10 Celebrities With Veneers – Look At Their Horrible Teeth Before!

  • by Matt Phelps

Spend Your Whole Life on Camera? Then You'll Probably Want Veneers Like These Celebrities


As a teenager, I had braces.

My parents forked out over $6000 at the time for my teeth... and they're still not great!

I'm not self-conscious about them, but I care enough about teeth to notice other's peoples, particularly famous people.

Mainly because most people get their teeth done after they get famous.

There's 100s of celebrities that had bad or crooked teeth while they were up and coming.

As soon as they "made it", they fixed them up.

You won't find many mega-celebs that haven't had work done.

But here's a list of world famous celebrities that obviously gotten veneers.

If you're feeling self-conscious about your own teeth – just look at these before photos!



10. Zac Efron

 Zac Efron with veneers

Zac had a big gap between his front teeth before he had it fixed


He's just a boy in this picture!

I know, but he's still a celebrity.

Back when Zac was first getting famous with High School Musical, he had a big gap in his teeth that wouldn't have closed up without dental work.

Unfortunately Zac has struggled with his appearance for years.

Recently he's had very noticeable work done to his jaw.

It's still up to debate in some people's minds whether he did or not – not in mine. 




9. Cardi B

 Cardi B with veneers

Before and after photos of Cardi B's teeth


Cardi B blew up on vine when it was a thing.

It looks like she has had multiple forms of cosmetic surgery and she has obviously gotten veneers.




8. Keith Urban

Keith Urban with veneers 

Keith was known for his gap tooth which "magically" disappeared


It's a shame when someone "fixes" a facial feature that makes them unique.

Keith was known for his gapped front teeth and many women in the 90s thought it was sexy.

Similar to how women are now imitating Lara Stone and getting dental work to install a gap between their teeth.




7. Jim Carey

 Jim Carey with veneers

Jim Carey clearly got a chip in his tooth fixed


Jim's veneers were executing perfectly- according to me.

They don't look unnaturally white and match the shape and arrangement of his "old" teeth.




6. Demi Moore

Demi Moore with veneers 

Demi Moore before and after photo


Every celebrity gets their teeth whitened.

If a big part of your job was to look good- you would too.

This photo above clearly shows and improvement in her teeth's whiteness.

But she's also had further dental work.




5. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus veneers 

Young Miley vs younger-than-now Miley


She's just a young woman in this picture!

I know, but she's still a celebrity.

Back when Miley was first getting famous with Hannah Montana, she had somewhat crooked lateral incisor teeth.




4. David Beckham

 David Beckham with veneers

Before picture from his early days in England, after picture from his LA days


Not only was David one of the best football players in the world... he was also also famously handsome.

After marrying mega-celebrity Posh Spice (Victoria) his obsession with his looks and image went to a whole new level.




3. Tom Cruise

 Tom Cruise with veneers

Tom Cruise' before and after photo


Every body has seen or heard about Tom Cruise' middle tooth.

But not everyone has seen a before photo of him when he was younger.

I'm not sure if he ever had braces or not, but clearly he's has significant dental work done to get to his current million-dollar-smile.




2. Faye Dunaway

 Faye Dunaway

After photo on the right, before on the left


These teeth scare me.

Unfortunately it looks incredibly unnatural and over the top.

If you don't know who Faye is, she's an American actor famous for her role in 1967s Bonnie & Clyde.




1. Morgan Freeman

 Morgan freeman veneers

I gotta say, Morgan is doing damn fine for 84 years old (in the after photo!)


I never even noticed Morgan Freeman's bad teeth.

I was focused on his kind eyes and deep, warm voice.

Smart move by Morgan to fix his teeth.

They did a good job too, it doesn't look too unnatural.




Top 10 Celebrities with Veneers

1. Morgan Freeman
2. Faye Dunaway
3. Tom Cruise
4. David Beckham
5. Miley Cyrus
6. Demi Moore
7. Jim Carey
8. Keith Urban
9. Cardi B
10. Zac Efron


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