9 Chewing Gum Benefits for Face Appearance – Which Gum is Best?

  • by Matt Phelps

How Chewing Gum Can Do More for Your Face Than Surgical Procedures...


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Is Chewing Gum Good for You?

The first chewing gums were sap/resin from trees.

These gums are 100% natural and have a wide variety of health benefits.

The oldest, is mastic gum.

Ancient Mediterranean's have used it for over 3000 years and it's made a big comeback in the last 2 years.

More on that later!

In 1848, John Curtis developed the first man-made chewing gum.

Since then, thousands of different chewing gum brands and types have been created.

Some have been loaded with sugar and hence awful for mouth and tooth decay.

But most gums nowadays are sugar free, with zero calories.

So to answer the question... it depends on the gum.

Natural gums have a range of health benefits.

Sugar free gum has many benefits too.

My main piece of advice is: stay away from any chewing gum that contains sugar.


Let's look at 9 ways that chewing gum plays a key role in improving your health and appearance 👇




#1 Tighten Up Your Double Chin

 Fat loss around your neck and face is the best thing you can do to remove a double chin.

The second best thing is to chew gum.

Weight loss usually results in saggy or loose skin.

You may not even be fat, yet your face still looks soft and undefined.

Chewing is a great physical activity you can do to workout the muscles in your neck and jaw, and become more defined.

Chew gum daily for a few months and keep an eye on your results in the mirror.

If you take a before and after photo, let me know!

I'd love to see it.




#2 Build Your Jaw Muscles

 Boxers, BodyBuilders, Athletes, Models and Actors... have all experimented with chewing gum to improve their jaw.

It's the first exercise most people think of.

And it works!

Really well actually...

Chewing stimulates your masticatory muscles.

The most important of which, are your masseter muscles.

These are the meaty parts on the side of your jaw.

Next time you chew gum, think about the tension and workout you get from the chewing action.

Regularly chewing gum will slowly build this area of your jaw and give you a stronger jawline.

BUT... this will take a while.

Regular gum isn't particularly hard.

If you want to accelerate your results and see changes fast- try chewing mastic gum instead.

It's 10x harder than regular chewing gum and you'll see results 10x faster.

We sell it right here on this site.

Check it out and read the reviews:

SHOP – Mastic Gum


masseter muscles

Brad Pitt has very prominent masseters. They're the big bulging muscles on the side of his jaw.




#3 Improve Your Oral Health

 Chewing gum after eating is almost like brushing your teeth:

  • It removes food particles stuck in your teeth
  • More saliva production – which washes plaque (bacteria) off your teeth
  • It prevents dry mouth – which reduces risk of tooth decay
  • Reduce cravings – chewing gum after eating food keeps you feeling full! More on that below.


The American Dental Association recommends chewing gum after chewing food.

It's even recommended as a method for people having difficulty quitting smoking.

It distracts them and gives their mouth something to do!




#4 Feel Full & Lose Weight

 Chewing gum tricks your brain into thinking that it's eating food.

That's why you'll see chewing gum regularly included in any diet focused on burning fat.

It's basically as simple as it sounds.

If you're trying to reduce your food cravings and lose fat... try chewing gum in-between meals and straight after.

Your body will crave less foods, you'll feel fuller and consume less calories.

Which is the easiest way to lose weight. Good luck!




#5 Fresh Breathe

 Bad breath (Halitosis link ) is usually caused by a build up of bacteria on your teeth and in your mouth.

Everyone has some level of bacteria on their teeth.

But it can be worse (a lot worse!) for some people with a bad diet or poor dental hygiene...

Visit a dentist if you're worried.

All I know is – gum chewing fixes the problem.

It moves your saliva all around your mouth into all the different nooks between your teeth and gums.

Remove bacteria, remove bad breathe.

Chewing gum after every meal is a great place to start.




#6 Tighten Your Facial Muscles

There's many face exercises out there.

Some of them even work.

But you're using the muscles in your face all day, every day.

You can't just do 15 repetitions a day of the "fish face exercise" and expect to see results.

You really need to increase the duration of your workouts.

Chewing gum just entered the chat.

One major reason that chewing gum is so effective for toning and tightening your face... is that it's easy to do it for hours a day!

You can work, study, drive or walk – and train your face at the same time.

No need to schedule time in your calendar- do it whenever!

We talked earlier about what chewing gum would do for your jawline.

But it also exercises almost all the muscles in your face, all the way up to your forehead.

It's the perfect all-round exercise for your face.

And don't forget, if you want to 10x your workouts... try mastic or jawliner gum.


best chewing gum for jawline

Mastic gum is healthier, harder than regular gum. It never loses it's taste




#7 Stronger Face Shape

 Our ancestors ate roots, uncooked vegetables, stems and tough chewy meat.

Pretty different from the soft bread, boiled marshmallow type diet we have today, right?

We don't eat enough hard foods anymore.

And it's the #1 reason why we have weak facial structures, recessed chins etc.

There's a whole new school of science called Orthotropics (link which explains why humans today have so many dental problems.

It encourages eating a tougher diet (or chewing hard gum), breathing through the nose and maintaining a certain tongue posture.

There's a lot to it.

And it's gaining momentum in the scientific community.

But it hasn't been accepted as "100% proven and true" yet.

At this stage it's still a theory. If you're interested in learning more, I wrote an article explaining the basics 👇

What is Orthotropics & Mewing? Everything You Need to Know




#8 Healthier Digestive System

 This isn't the case for all chewing gums.

You can cross off any ones the contain sugar or artificial sweetener like aspartame.

Those gums can actually do the opposite.

Mastic gum is particular has been used for hundreds of years to treat stomach ulcers and digestive problems.

Even for less serious things like morning sickness or motion sickness- natural gums can help soothe an upset stomach.

I won't go into detail here because I already wrote a whole article on it 👇

Mastic Chewing Gum – 9 Reasons to Start Chewing Now




#9 Improved Cognitive Performance

 Next time you grab a coffee to wake yourself, grab some gum instead.

The extra blood flow in your head brings more oxygen to your brain.

This can help you fight sleepiness to stay alert, and it even improves memory.

A repetitive chewing action also has a calming effect and has been linked to improved mood and a decrease in nervous habits.

Try it out next time you need to focus.




The 8 Benefits of Chewing Gum – Health, Weight, Appearance


🥋 Tighten Up Your Double Chin

It's almost like getting a neck lift


    💪 Build Your Masseter Muscle

    Shape your jaw muscles with gum chewing


      🦷 Improve Your Oral Health

      Remove food debris and maintain healthy gums


        ⚖️ Feel Full & Lose Weight

        Reduce your calories without going on a diet


          🌊 Fresh Breathe

          Clean and odorless (the opposite sex will thank you!)


            😁 Tighten Your Facial Muscles

            Prevent wrinkles and help fade the ones you already have

              🗿 Stronger Face Shape

              Your mouth and jaw were developed to eat hard foods


                🫁 Healthy Digestive System

                Reduce acid reflux by increasing saliva production


                  🧠 Improved Brain Performance

                  Improve memory and focus 




                    Best Chewing Gum for a Chiseled Jawline

                     Mastic Gum is 10x harder than regular gum.

                    All the benefits of chewing gum I've listed here... are accelerated 10x with mastic gum.

                    If you really want a better jawline and tighter facial muscles then this is only chewing gum you need to know about.

                    Men and Women are even chewing it instead of defaulting to unnatural methods like dermal fillers and chin augmentation.

                    Read more about it:

                    The Best Chewing Gum for Your Jawline (How to Chew it)




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