10 Celebrities with Asymmetrical Faces – Why Symmetry is Overrated

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Clearly... A Symmetrical Face isn't That Important 


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    You're probably like me – you have a good side.

    You think one side of your face is more appealing than the other.

    When someone is taking your photo, you may even turn your face to one side- consciously or unconsciously.

    My mirror reflection isn't symmetrical.

    My left side is more defined than my right side, and it has less imperfections.

    Like moles and scars.

    I used to let it affect my psychology.

    But you know what? Nobody has even noticed.

    I created a list of world famous celebrities that don't have perfectly symmetrical faces.

    When you're feeling self-conscious about your own face's form- just look at these photos.



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    10. Kate Middleton

    Asymmetrical jaw

    Kate is the married to Prince William - future king of the United Kingdom


    Notice Kate's jaw muscle on her left side is more prominent.

    This is more common for people with square jawlines like Kate.

    And this picture isn't a great  example... but I think you can still see that her face isn't symmetrical.




    9. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise has an asymmetrical tooth

    Tom incisor tooth is right in the middle of his face


    Tom has had a lot of "work" done to his face imho.

    Go back and look at photos from when he was younger.

    His whole face shape is different.

    In recent years he's had a sharp and muscular jawline.

    It didn't look like that when he was younger...

    The reason Tom made the list is because of his tooth.

    It's quite well known by now, that Tom Cruise's teeth aren't symmetrical.

    One of his central incisor teeth is right in the center of his face.

    It looks funny when you first see it.

    But I bet you didn't notice it until I told you about it, right?




    8. Meryl Streep

    Meryl Streep's right side vs her left

    Meryl Streep's left side is lower than her right side


    Different eyebrow shapes, sizes and positions are common.

    That's not why Meryl made the list.

    Her right cheekbone is higher than her left.

    It's not too pronounced, but you can also see how her right masseter (jaw muscle) is larger as well.

    Balancing out your jaw muscles is easily fixed though.

    Build your masseter muscles using a jawline trainer.




    7. Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton has a winking eye

    It's hard to have a symmetrical face when your left eye is higher than your right.


    Paris has an amblyopic left eye - a lazy eye.

    It is has closed most of the time.

    I'm not a fan of Paris but I think it's kind of cool and gives here a more unique appearance.




    6. Paul Walker

    Paul has some slight facial asymmetry

    R.I.P Paul Walker


    Another celebrity with one eye higher than the other.

    In this case it's Paul's left eye.

    This seems to be the most common type.

    Why is that?

    I have a theory.

    There's a handful of issues that can "inhibit" you from being perfectly symmetrical.

    Differences in your nose, ears, chin, jaw, nostrils, eyebrows etc.

    BUT all of these causes can fixed!

    You can easily become more symmetrical with stretches and exercises.

    And of course, you can fix most faces with cosmetic surgery.

    But the hardest thing to fox is your eyes!

    That's one reason why it "seems" so common - it's tough to fix!




    5. Rosie Huntington-Whitely

    Rosie is a famous model

    Rose is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world... perfect symmetry is obviously overrated.


    You kind of expect supermodels to have symmetrical faces.

    At least I did.

    But once you do some research (Googling haha), you'll find plenty of attractive men and women who aren't perfectly symmetrical.

    As stunning as Rosie is... she clearly has one eye higher than the other.

    You can see this in many photos.

    But you probably didn't notice until I pointed it out. 




    4. Bradley Cooper

    Bradley Cooper is not known for his symmetry

    Bradley isn't known for his symmetry...


    This is a really unflattering photo - sorry Bradley.

    It's the only picture on this page where the person actually looks less symmetrical than they actually are in real life.

    Brad's got good genes.

    He's tall, handsome, smart, speaks French (that's cool) and seems like an all round nice human being.

    But I think you'll agree with me: in certain pictures... he looks weird.




    3. Ryan Gosling

    Eye asymmetry is hard to correct

    Ryan Gosling is so sexy he turned down the "Sexiest Man Alive Award"


    Apart from his eyes, Ryan's face is quite symmetrical.

    I think in his case, he looks even better because his features aren't identical on both sides.




    2. Tyler Posey

    Tyler Posey headshot

    Tyler has significant asymmetry... but that hasn't stopped him becoming a wildly successful actor and heartthrob


    Most people notice how Tyler's face is slanted.

    It's obvious from the picture and it's obvious when you see a video of him.

    You know who cares?

    No one really.

    It gives him a unique appearance and character.




    1. Kat Graham

    Kat Graham has significant asymmetry

    Kat does not have a symmetrical face. That hasn't stopped her from becoming a famous actor!


    Kat's jaw and nose is slanted to the right and one eye is higher than the other.

    It throws her face aesthetics off quite a bit.

    Yet... she's a beautiful, successfull actor!

    I think she's one of the best examples of how little people care about your face symmetry. 




    Top 10 Celebrities with Asymmetrical Faces

    1. Kat Graham
    2. Tyler Posey
    3. Ryan Gosling
    4. Bradley Cooper
    5. Rosie Huntington-Whitely
    6. Paul Walker
    7. Paris Hilton
    8. Meryl Streep
    9. Tom Cruise
    10. Kate Middleton

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