What is Canthal Tilt? Improve Your Attractiveness (Complete Guide)

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I've always thought that a person's eyes can tell a lot about what they are thinking.

The eyes are undoubtedly the most expressive part of body language and speak a great deal about us. Moreover, your eyes are the most prominent feature on your face, and the canthal tilt significantly influences how they seem.

So, why does canthal tilt matter for attractiveness?



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What Is Canthal Tilt? 

Canthal tilt is the angle between the inner corner of the eye (called the medial canthus) and the outer corner of the eye (lateral canthus).

We can use an imaginary line to measure this. Canthal tilts can be positive, negative, or neutral.




Positive Canthal Tilt 

Positive Canthal Tilt happens when the outside corner of the eye is 5 to 8 degrees higher than the inside corner.

We can measure it by imagining a line going from the lowest point of the inner eye corner to the outer eye corner and another line going through the middle of the outer eye corner.




Negative Canthal Tilt

A negative Canthal Tilt is exactly the opposite of a Positive Canthal Tilt.

It means that the outside corner of the eye is 5 to 8 degrees below the inside corner of the eye.

The angle will be produced below the horizontal line, as with the Positive Canthal Tilt measurement.




Neutral Canthal Tilt

Neutral Canthal Tilt is when the outer corner of the eye and inner corners are at the same level.

From the inside corner of the eye to the outside corner, we should be able to draw a straight line.




Other Ways To Measure The Canthal Tilt

The easiest way to measure this is to look in the mirror with your head at a natural, relaxed angle. Try to notice both of your canthi when you look right into your eyes.

Most eyes aren't the same shape and have different canthal tilts.

You can also take a picture by keeping your head still and looking straight into the camera.

Be careful because if you look up at the camera, it can make your canthal tilt look more positive than it really is, and if you look down at the camera, it can make it look more negative than it is.

After taking a picture, draw a line from the side of your eye to the middle of your eye on both eyes.

You have a positive canthal tilt if your lateral canthus is higher than your medial canthus.

The lines will look like a small V.

If your canthal tilt is neutral, you will have a very close to a straight line.

No angle should be there.

If you have a negative canthal tilt, the lines from your middle canthus to your side canthus will hang down.

It will look like the letter V turned upside down.




 Positive vs. Neutral vs. Negative Canthal Tilt 

When you have a positive canthal tilt, you look more attractive.

People with positive canthal tilt look more awake and alert.

Also, it makes people look younger.

If yours is negative, it can make you look tired and upset.

Negative canthal tilts give the appearance of sagging eyes and older age.

You may also look less attractive if you have a negative canthal tilt.

Negative canthal tilts make a poor impression on everyone you meet.

Neutral canthal tilts will look good on most people.




What Causes a Negative Canthal Tilt?

Negative Canthal Tilt is usually caused by aging, swollen eyelids, and sagging.

Too much loose skin at the outer corner of the eye weighs them down and brings them down.

But sometimes, it can be because of genes.

Like any other part of your face, you can get it from your parents.

Occasionally, it can also be caused by wrong tongue movements.

If you breathe through your mouth, your tongue likely rests at the bottom of your mouth.

This can cause the bones under your eyes to become weak.

When you breathe through your mouth, your skull and face get smaller.

This makes your maxilla less stable around your eyes.

A few outside and environmental factors can also make your eyes turn in or out.

For example, sun damage and smoking can weaken the tissues in your lower eyelids, making them look saggy.




How To Get A Positive Canthal Tilt?

Here are a few things you can do to fix your negative canthal tilt and make it positive.


Stop Smoking

When you smoke, your skin loses its elasticity.

Tissues in the eyelids that are less flexible can worsen the canthal tilt.


Use sunglasses or sunscreen.

Sun rays also damage the skin's elasticity, making the skin tissues soft.



Mewing is the technique of flattening your tongue against the roof of your mouth and putting the tip of your tongue right behind your front teeth without touching them.

As we've already said, Negative Canthal Tilt can be caused by bad tongue position because it affects the support of the bones under your eyes.

If your tongue doesn't rest and push on your palate, it doesn't stimulate your midface.

Because mewing moves your midface up and forward, it can help you correct the position of your tongue and improve the tilt of your eyes.

When you mew, your cheekbones move up and forward.

This gives your eye area a place to rest and helps correct eye tilt. 

The biggest problem with mewing is that it takes a long time to work.

In addition, it works best when you're still growing.

Also, there isn't enough proof that it has an effect on adults.

Click here to find out more about how to properly do the mewing technique.


Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

You can improve your canthal tilt by having surgery on your eyelids.

Canthoplasty is a type of eyelid surgery that is often used to fix canthal tilt.

During lateral canthoplasty, your lateral canthus is moved to raise it vertically.




🏁 SUMMARY: Canthal Tilt 🏁

Before you go out and request this surgery, you should know that it is typically used for reconstructive rather than aesthetic purposes.

If you fix the corner too much, it can look very unnatural.

Most of the time, when surgeons do this, they damage part of the lower eyelid.

That makes it hard for them to fix their work and restore the shape of the eye.

Please be careful with what you look for.

Your eyes are lovely, just as they are.

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