10 Celebrities With Crooked Teeth – Why Not Fix Them??

  • by Matt Phelps

Apparently Good Teeth Aren't An Important Part of Being Famous...


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  • 😳 "It's Just a Bad Angle... RIGHT?!" – still think a straight teeth are an important part of being attractive? Just look at some of these celebrities
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      As a teenager, I had braces.

      My parents forked out over $6000 at the time for my teeth... and they're still not great!

      I'm not self-conscious about them, but I care enough about teeth to notice other's peoples, particularly famous people.

      Mainly because most people get their teeth done after they get famous.

      There's 100s of celebrities that had bad or crooked teeth while they were up and coming.

      As soon as they "made it", they fixed them up.

      You won't find many mega-celebs that haven't had work done.

      But here's a list of world famous celebrities that had bad, crooked smiles.

      If you're feeling self-conscious about your own teeth – just look at these photos!



      10. Zac Efron

       Zac efron crooked teeth

      Zac had a big gap between his front teeth before he had it fixed


      He's just a boy in this picture! I know, but he's still a celebrity.

      Back when Zac was first getting famous with High School Musical, he had a big gap in his teeth that wouldn't have closed up without dental work.

      Unfortunately Zac has struggled with his appearance for years.

      Recently he's had very noticeable work done to his jaw.

      It's still up to debate in some people's minds whether he did or not – not in mine. 




      9. Keira Knightley

       Keira Knightley crooked teeth

      Keira's teeth can look crooked depending on the angle


      After watching Bend it Like Beckham, I had a huge crush on Keira for a few years.

      Her teeth aren't the worst, but there's definitely room for improvement if she was interested in fixing them.




      8. Lara Stone


      lara Stone crooked teeth
      Gapped teeth are "in fashion"


      Lara is a dutch fashion model famous for her gapped teeth.

      She was one of the first people that sparked the whole trend towards having a gap.

      Thousands of women (particularly in the UK) even had dental surgery, to create a gap between their front teeth 🤷‍♀️.




      7. Cristiano Ronaldo

       cristiano ronaldo crooked teeth

      Ronaldo had braces during his first years at Manchester United


      Before and after photos of Ronaldo can be quite shocking.

      He's incredibly attractive and charming now.

      But when he was younger he obviously didn't care as much about his looks.

      His teeth were one of the first parts of his appearance he spent money on.




      6. Channing Tatum

      channing tatum crooked teeth 

      Some people's teeth look worse from the side


      Channing has whitened his teeth in recent years.

      But I don't think see any signs that he's done anything else.




      5. Johnny Depp

       johnny depp crooked teeth

      What happened to Johnny Depp in recent years?


      Johnny had his teeth changed to play Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

      Did he never change them back??

      I don't understand why he decides to have silver, yellow crooked teeth.

      He doesn't naturally have bad teeth.

      Go back and look at earlier photos of him.

      His teeth aren't perfect, but there nothing like they are now.




      4. Nicolas Cage

      nicolas cage crooked teeth 

      Nic has done a lot to his teeth since this picture in the 90s


      Nic is no stranger to "cosmetic intervention".

      Apart from fixing his teeth, he's had hair implants and multiple face lifts.




      3. Jewel

       jewel crooked teeth

      Jewel's teeth are somewhat famous


      Despite her success, Jewel never fixed her teeth.

      And good for her!

      They're part of her character and signature look.




      2. Matthew Lewis

       matthew lewis crooked teeth

      A very unflattering photo of Matthew


      Matthew is known for playing Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series of movies.

      As a young boy his teeth were crooked, and they never seemed to straighten up.




      1. Charlie Sheen

       charlie sheen crooked teeth

      Charlie sheens teeth look awful in recent years. And that's after having tons of work done to them


      Charlie Sheen was been through some wild ups and down.

      His awful teeth seem to be a results of drug and alcohol abuse rather than anything else. 

      Looking at older pictures of him, he had straight, white teeth.

      He's the only one on the list to go from good teeth to bad teeth.




      Top 10 Celebrities with Crooked Teeth

      1. Charlie Sheen
      2. Matthew Lewis
      3. Jewel
      4. Nicolas Cage
      5. Johnny Depp
      6. Channing Tatum
      7. Christiano Ronaldo
      8. Lara Stone
      9. Keira Knightley
      10. Zac Efron

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