Eyes Too Close Together? Here's How to Fix it...

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The eyes are a significant component in the overall attractiveness of a face.

There are several circumstances in which having eyes that are too close together might be less than desirable.

However, there are a few situations in which they look great on the face of the person wearing them.

No surgical procedure can modify the amount of space that separates your eyes.

However, the appearance of eyes that are too close together may be readily concealed using cosmetic techniques such as makeup.

Additionally, some haircuts can provide the impression of normal interocular distance.

If you give too much thought to your appearance, you can conclude that something about it is off-putting or that the proportions are off.

Don't worry about it; it's very typical, particularly considering the abundance of seemingly flawless faces that can be seen on the internet nowadays.

It is important to remember, however, that people's faces go through various expressions during the day.

When making a face seem more appealing, the right combination of makeup and style may make all the difference in the world.

Unfortunately, the distance that separates the eyes is very much fixed; thus, the only things that will be able to aid you are proper makeup application and maintenance.

But before we go into any of that, you need to ask yourself a serious question: do your eyes seem too close together, or is it simply your perception?



Perfect Interocular Width

Others believe that the ideal width of the cleft that separates the eyes cannot be precisely measured.

And you're right in a sense.

The concept of beauty may be understood in two ways: The criteria of beauty are determined by following trends and pinging off of superstars.

Most individuals in today's world agree that one eye's distance from the other represents the optimal interocular width.

Any number lower than that would make the spaces excessively crowded.

Having stated that, it is feasible to ascertain what may be "interpreted" as lovely or perfect.

The research carried out by Pallet and colleagues (2010) performed just that.

The research attempted to tackle the difficult task of identifying "new" golden face ratios.

This work has been cited many times across a wide variety of websites.

The primary objective of the research was to experiment with various configurations of a certain face to gauge the degree to which various environments influenced its attractiveness.

The researchers looked at the interocular width and the vertical distance that may be measured between the eyes and the mouth.

Think of it as attempting to determine the dimensions of the focus point in the image.

They discovered that the distance between the eyes should equal 46 per cent of the breadth of the face.

They assessed the breadth of the face by determining the horizontal length of the space that separates one ear from the other. Although it may seem like a high number, this finding has been supported by other research.

In these tests, participants were asked to pick between several different faces (which all seemed identical but for the manipulation of one variable), and a sizeable percentage of respondents selected the face with a 46% interocular width.

Take into consideration that this research was only conducted and evaluated on females of the Caucasian race.

Many different variants in human faces may be attributed to differences in ethnicity, some of which may not necessarily correspond to western norms.

To speak in technical terms, there is probably not a single face feature that is excellent in and of itself.

The beauty of a face comes from how all of the elements of the face work together to create a balanced whole.



ES Ratio

The ES ratio is another method for determining whether or not the face is harmonious.

To determine it, take the distance between the interpupillary spaces and divide that number by the width of the bizygomatic canal.

In this scenario, the ears are not taken into consideration.

The range of 0.45 to 0.47 is the ideal ES ratio.

If your ratio is too high, the distance between your eyes is too great; if it is too low, it means that your eyes are positioned too closely together.



Celebrities With Eyes That Are Too Close

Some persons are handsome despite having eyes that are set too close together.

A significant number of Hollywood stars have rather small pupils.

Consider some of the following examples:

For instance, Ryan Reynolds is often criticised for having eyes placed too closely together.

This fact, however, does not detract from the fact that he is gorgeous in general.

Similarly, Jennifer Anniston has eyes that are positioned somewhat close together.

She is, nonetheless, still considered to be one of the most beautiful ladies in the Hollywood industry.

Her eyes are often featured in articles and on websites that advise how to properly style hair and use cosmetics to accentuate eyes that are positioned quite close together.



What Can Be Done Regarding Those Eyes

However, eyes that are too close together are amenable to a wide variety of straightforward adjustments and corrections.

Because so many people are curious about how to improve the appearance of their eyes, these solutions get a lot of attention in beauty publications and on websites.

Many of these alterations are, of course, not permanent.

They won't alter the contours and dimensions of your face in any way.

On the other hand, these straightforward solutions will be beneficial in day-to-day living.



Makeup is the first tool in your arsenal for closing the distance that seems to be there between your eyes.

The easiest way to apply eye makeup is in an outward motion, so always remember to do that.

This style makes the eye seem bigger and more tilted to the side, which provides the appearance that the eye is larger.

When applying eyeshadow, begin with a light shade in the inner corner of your eyes and gradually build up to a deeper shade as you go toward the outside corner.

You may build depth using mascara that sweeps outward in addition to doing this.

Lashes will provide the additional attractiveness your eyes may need to look their best.

You may prevent the appearance of having close-set eyes by giving off a flare of drama with your eyes.

For this specific reason, smoky eyes and raised corners are an excellent choice of makeup to make.

However, applying makeup is not the solution to all of your problems.

A careful examination of this image of Miley Cyrus reveals that her eyes are set quite close together.

On the other hand, it does not seem to be a negative aspect of the picture.

The other characteristics of her face balance out the eyes, and the fact that they all go so well together demonstrates that beauty is more than just a matter of applying cosmetics.

When everything else fails, a little makeup may save the day.

Since men often do not benefit from cosmetics, unfortunately, not much can be done for them.

If you are a man willing to wear just a small amount of makeup, then you could find that a little bit of eye contouring benefits you.

To draw attention to certain parts of your eye and provide it with more depth, all you need to do is make use of natural colours.



The key to enhancing the appearance of eyes that are positioned close together is to pay attention to the volume of your hair.

If you wear your hair in a way that makes it seem as if it is always pushed back or as though it is flat, this will bring attention to your face and will not do it any favours.

It is recommended to obtain fuller haircuts on the top and sides as this will create the impression that there is more space and area.

Getting bangs is another option that may be useful.

There are a variety of bangs available, but not all of them will be helpful. In most cases, however, it is beneficial to have bangs that create an asymmetrical look on the face.

One option to consider is having a fringe on the side of your head.

It's possible that colouring or highlighting your hair can help give it more dimension and texture.

In practice, the focus of your attention could temporarily shift away from your eyes that are close together.

No one solution will work for everyone when it comes to deciding how to modify your haircut or your cosmetics.

It is always going to rely on the overall aesthetic that you are striving for as well as the fact that you have.

People with eyes that are too close together won't all find the same piece of advice helpful in the same way.

While the pointers above are excellent jumping-off points, you should do your tests to determine which strategies are most successful.




You should not be overly concerned about the situation as a whole.

There is no such thing as a flawless face, and chances are that yours looks just fine.

It's not as rare as you may believe to have a pair of eyes positioned too near one another.

As you have seen in the examples, many gorgeous individuals have eyes like these and know how to pull off their appearances with an air of easy elegance.

Try not to fixate too much on the insignificant particulars, such as the distance that separates your eyes.

That particular aspect contributes little to the overall attractiveness created by the combination of your facial characteristics.

In any case, if you are experiencing issues with your vision, give the solutions that were presented above a go.

Treating your eyes with the respect they deserve is necessary since they are one of your most striking characteristics.

Each person's eyes are constructed uniquely, and there is always a potential that you may make your eyes work to your advantage.

However, try not to give it too much thought or your face too much consideration.

That will not be of any assistance to you and will just cause difficulties that do not now exist.



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