Does Mouth Breathing Change Your Face? Why You Should STOP

  • by Matt Phelps

How Mouth Breathing Ruins Your Face & Your Health

Learn to Nose Breathe & Correct Your Tongue Posture


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      My football coach told me to breathe in through my nose, and out through my mouth.

      When I was running around and exercising of course.

      Not for all occasions.

      For everything else; sitting, walking or sleeping... he told me that I should breathe in and out through my nose. 

      Luckily, I listened.

      Because in the last few years there is lots of research and theories being released about the differences between nose breathing and mouth breathing.

      Perhaps the most unexpected question that has popped up is: does mouth breathing change your face?

      Most people believe that your appearance is purely based on your genetics. That's wrong.

      And if how you breath affects your appearance... does that mean how you breathe is determined by your genetics?

      Of course not.

      Even the most skeptical people accept that breathing can change as a result of allergies and diet.

      Let's look at how mouth breathing changes your face.

      What causes mouth breathing in the first place.

      And then finally... how to STOP mouth breathing, become a nose breather, and become more attractive.



      Does Mouth Breathing Change Your Face?

      The answer is Yes.

      The teeth, jaw and nasal cavities are negatively affected by chronic mouth breathing and other environmental influences.

      If an adult or child is unable to maintain a consistently clear nasal airway, the body will adjust its system to take breaths through the mouth.

      This might seem harmless.

      But not only does it change your face- it's actually bad for your long-term and short-term health.

      The way you breathe helps form the muscles in your face, neck, and jaw.

      Properly functioning and balanced muscles let your tongue rest against your palate, developing the shape of your teeth and maxilla bone.

      Nose breathers have good tongue posture which creates definition of cheekbones and a wider face through force exerted against your jaw. 

      Mouth breathers tongues have nowhere to rest which causes the face to move downward in inward.

      Chronic mouth breathers, have narrow faces and poor definition in their cheekbones.




      mouth breathing in children

      This boy had a typical mouth breather face until he was treated and became a nose breather




      8 Side Effects of Mouth Breathing


      🦷 Crooked Teeth

      The way you breathe forms the muscles in your face, jaw and neck.

      Mouth breathing causes your tongue to rest in an unnatural position that exerts varying forces on your teeth.

      These imbalanced forces moved your teeth around.

      OR they result in a narrow palate.

      Which means the teeth don't have enough room to grow- resulting in crooked teeth.


        😨 Recessed Chin & Overbite

        This is probably the most obvious visible trait of a mouth breather.

        The chin and jaw is NOT prominent.

        They begin to move backwards towards the neck.

        This results in a weak double-chin appearance.


          💩 Bad Breathe (Hallitosis)

          Your nose is a fantastic air filter.

          It cleans air of bacteria and other impurities before it enters your lungs.

          Your mouth doesn't.

          It's also warm, moist and perfect for growing bacteria- particularly while you sleep.

          Mouth breathers always have bad breath.


            🪝 Larger, Hooked Nose

            Mouth breathing and poor tongue posture causes the maxilla to recede.

            This makes the entire face fall downward and inward.

            The nose is also pulled along for the ride.

            The resulting forces on the nose generally cause it to develop a hook shape.


              🥱 Tired, Droopy Eyes

              Inefficient breathing is one thing that gives you dark circles under your eyes.

              This is a lack of veinous drainage.

              Instead you see veinous pooling where blood collects around the eyes.

              In the long term, mouth breathing causes a the maxilla to recede (your cheekbones become less prominent).

              This is the foundation your eyes rest upon, so they will begin to droop.


                📏 Bad Posture

                Both back posture and neck posture.

                Because of the shape of the throat, mouth breathers have to hunch over and stick their heads forward to create an uninhibited pathway for air to enter the lungs.

                Bad posture doesn't just make you shorter- it creates all sorts of muscle imbalances and ailments.

                Most of which show up later in life.


                  🛌 Sleep Apnea & Snoring

                  Oxygen uptake from the air you breathe in is much higher from your nose.

                  Mouth breathing is a much less efficient means of breathing.

                  It causes interrupted breathing when sleeping.

                  This isn't just bothersome.

                  The loss of quality REM sleep has long term health effects and may shorten your life.


                    💋 Short Upper Lip

                    Because the mouth is open, the upper lip is raised.

                    Over time it shrinks and becomes narrow.

                    Just look at what happened to this boy's lip over a few years of mouth breathing 👇


                      Mouth breathing side effects 

                      This person had a strong facial structure when he was a young boy.
                      His parents got a cat during his childhood that lived indoors- which he was allergic to.
                      He started mouth breathing because of his blocked sinuses which resulted in the "adenoid" facial type



                      mouth breather profile

                      A typical mouth breather side profile




                      What Causes Mouth Breathing?

                      You don't have to remember to blink, right?

                      It's a built-in habit that your body does automatically.

                      Nose breathing is the same- it comes naturally to babies and children.

                      It is the default breathing method of the human body.

                      Something must cause someone to start breathing through their mouth.

                      It doesn't just happen.

                      When something prevents the smooth passage of air into your lungs, your body resorts to it's other source of oxygen- the mouth.

                      Let's look at the 7 most common treatable causes of a blocked nose and mouth breathing:

                      😷 Nasal Congestion

                      By far the most common.

                      Caused by allergies, colds, or sinus infections.

                      In the worst cases you are constantly having an allergic reaction.

                      This could be to airborne allergens like pollen, or if you live in a home with animals you are allergic to.


                        🌋 Enlarged Adenoids

                        These are small patches of tissue above your tonsils.

                        These helps fight infections in your body.

                        If they become enlarged, they can restricted the airways.

                        Fortunately, they can be removed.


                          🌋 Enlarged Tonsils

                          This is a common cause of a blocked throat and airway.


                            🕳 Deviated Septum

                            The septum is the cartilage in the nose that separates the nostrils.

                            Most people's nostrils are uneven, with one being larger than the other.

                            A deviated septum is when this asymmetry is severe and they have difficulty breathing through their nose.


                              🧿 Nasal Polyps

                              These are small growths in the nostril tissue.

                              These are often triggered chronic sinus infections or asthma.


                                🌋 Enlarged Turbinates

                                Turbinates are bony structures inside the nose, covered by a soft tissue called the mucosa.

                                They regulate airflow and humidify the air you inhale by swelling up with increased blood flow.

                                They are prone to swelling and can hence remain enlarged and block the nasal cavity.


                                  😱 Stress & Anxiety

                                  These can also cause a person to breathe through their mouth instead of their nose.

                                  Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system which causes shallow and rapid breathing.

                                  To compensate, you may begin to breath through your mouth.




                                    How to Start Nose Breathing

                                    First you've got to diagnose what's causing you to mouth breathe.

                                    I recommend you go get a checkup with your doctor and see if you're allergic to anything.

                                    Here's a list of thing you can do to ensure your nasal airway is unobstructed:

                                    🤺 Nasal Decongestants

                                    Treat colds and allergies with pharmaceuticals


                                      🧯 Antihistamines

                                      Allergic to pollen?

                                      Then you know what these are.

                                      Reduce inflammation in your nasal cavity with these type of pharmaceuticals.


                                        🥛 Change Your Diet

                                        Some types of diets product more mucus than others.

                                        Excess dairy in particular can caused blocked sinuses.


                                          🐈‍⬛ Put the Cat Outside

                                          If you're allergic to your pet... and they live in the house with you... you need to kick them out.

                                          Pet allergies are some of the most severe and hard to deal with.

                                          Millions of people are slightly allergic to their pet without even knowing it


                                            🧽 Clean Your Home

                                            Dust, hair and other gunk in the air can block your nose.

                                            Your nose is a filter that has to remove all this from the air.

                                            The cleaner the air is, the less snot and mucus your nose will produce


                                              💨 Buy an Air Filter

                                              A great way to quickly remove dust and other particles from the air in your home.


                                                😖 Stress Less

                                                Try yoga, eat well, exercise more, don't sweat the small stuff.

                                                Whatever you can do to reduce your stress will help with deep nasal breathing


                                                  Once you've removed any cause or obstacle to proper nose breathing- you can start nose breathing.

                                                  This won't be easy.

                                                  At first, you might even think that it's impossible for you to nose breathe.

                                                  That your nostrils are too small.

                                                  This isn't the case.

                                                  You're just not used to it. 

                                                  Practice consciously breathing through your nose when you're watching TV or sitting down at work.

                                                  Take deep, slow breaths from your diaphragm.

                                                  If you catch yourself mouth breathing again, stop and take 10 deep breaths through your nose.

                                                  Nose breathing is a habit that you can develop just like any other- assuming you've taken care of the root cause.

                                                  Stick to it without giving up... and you can enjoy all the benefits of nose breathing 👇


                                                  Nose breather vs Mouth breather

                                                  The facial structure of a Nose Breather vs a Mouth Breather




                                                  Why You NEED to Start "Mewing"

                                                  Mewing is a viral trend that has been exploding in popularity since 2018.

                                                  There are large reddit communities, and dozens of YouTubers posting exclusively mewing-related content.

                                                  There's a lot of confusion around what mewing actually is.

                                                  And endless speculation of what mewing can do for your face.

                                                  Essentially, mewing is just:

                                                  • 👃 Nose Breathing
                                                  • 👅 Proper Tongue Posture

                                                  That's the simplified version.

                                                  We've talked about how important nose breathing is.

                                                  Tongue posture is the next step to maximised facial health (and appearance).

                                                  If you're a mouth breather, then correct tongue posture will accelerate the changes you want to see.

                                                  It will undo the "damage" that mouth breathing has done to your face, much faster than otherwise.

                                                  Just look how this boy's chin and jawline changed in under 3 months of mewing every day 👇


                                                  Mewing nose breathing

                                                  Nose breathing and correct tongue posture will undo the negative effects of mouth breathing


                                                  Want to learn more about Mewing?

                                                  Here's everything you need to know.

                                                  As well as links to everything you might want to know 👇

                                                  What is Mewing? All Your Questions Answered




                                                  🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

                                                  Are you a mouth breather?

                                                  Then it's time to fix it.

                                                  Now you can see that nose breathing, not only comes with a pile of health benefits, but it also makes you more attractive!

                                                  If that's not enough incentive- I don't know what is.




                                                  🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

                                                  Thank you for reading my article on how mouth breathing changes your face. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

                                                  Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

                                                     Matt Phelps

                                                     YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



                                                  P.S mewing is a term to describe nose breathing and proper tongue posture. Apparently it has a BIG effect on your appearance👇

                                                  100 Mewing Before and After Pictures


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