European Facial Features – What are the Defining Characteristics

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Although there is beauty in every race, Eurocentric standards of beauty seem to dominate.

So what are some common European facial features?

Europe is a huge continent, so their facial features can vary greatly.

However, most Europeans have long, narrow noses, high cheekbones, hooded, almond-shaped eyes, and thin lips.'


Typical European facial features

Of course, not all Europeans are alike. Europe is a huge continent, which means that people's appearance varies depending on where they live and their genetics, which we'll talk about later.

For now, here are the most common facial features among Europeans.


Most Europeans have hooded, sunken or almond-shaped eyes.

Most of the European celebrities we see have large, almond-shaped eyes, which look like cat eyes.

european eyes

Surprisingly, not all Europeans have big eyes.

Many Europeans may have small eyes.

However, it may not look like most East Asian eyes, as they are usually not slanted.

For example, let's look at Blake Lively.He has small hooded eyes, but they don't look like most East Asian eyes.

Regarding the color of the eyes, it can vary greatly. It can range from dark brown to light blue.

Light eye colors are common, as you can see many Europeans with light brown and hazel eyes.


Most Europeans have a prominent nose with a narrow bridge.

Most Europeans have longer and slightly wider noses than most races.

Again, the shape of the nose will vary by region and genetics.

Nose shapes

For example, Mediterranean Europeans often have wider nasal bridges with a drooping tip.

However, some Europeans may have a smaller nose, similar to the shape of the snub nose.

Europeans often have larger and narrower noses due to the weather.

Studies show that people have narrower nasal passages when they live in a cold, dry climate (Zaidi et al., 2017).


It is extremely common for Europeans to have thin lips.

Europeans are supposed to have thin lips due to the Ice Age.

Often they brought their lips to their mouths and squeezed them hard.

Many people believe that this could cause the development of labia minora.


As for the eyebrows, they can vary enormously.

Most Europeans can have thick, bushy eyebrows, and they can be arched, round, or straight.

However, it is also common to see thin and sparse eyebrows.

Face, jawline and chin shape

As far as this goes, it can depend a lot on region and genetics.

However, people from the same country often share similar face shapes.

For example, most Germans have square face shapes with prominent jaws, similar to the image above.

On the other hand, most Spaniards have oval, oblong faces with round, tapered chins.


Many Europeans have high cheekbones.

While many people assume that Asians have high cheekbones, they are usually wide and not high, which creates a prominent appearance.

Cara Delevingne is a prime example of European high cheekbones.

cara delevigne

Depending on their genetics, fat percentage, etc., Europeans often have hollow cheeks at a young age.

Another great example of someone with sunken cheeks at a young age is Johnny Depp.

johnny depp cheekbones



Position Differences

Although most Europeans may share similar facial features, they may also look very different.

For example, a Mediterranean European may look extremely different from a Scandinavian.

Here's a quick look at some regions and their facial features.

Scandinavian Facial Features

The three Scandinavian countries are Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Many people love Scandinavian facial features and consider them perfect.

Of course, it's a matter of preference.Most Scandinavians have narrow, straight noses.

They often have a pointed chin and a broad forehead.

Many Scandinavians have small cheeks.

The height of the cheekbones can vary, but many may not have high cheekbones.

What sets Scandinavians apart is their “light look”.

They often have light brown and blond hair, pale skin, and light eyes that can be blue, gray, and green.


Slavic Facial Features

Slavic countries include Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc.

There are three main subgroups for Slavs: Western Slavs, Eastern Slavs and Southern Slavs.

Since there are so many different countries, they often look the same but have slightly different facial features.

For example, West Slavs often have wider jaws.Common Slavic features include high cheekbones, a pointed chin, and slightly narrow eyes.

Many Slavs have round faces, but of course this varies.

Mediterranean Facial Features

Mediterranean countries include Spain, Morocco, Syria, Turkey, Greece, etc.

What makes them unique to most Europeans is that they often have darker skin tones.

Mediterranean Europeans can range from light cream to dark brown.

An olive complexion is extremely common for Mediterranean Europeans.

Many Mediterranean people have oval to oblong face shapes with prominent noses.

They often have round or almond-shaped eyes that are usually brown.


Middle Eastern Facial Features

Although the Middle Eastern is in Asia, they often share similar features with Europeans.

Therefore, they are often grouped with Europeans based on their genetics. Middle Eastern people often have symmetrical and full oval faces.

middle eastern facial features

They usually have large, almond-shaped eyes with thick, arched eyebrows.

Unlike most Europeans, Middle Easterners often have full lips.

Many people in the Middle East have prominent, straight noses.

Additionally, they often have pointed chins with sharp jaws. 




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