Can Chewing Gum Reduce Face Fat? Here's What Will Happen...

  • by Matt Phelps

How to Get Rid of Cheek Fat & Tighten Your Facial Muscles


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Does Chewing Gum Help Reduce Face Fat?


Regularly chewing gum is both an effective facial exercise and method for reducing facial fat.

But not in the way you might think...

Spot reduction – fat reduction in a particular area – is impossible.

Just because chewing gum gives your facial muscles a good workout, it doesn't mean you'll burn fat cells specifically in your face.

Chewing gum helps with weight loss indirectly.

Here's the 3 reasons why:


😍 Tighter Facial Muscles

Chewing gum is one of the best facial exercises to tighten your neck, jaw and cheek muscles.

As your face gets tighter and more defined, you might think you're losing weight.


    🏃‍♀️ Reduced Caloric Intake

    You'll consume less calories if you regularly chew gum, and hence lose weight.

    You trick your brain into thinking that it's eating – so it's tells your body that it's full.


      💎 More Defined Jaw

      Regular gum chewing builds the masseter muscle in your lower jaw.

      As your jawline becomes more prominent, it will look like you've cut face fat particularly in your cheeks.

      What's really happening is that the fat is being stretched over a greater surface area.




        What is the Best Chewing Gum for Fat Loss?

        There's a million types of chewing gums on the market.

        The only 2 factors you need to consider when picking are:


        How HEALTHY it is

        Does the chewing gum contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or is it 100% natural?

        How HARD it is

        A harder chewing gum will reduce fat more effectively.


          Let's look at the 2 different categories of chewing gum:


          Regular Artificial Chewing Gums

          Any gum you find in the super market is an artificial gum.

          It has been mass produced in a factory.

          There's nothing wrong with that per se... you've just got to keep an eye on the ingredients.


          ✅ PROS


          Mass produced so they're inexpensive

          Available Everywhere

          All supermarkets, gas stations and news-agencies sell chewing gum

          You Can Chew All Day

          You can chew for hours before your face and mouth tire


             ❌ CONS


            Contain chemicals (like most things these days)


            They don't provide much resistance

            Lose Their Flavor Fast

            After about 15 minutes the flavor is gone and you're less with an unpleasant taste.


              Natural Chewing Gums

              There are hundreds of natural chewing gums.

              The most popular types are sap or resin from different trees from around the world.


              mastic chewing gum

              Mastic gum is the most popular natural gum


              ✅ PROS


              These are naturally very hard and a great workout for your entire face

              100% Natural

              They're literally found in nature!


              Many natural gums have antibiotic properties and can sooth digestion

              Flavor Lasts For Ever

              With mastic gum in particular, you can chew the same piece for days and it doesn't lose it's fresh pine flavor.


                 ❌ CONS


                It has to be grown and harvested.

                That means it can't be mass produced and is therefore more expensive

                Hard to Get Your Hands on

                You won't find it at your local 7-11.

                The easiest way to get some in on the internet. I sell mastic gum on this site.

                Less Flavor Variety

                No flavor is added.

                If you don't like it- then you'll have to find another type of natural gum.


                  You need to experiment.

                  Weigh the pros and cons, and decide which of these will fit into your gum chewing habits.

                  If pure fat loss of your face fat is your goal, you may decide one way.

                  Or you may be interested in chewing gum as a form of exercise.




                  3 Potential Side Effects of Excessive Gum Chewing


                  1. Temporomandibular Joint

                  Excessive chewing can lead to TMJ in some people.

                  TMJ basically describes a stiff jaw that clicks and the resulting chronic tension type headaches.

                  You can avoid it by regularly stretching your neck and jaw.

                  And making sure you chew gum with your mouth closed in the same way you'd chew food.

                  Besides.... it's not good manners to sit there chewing gum loudly with their your open.

                  Remember what your mother said at the dinner table!


                  2. Larger Jaw Muscles

                  This can be both positive and negative- depending on your goals!

                  It turns out chewing gum is a really effective exercise for your lower jaw muscles.

                  Particularly the masseter muscles.

                  Mastic gum has become extremely popular in the last 2 years for this exact reason.

                  It's much harder than regular gum, so the desired results come much quicker!


                  diagram of the masseter muscle

                  The masseter is the large muscle on the side of your jaw


                  3. Damaged Teeth

                  Make sure you chew sugar-less gum. Not all gums are equal.

                  Some contain sugar or artificial sweeteners that are awful for your gut microbiome (we'll talk about that in a second) and they even have a laxative effect... 🚽




                  5 Ways to Get Rid of Face Fat & A Double Chin


                  👅 Mewing

                  There's a growing branch of Orthodontics called Orthotropics.

                  It also goes by the name Mewing.

                  It proposes that a certain tongue posture and proper breathing through the nose can correct many issues that modern dentistry was invented to fix.

                  It's still in the research phase and hasn't been widely accepted by all of the scientific community.

                  But it's really popular on Reddit and YouTube because of the effect mewing can have on your face shape.

                  I personally have used mewing tighten up my "double chin".

                  I didn't actually have a double-chin (I didn't have any extra fat) but I had a slight bulge.

                  I'm definitely not the only one to see results.

                  Look at these 100 mewing transformation photos to see what's possible.


                  Mewing google trends chart

                  Google searches related to "mewing" have exploded in recent years. It's clearly popular.



                  🏊‍♀️ Physical Activity

                  Increase your metabolic activity and you'll increase the calories you burn.

                  It doesn't have to specifically be exercise.

                  Normal daily activities like walking the dog, mopping the floors and grocery shopping all burn calories and contribute to weight loss.


                  🦠 Healthy Gut Biome

                  You can actually accelerate your weight loss just by changing the bacteria in your gut.

                  This is a big topic that requires a whole article.

                  But I talk about it here: how much water should I drink to lose weight?


                  🥕 A Balanced Diet

                  it's far easier to burn excess fat by eating less calories than with exercise.

                  Which is easier: 1) running 2 miles? 2) NOT eating a chocolate bar?

                  A Snickers bar may be mouthwatering... but if you're trying to reduce facial fat, it's obvious which choice is easier and takes (far) less time.


                  diet vs exercise

                  It's easier to NOT eat calories than it is to burn them off


                  🏋️‍♀️ Face Exercises

                  There's more ways to slim out your face fat than just gum chewing.

                  I'm writing an article on effective exercises for fat reduction in the face as we speak.

                  I'll link it here when I'm done!




                  🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

                  Excess face fat isn't helping your appearance.

                  I often tell people that the #1 thing they can do to become more attractive is to reduce fat - face and body.

                  As it turns out, chewing gum is a great way to do that.

                  Find the right gum and get started today!




                  🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

                  Thank you for reading my article on reducing face fat with gum chewing. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

                  Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

                     Matt Phelps

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                  P.S I've hinted all throughout this article that mastic gum will 10x your results. But I never mentioned its other health properties👇

                  Mastic Chewing Gum – 9 Reasons to Start Chewing NOW


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