbones makes one appear more trustworthy.

According to a study, one of the facial characteristics that lend credibility to a person is having high cheekbones (Todorov et al., 2008).

However, a wide face with wide cheekbones, which is a masculine feature, is also present.

According to Anderl et al. (2016), a wide face is also associated with dominance, aggression, psychopathic traits, and leadership qualities (Hahn et al., 2017).

Preferences of Women

Women have long preferred men with wider, more pronounced cheekbones.

High cheekbones became a sign of strength as people evolved because we lost our large canines, which is why many women chose to have them (Weston et al., 2004).

According to Carré et al. (2009), men with wider cheekbones are typically more aggressive.

In conflicts over territory or partners, a man with broad cheekbones also demonstrates his ability to take a punch.



Are Low Cheekbones Unattractive?

Although the majority of people may favor high cheekbones, having low cheekbones does not always make someone less attractive.

Some individuals can pull off having low cheekbones, particularly if they have cheek hollows to draw attention to them.

Angelina Jolie, Mads Mikkelsen, & Johnny Depp are a few instances of gorgeous persons with low cheekbones.



How to Improve Your Cheekbones

You may attempt any of the four procedures listed below if you want to have higher cheekbones: mewing, cheek implants, fat transfer/grafting, & cheek fillers.



Read up about mewing if you want to attempt a natural technique to build a stronger jawline and enhance your cheekbones.

See our comprehensive guide on mewing to learn the appropriate technique.

After meowing for years, YouTuber AstroSky developed incredible cheekbones and cheek hollows.

Mewing is scientifically explained by the fact that the position of your jaw and tongue exerts a constant force that can alter your bone structure.

To view some scientific research in favor of mewing, click here.

You should be aware that mewing is not an instantaneous phenomenon.

While some people, especially children, and teenagers, can see results in a short time, most people take six months to several years to notice any real changes.

You can try mewing at any age, but the best years are your childhood and adolescence.

Your entire lifetime, your bones change.

Even those who have already experienced puberty can notice a noticeable change in their jaw and cheekbones. Results might take six months or even years to appear.

Cheek Implants

A cheek implant is a solid object that has been carefully manufactured to work with human tissue.

Your cheekbone structure may be enhanced or augmented by it.

Your objectives and the traits you wish to change will determine the size and kind of cheekbone implant you get.

Your surgeon will also need to determine the size and kind of implant that is best for you.

To place the implants, your surgeon will make incisions in your mouth (or other places, depending on your situation).

It quickly adds volume, adds projection, and aids in giving your cheekbones the shape you want.

Cheek implants give long-lasting results, and the majority of patients won't need further treatments or surgeries in the future.

But if you'd want, you may have the cheek implants taken out.

If you want results that will last, even though the recovery period is longer than with other techniques, this is a good choice.

Additionally, if you want to have angular cheekbones, this is a great option.

Cheek Fillers

Your cheekbones can be quickly improved with cheek fillers.

It is a quick process that only takes 20 to 60 minutes to finish.

The gel used for cheek fillers is either comprised of collagen or hyaluronic acid.

The appropriate locations are then injected with the cheek filler.

It is a great approach to give their cheekbones more volume and notice results right away.

Your surgeon could inject anesthesia or combine your filler with a numbing medication.

The filler will then be progressively injected into the appropriate location by your surgeon using a cannula to provide little quantities.

When getting cheek fillers, most individuals simply experience a little sting.

Following the injection procedure, you are free to return to work, school, etc.

To allow the filler to fully integrate into your face, it would be great for you to refrain from touching it for one to two days.

Until there is no longer a chance of contracting an infection, it would also be prudent to keep your face dry and clean.

For a few days following your operation, it would be ideal if you attempted to sleep on your back with your face up.

The majority of physicians will also suggest that you refrain from vigorous activity for at least 48 hours.

The majority of cheek fillers last for 12 to 14 months.

But it depends on the kind of filler you receive and how quickly your body converts it into skin tissue.

Cheeks fillers might last for as little as six months for some individuals.

However, some people's cheek fillers continue to work for up to two years.

However, keep in mind that cheek fillers don't maintain their contour.

The photo up top was taken immediately after an injection.

It appears fantastic, yet this state is transient.

I only advise cheekbone fillers if your undereye region is problematic.

Mewing and implants are far superior alternatives in such cases.



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