Does Sleeping on One Side of Your Face Cause Asymmetry?

  • by Matt Phelps

Facial Asymmetry is a problem that many people have.

There are many reasons why your face might not be as symmetrical as another person’s face.

One of such reasons could be your habits and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, facial asymmetry can also be caused by sleeping on one side.

This happens especially if you favor one side a lot more than the other.

When you sleep with a lot of weight on one side of your face, some tensions and forces worsen facial asymmetry.

We all want to look good and attractive.

After all, caring about how you look is a form of self-care. It's not selfish or vain to think about how your attractive your face looks.

But it also takes some deliberate effort. Your current lifestyle choices might not affect you right now, but might have a compound effect in the future.

Compression wrinkles happen when you sleep on one side more than the other.

Like any other kind of wrinkle, these can throw off the balance of your face.

Even though the effects of compression wrinkles may only be on the surface, they can still make your face look asymmetrical.

Also, your bones can change and remodel when put under pressure consistently. Let’s explain in detail how this works.




What Happens To Your Face When You Sleep?

You don't sleep in the same position the whole time.

You will move around at least a little during the night.

These movements happen without you being aware of them, and you don't wake up to switch positions.

However, there are times when you favor one side more than the other.

For example, if you get hurt and have to sleep on one side more than the other, you might favor that side.

The pressure and friction that the face goes through during the night are can also cause sleep wrinkles.

These face changes and facial asymmetry won't happen overnight.

Changes will happen slowly and take a long time.

It will also get worse as you get older.

Sleeping on only one side can also hurt your bones.

While bones are strong, slow and constant pressure can change them over a long time.

If you favor any position or posture unevenly, it will also make your face look uneven.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage by using mewing to help with your facial posture.

There is no perfect way to sleep or prevent wrinkles.

Different things will happen to each face and skin type.

On the bright side, most people do move around while they sleep.

The average person sleeps in different positions, so are most likely safe.

If you feel you have an asymmetrical face, it could be because of how you sleep.

But remember that these changes are not sudden.

They will take a long time to happen.

You won't wake up tomorrow with a funny face if you sleep on one side.

Realistically, it will be decades before your sleeping habits show up on your face as lines or uneven cheekbones.

So, how do we prevent facial asymmetry?




How To Prevent Facial Asymmetry

1.   Be more cautious of how you sleep

If you find yourself sleeping too much on one part of your face, make a deliberate effort to stop.

Small steps in this direction could lead to significant changes as you get older.

It might not be satisfying because aging is a long process, and you won't see any changes because it's a preventive measure.

But if you pay more attention to how you sleep, you can do a lot for the symmetry of your face.


2.   Look after your body

While this might seem like common advice, it is valid here.

Eating the right foods will not only keep you healthy, but do wonders for your skin.

Your radiating skin will prove that your body is happy with how you treat it.


3.   Drink enough water

Oh, here we go with the water advice again.

But water can do wonders for staying young and returning your face to being symmetrical.

Water will help your skin elastic enough to stay the way it is meant to be.

Water is good for your skin and the rest of your body.

Remember that this means doesn’t mean you should drink excessive amounts but rather the right amount.


4.   Prevent sleep apnea

We could say that preventing sleep apnea is more important than your position.

Visit our guide to mewing to avoid sleep apnea problems in the future.


5.   Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer.

It's a great way to protect yourself from the sun daily.

No matter how important the sun is, it can be harsh on the skin in the long run.

We have also linked the asymmetry of the face to being in the sun.

So, using the right tools for skin care, like sunscreen, will help a lot.

It doesn't cost much and doesn't take much time.

If the unevenness of your face bothers you a lot, you should add sunscreen to your daily skincare routine.




Facial asymmetry can be caused by sleeping on one side of the face more than the other.

However, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Most persons see a slow, steady deterioration in face symmetry over time.

So, if you're here because one side of your face is suddenly different from the other, it's probably not because of how you sleep.

In that case, you should see a doctor.

There could be an underlying health problem that is causing your face to become uneven.

If you worry about sleeping too much on one side, please don't. When we sleep, we move around several times.

You likely won't stay in the same position all night. But if you are one of these people, you should be careful.

Watch a video on how to fix facial asymmetry quickly here.

In the meantime, get as much sleep as you can. You need it!




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