Face Pulling – What it is and How to Do it (Safely & Effectively)

  • by Matt Phelps

How a Do-It-Yourself Technique Called Face Pulling Can Improve Your Facial Bone Structure


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  • 🤯 "You look like a different person!": how to get mewing results in months rather than years




Introduction to Orthotropics & Mewing

Orthotropics is a fast growing field of research about facial development.

It claims that lifestyle factors, like tongue posture and breathing technique, affects the shape of the skull more than previously thought.

That your appearance is only partly genetics.

Many scientists and researchers have contributed to this field.

But in recent years the main promoters have been a British Orthodontist called Dr. John Mew and his son Dr. Mike Mew.


Dr. John Mew & Dr. Mike Mew

Dr. John Mew & Dr. Mike Mew coined the term "Face Pulling"


They started publishing their work and results on their Orthotropics YouTube channel in 2012, which started to go viral.

Particularly a concept called Mewing. Which thousands have used to improve their facial bone structure- get more prominent cheekbones and a sharper jawline.

More on that later.

Face pulling is a new technique used to accelerate facial improvement.

Mike Mew started proposing face pulling in 2014 as a supplement to mewing.

This will sound weird but it involves pulling the center of your face apart, often upwards and forwards, using your thumbs.

I know... that sounds scary and a little bit disgusting.

But let explain how face pulling works and why you might be in the perfect position to benefit from it.



What is Face Pulling?

Face pulling is facial enhancement technique that involves pushing against the roof of your mouth with your thumbs.

The extra pressure is supposed to widen the palate, which will move the Maxilla bone upwards and forwards, resulting in a "healthier" and more attractive appearance.


a diagram of face pulling

The Maxilla bone is the green part of the skull. It is responsible for the shape of the whole front section of the face



The Maxilla is also called "the bone of beauty".

A sunken, recessed Maxilla is a common trait of unattractive faces.

A prominent, more forward Maxilla is a common trait of people deemed to be attractive.

The following facial features are largely due to a prominent Maxilla:

  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Hollow cheeks
  • A defined jawline
  • Plump lips

Look at side-by-side comparison below to see how the difference between a recessed Maxilla (left) and a prominent Maxilla (right).

Notice the angle (look at the black lines) from the bottom of the eyes to bottom of the nose 👇


a comparison of two maxillas

The Maxilla bone is called "the bone of beauty" for a good reason. A well developed Maxilla contributes to an attractive face


Because the maxilla bone forms the upper portion of the jaw, It's a major influence on all facial features.

The cheekbones, shape of the nose, the positioning of the teeth, lip size, mouth shape and angle of the jawline.

Now you know how important the Maxilla is! Maybe you're starting to understand why people use do-it-yourself techniques like mewing and face pulling to alter it's position?

Face pulling is still in the experimental stage, but many practitioners have claimed that it has lead to position changes like the expansion of their Maxilla, Mandible and inter-molar width.

These changes also have positive secondary effects like deeper breathing (through the nose) and naturally improved tongue posture- both of which have many positive beauty and health effects themselves.

Now you can see why face pulling exists. Let's learn how to do it! 



How to Do Face Pulling (4 Steps)

There isn't one proper way to practice face pulling.

It's still an entirely experimental technique.

How you do it depends on what is comfortable for you and how quickly you want to see results.

The most common approach is the best in my opinion.

Most of the success stories I'll talk about below used this method.

And I think it's the safest way to expand your palate while minimizing the risk of side effects (also talked about below).

Here's how to do it:


1. 👍 Put Both Your Thumbs on Your Palate

Take both your thumbs and put them on the front of your palate (roof of your mouth).

Your right-hand thumb on the right side of your palate.

Your left-hand thumb on the left side of your palate.

The fingerprint side of your thumb should be against your palate and the sides of your thumbs against your teeth.

How far back should you put your thumbs?

It should be near the front of your mouth behind your incisor teeth.

Everyone's mouth is different, so use your best judgement.

If your thumbs are too close to the back of of your mouth... you increase the risk of side-effects.



I recommend doing this sitting down.

Sit down at a desk or table and place your elbows on it.

Place your fingers on your forehead or face and position your thumbs as described above.

Push your chin down, towards your neck.



Make sure your thumbs aren't pushing against any teeth!



2. 🪶 Push Gently For 3-10 Minutes

With your thumbs in the position described in step 1, start to push gently on your palate. 

According to Dr. Mew (both of them lol), the best direction to push is forwards and upwards.

Over time, this will shift the maxilla in the right direction.

Try to apply outwards force (towards the molars) in order to help expand the palate.

As you get more experience you can experiment with applying pressure in a kneading manner.

You'll find what is most comfortable and what works best.



Spend a lot of time learning where to place your thumbs and which direction to push it.

Face pulling results can come very quickly if you do it right, spend the time you need to learn how to do it correctly.



Take it easy.

It’s super important not to overdo it.

You don't want to permanently damage your face.

Push very gently for your first week otherwise you might set some bad habits that will compound if you continue increasing the pressure.



3. 🔁 Repeat - But Don't Do More Than 1 Hour a Day

Start off doing this for 3 minutes every hour for a 7 days (1 week). See how your face reacts or if you feel pain.

In that first week, I recommend no more than 45 minutes face pulling per day.

Over the coming weeks, gradually increasing from 3 minutes to 10 minutes per a session.

This progression should take place over 4-8 weeks.

BUT FIRST, read step 4 below.



It's easy to forget to do this every hour.

Either you can set a timer every hour, or you can just remember to do it for the first few minutes of every hour.



Take it easy.

Literally start face pulling for just a few minutes at a time, a few times a day.

There's no rush.



4. 💤 REST

After your first week, take a week off.

Many people say they get pretty sore after their first week of face pulling.

So don't overwork yourself.

Rest is a crucial component of actually seeing results with face pulling because your skull is moving and needs time to heal.

Sutures in the bone need time to fuse.



Rest more than you think is necessary.

Remember: you're not in a rush.

The effects of face pulling on your appearance are so incredible that they're worth waiting a little longer to achieve.



Not resting enough could lead to a constant aching in your Maxilla and Mandible bones.

I've never experience it, but I've heard it sucks.




Vitamin K2 is an important mineral for promoting bone mineral density and helping bone growth.

That's why I recommend supplementing it if you're practicing face pulling.

The best type of Vitamin K2 is Menatetrenone aka Mk4.

It has a high absorption rate.

Take the recommended dosage on the bottle you buy.




🧒🏻 Face pulling for Teenagers

The process of remodelling the maxilla is mainly done on children and teenagers.

At that age, the bones are much more malleable (moveable/flexible) and so results are far easier to achieve.


Face pulling for teenagers
This girl's palate has been expanded and her maxilla brought forward through Orthotropical techniques


Braces, retainers and palatial expanders are all used primarily on children.

Partly because it is best to fix the issues as soon as possible.

But also because it's far easier to achieve the desired outcome when the skeleton hasn't fused yet. 


👩🏼 Face pulling for Adults

Reshaping the maxilla of an adult is much more challenging.

They are no longer in the growth period, which means their bones are no longer malleable.

Don't give up hope! Studies have shown that bones can still change naturally throughout adulthood.

 Results with mewing or face pulling are certainly possible, just more time-consuming.




Does Face Pulling Work?

There aren't any scientific studies to prove that face pulling works.

Orthotropics itself if a new school of science and many of its claims and techniques are yet to be proven. 

Moving the skull in adults is difficult because of the various sutures holding it in place.

This technique is controversial and needs more acceptance before the broader scientific community will spend more resources on researching it.

That doesn't mean it doesn't work.

It just means that it hasn't been properly tested with the regular scientific method.

Thousands of people have claimed that they've seen an expansion in their palate, just a few months after starting face pulling.

It's not the crazy really: if braces and other devices can change your facial shape... why can't your thumbs?

Face pulling's ability to move the Maxilla is more contested.

The skull bones are fused more firmly in place than the palatial bones.

Once again, there hasn't been any studies to measure forward facial growth, but plenty of patients and people in forums have posted their before and after photos as anecdotal evidence.

Check out the 6 photos I posted below.



One member of the Orthotropics subreddit was able to increase his intermolar width from 40mm - 45mm. He had before and after photos to prove it.

If you want to read personal face pulling stories and discussion- then spend some time in the following communities:



Palatial expansion isn't controversial or contested, Maxilla movement is.

But some research has been done on primates- monkeys.

The American Journal of Orthodontics (AJO) performed a study on 3 full-grown monkeys, to measure how much adult bones can be remodelled.

500g (or 1lb) of force was applied to the palate of each monkeys for 4 months.

They compared x-rays taken before and after the treatment.

The results? The monkey's facial bone structure had been altered significantly, particularly the Maxilla.

This has helped Orthotropics gain momentum in the greater orthodontic community.

Read the full study here 👇

Protraction of maxilla in rhesus monkeys by controlled extraoral forces




6 Face Pulling Results Photos



Male face pulling results

This is after 9 month of face pulling. Look how the middle of his face has come forward and his cheekbones have become more prominent.


mewing and face pulling

This teenage male use a combination of mewing and face pulling to see the changes in the photos above. He posted his transformation on the Looksmaxxing forum.


female face pulling

See how this woman's face has become less "flat" after a few months of face pulling


mewing transformation

This man used mewing and face pulling to bring his jaw forward and expand his palate


adult face pulling transformation

Face pulling takes longer in adults. Here we can see that this man has seen significant changes despite being fully grown


Teenage face pulling transformation

Teenagers can see results quickly with orthotropic techniques




 10 Benefits of Face Pulling

🤩 More Prominent Cheekbones

Bringing your Maxilla forward will make your face less "flat".

The change to your cheekbones is one of the first benefits you'll notice.

Cheekbones will become more visible and provide additional support for the eyes.


    🛣 A Broader Palate

    Mewing and face pulling will expand your palate.

    This means your face will get broader and look less long.

    Look at images of Hollywood stars and models- you wouldn't exactly described their faces as long.

    There Maxilla and Mandible bones are usually broader than average.


      📏 Straighter, Less Crowded Teeth

      A broader palate will make more room for crowded teeth to straighten up.

      In fact, one way to know if face pulling is for you, is if you have crowded teeth.

      This means your palate is too narrow.


        👅 Mewing Tongue Posture Will Be MUCH Easier

        A broader palate will mean more room for your tongue to rest against it in the correct mewing tongue posture.

        Many mewing beginners struggle and complain that their tongue doesn't fit between their teeth on their palate.

        You won't have that problem anymore!


          👃 Smaller, Less Hooked Nose 

          A recessed Maxilla drags the nose inwards and downwards- make it longer and hooked.

          Likewise bringing your Maxilla forwards and upwards will often make your nose shorter, straighter and any hook in the nose will gradually fade.


            👁 Gets Rid of "Tired Eyes"

            A well positioned Maxilla goes hand in hand with correct tongue posture and nose breathing.

            This means you'll get more oxygen into your lungs from each breath your take, and more oxygen will be absorbed.

            Dark circles under your eyes will disappear.


            👄 More Plump and Full Lips

            A prominent Maxilla will also make your mouth more prominent.

            This usually means your lips get thicker.


            💎 A Sharper, More Defined Jawline

            This is why I got interesting in mewing and face pulling- to improve my jawline.

            A broader palate is essential for having a wider, stronger jawline.

            A prominent Maxilla is essential for getting hollow cheeks.

            🧘‍♀️ Deeper, Healthier Breathing

            A broad palate makes it easier to breathe through your nose.

            That's how we are supposed to breathe.

            Nose breathing comes will many benefits itself, like better air filtration (from bacteria) and increased oxygen uptake.

            Fix Your Facial Asymmetry

            Some practitioners claim that face pulling fixed their asymmetry in their face.

            This doesn't sound far-fetched given all the other benefits listed above.


              an expanding palate due to face pulling

              A demonstration of an expanding palate. You can see how more room is made for the teeth. This is how face pulling may prevent dental crowding





              Possible Side Effects of Face Pulling

              A common side-effect is discomfort and possibly even pain.

              You're pushing against your palate unnaturally for an extended period of time, it's new for your body.

              How severe the discomfort is depends on how much force you're using.

              If you're experiencing pain or discomfort, do one of the following:

              • ⬇️ Reduce the number of face pulling session you do
              • ⬇️ Reduce the pressure you apply
              • ⬇️ Reduce the amount of time you apply pressure

              If you're in proper pain, if it really hurts... you should stop face pulling immediately and take at least a 1 week break.

              Another side effect some people experience is hearing a popping sound.

              This could be the sound of your skull's joints breaking apart- don't worry that's supposed to happen!

              Your sutures need to break apart to allow for the skull to change shape.

              This isn't a problem, but if it happens, now you know what causes it.

              So don't worry!




              Mewing and face pulling are closely related.

              They're both techniques for expanding your palate and bringing your Maxilla forwards.

              Face pulling is actually a more aggressive method for doing that than mewing is.

              That's why I think many of the mistakes and side effects of mewing are the same for face pulling.

              I wrote an article about the 10 most common mewing mistakes that can really damage your face. Make sure you read it 👇

              ❌ 10 Mewing Mistakes That Are Slowly DEFORMING Your Face




              Face Pulling vs Palate Expanders

              Instead doing-it-yourself, have your considered getting professional help?

              Palate expanders have been around for a while and are an accepted methods of, you guessed it, expanding the palate.

              They come in 2 forms: permanent and removable.

              Instead of intermittent pressure applied by your thumbs, they'll apply pressure constantly.

              They're obviously effective, but likely more uncomfortable.

              Palate expanders aren't designed to help with forward Maxilla growth.

              Currently, no dental device is, that's why were talking about face pulling.

              You won't get all the benefits (to your health and beauty) of a more prominent Maxilla.

              But they're probably a good alternative to mewing if your palate is excessively narrow.

              As with most of these things, palate expanders are mainly used on children.

              Their skulls are still developing and hence more malleable.

              Though they are prescribed to adults occasionally, so if you're interested, discuss it with an orthodontist.


              model of a palate expander

              A model of a palate expander




              How to Combine Face Pulling & Mewing

              Mewing is closely linked to face pulling.

              They are both techniques that fall under the branch of Orthotropics.

              I think of face pulling as a more intense form of mewing.

              You're applying pressure to your palate with both methods, and trying to achieve the same thing: an expanded palate and forward Maxilla movement. 

              What makes them different is the amount of pressure you apply:

              • Mewing - light pressure, applied constantly for as long as possible
              • Hard Mewing - moderate pressure, applied constantly throughout the day
              • Face Pulling - intense pressure applied intermittently for short periods throughout the day

              Your thumbs can press harder than your tongue can.

              That's what makes face pulling more intense.

              Obviously you can apply too much pressure than you're ready for, that's what makes face pulling more risky. 


              WHICH ONE SHOULD I DO?

              🍼 👶 You're Starting Out

              Less than 4 months experience with soft mewing?

              Then stick with it a while longer.

              Mewing is the foundation you need before you can even consider face pulling.

              Most people never make it past this step and never learn how to mew correctly.

              Make sure you're not one of them.


              ✔️🙎‍♂️ You Can Mew

              If you've been mewing for more than 4 months and meet the criteria from this article on hard mewing... then try hard mewing for a while.


              💪 👴 You're Experienced

              If you're ready, then try face pulling.

              Make sure you're aware of the risks and stop immediately if you're in pain. 




              🏁 SUMMARY: What is Face Pulling


              🔬 Face Pulling is Still in the Experimental Stage

              There aren't any scientific studies conducted on humans to support face pulling.

              It's a new technique that is closely related to mewing that comes from the work of Dr. John and Mike Mew.


              ✅ The 10 Reported Benefits of Face Pulling

              1. 🤩 More Prominent Cheekbones

              2. 🛣 A Broader Palate

              3. 📏 Straighter, Less Crowded Teeth

              4. 👅 Mewing Tongue Posture Will Be MUCH Easier

              5. 👃 Smaller, Less Hooked Nose

              6. 👁 Gets Rid of "Tired Eyes"

              7. 👄 More Plump and Full Lips

              8. 💎 A Sharper, More Defined Jawline

              9. 🧘‍♀️ Deeper, Healthier Breathing

              10. ▲ Fix Your Facial Asymmetry


              📈 There's Many Success Stories, But it's Still RISKY

              Many practitioners have seen positive effects, and have photographic evidence.

              But negative effects can occur and extreme caution should be taken.

              I recommend you start with regular soft mewing.




                🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

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