How to Fix a Lopsided Smile in 5 Steps (Uneven Smile GONE)

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Even though everyone's face isn't perfectly symmetrical, some people's lopsided smiles may be more noticeable than others.

One of the easiest ways to show how you feel is through a smile.

So, smiling is a skill that you have to learn and keep getting better at over time.

When you smile, if one side of your mouth is higher or lower than the other, it's probably lopsided, but that's not a big deal.

There are many non-invasive ways to fix an uneven smile and feel better about your appearance.

This article will discuss everything from what causes a lopsided smile to how to fix it.


lopsided smile




What Causes A Lopsided Smile?

Many things can cause an uneven smile, such as how you chew, an injury, tissue trauma, Bell's palsy, or even your genes.

Your smile might not be symmetrical for many different reasons, and some of them are only temporary.

Let's also not forget how facial palsy affects people.

Patients with facial palsy are more likely to lose teeth on the side of the mouth that is paralyzed.

This side of the mouth also has gums that are more likely to get sick.

So, problems with oral health can get worse and lead to tooth decay.

In this case, people with facial palsy are more likely to have a crooked smile.

 Some people get a crooked smile as they get older.

This can happen because of wrinkles, tooth problems, damaged nerves, or a stroke.

Even how you're feeling at the moment can make your smile a little uneven.


How Do I Know If I Have A Lopsided Smile?

If your friends haven’t already told you, you will probably notice it in photos or in the mirror.

You might also not want to smile, laugh, or take pictures of yourself.

However, bear in mind that wrong picture angles may make your smile look funny, even if it looks fine in real life.



Is an Uneven Smile Attractive?

A lopsided smile can sometimes be attractive.

If you master how to make it work, it can make you more attractive.

It can make you look like you're easygoing and at ease.

On the flipside, uneven smiles can look strange in certain situations.

When that happens, people try to fix it in different ways.



Should I Fix My Lopsided Smile?

If you don't want to, then please don't.

Everyone's face isn't the same shape, and a smile that isn't even can make you look more attractive.

Your lopsided smile should only give you concern if it makes you feel bad about yourself or hurts your confidence.

If your teeth aren't straight or even, they can hurt your health in the long run.

If you are worried, you should talk to a dentist.


5 Steps To Fix A Lopsided Smile

1.   Practice Good habits

Use both sides of your mouth when you chew:

If you only chew on one side, one side of your jaw may get stronger than the other.

Try to switch which side of your mouth you chew on with each bite instead of favoring one side.


Sleep equally on both sides:

If you only place one side of your face against the pillow and not the other, your jaw muscles might not be the same size.

Don't worry about switching sides if you sleep on your back.


If you have a big mouth, smile with your teeth:

Keep your lips open when you smile to avoid making your big mouth look even bigger.

Smile and show your teeth to make your whole face look better.


If you have a small mouth, don't smile with your mouth open:

Without teeth showing, thin lips and small mouths look better.

When you smile, you can keep your lips closed or slightly open your mouth.


2.   Facial Exercises

Your face has muscles, just like the rest of your body.

By doing facial exercises, you can improve your smile, make your skin more flexible, strengthen a weak jaw, and make your smile perfect.

Here are some exercises you can try:


Say "eeeee" and "ooooo":

When you say "eeee," keep a big smile on your face and hold it for about 15 seconds.

Switch to saying "oooo" while tightening your lips like you're blowing a whistle, and hold that for 15 to 20 seconds.

Do this 10 times a day to strengthen your smile muscles.


Make a "fish face":

This exercise tones and stretches the muscles in your neck.

This makes your cheeks less saggy and gives your facial muscles a bit more tone.

Start by sucking your lips and cheeks to make a fish face.

Smile while you hold the fish face.

Just chill out and try again.


Stick a pencil in your mouth:

Put the pencil behind your canine teeth and close your mouth as much as possible to keep it there.

Keep the pencil in your mouth as you turn your head to the right and then to the left.

Then, look above and below.

Try these exercises three times a day to strengthen your jaw muscles.


Move your tongue around your top teeth:

Keeping your mouth mostly closed, move your tongue across your top teeth, first to the right and then to the left.

Do this a few times to strengthen your tongue and face muscles.

You can repeat it up to 10 times a day.


Put a spoon in your mouth:

Put the flat end of a spoon between your lips, and let the straight end stick out of your mouth.

Hold fast with your lips for 5 to 10 seconds or as long as you can.

The spoon's weight will make your muscles work even harder.

You can eventually reach the point where you can hold the spoon between your lips for a full minute.


3.    Lip Fixes

Use lip fillers to make your lips fuller:

Talk to a plastic surgeon about injecting lip filler in and around your lips to make them bigger.

A small, subtle fill to make your lips look more even.

This is a quick injection that usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Make sure you get lip fillers from a licensed plastic surgeon if you want them.

Since lip fillers don't last forever, you'll have to get them touched-up at some point.


You can get a tattoo on your lips for more color and fullness:

Semi-permanent lip tattoos can make your lips look fuller by adding color and pigmentation.

Discuss with a professional tattoo artist about what you want and if it's possible.

Most lip tattoos are very subtle, so it shouldn't be evident that you've had anything done.


If you want something permanent, get a lip implant or graft:

Talk to a plastic surgeon about lip implants, fat grafting, or tissue grafting.

A lip implant is a long implant that is put inside the lips to make them fuller and more even (transferring a piece of skin from your body onto your lips).


Each of these procedures is very invasive and comes with its own risks.

Before you go this route, you should talk to a licensed plastic surgeon to find out more.


4.    Dental Fixes

Get braces to make your teeth straight:

If crooked teeth make your smile look bad, go to an orthodontist and ask about braces.

Straightening your teeth with braces isn't a quick fix—it can often take a year or more.

The results, on the other hand, can be pretty shocking.


Use veneers to make your teeth look longer:

Talk to your dentist about veneers if your teeth are chipped or too short.

These porcelain shells sit on top of your teeth and make them look straight and white without you having to do much.

Before you can get veneers, your teeth and gums must be healthy, so brush and floss regularly.

Veneers are permanent, but over time they can start to come loose.

You might need to fix them or get new ones at some point.


Get crowns to make your teeth straight:

Ask about getting a crown if you only have a few crooked or broken teeth.

These individual caps sit on top of your teeth to make them look like they are full and healthy.

Crowns can also make weak or broken teeth stronger.



5.    Learn Photo Techniques

Everyone has a photogenic side:

Look at your face as if it were a painting to see what makes a better picture.

From some points of view, you might look good.

Some may make you look even better.

Get in front of a mirror or, even better, a camera, and practice, practice, practice!

Here are some tips to try out:


To get the best smile, put your tongue behind your teeth:

Before you smile, move your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press it against your top teeth.

Then, when you smile, just the right amount of gum will show (not too much, and not too little).

Many celebrities use this trick on the red carpet to keep their smiles in place while being photographed.


Pout to make your lips look fuller:

Before you smile, move your lips out as if you were going to kiss someone.

Try to keep that feeling on your lips when you smile so that your lips look full in photos.


Keep your distance from the camera:

Getting too close to the camera when you take a picture can distort the image and make your proportions look off.

First, try to stand at least 3 to 4 feet away from the camera.

Then, move slightly forward or backward to find a good angle.

If you stand too far from the camera, your face may look a little strange (or even blurry).

For the best picture, try to find a balance between being too close and too far away.


Use a photo editing tool to fix your smile:

Put your photo into a photo editing app, and use the reshape or adjust tool to fix your uneven smile.

To fix the unevenness, gently lift or lower one side of your mouth.

When editing photos, be very careful! If you do too much, it may not look like you.

If you have professional photos taken, you can ask the photographer to fix your smile afterward.




Medical Treatment to Fix a Lopsided Smile

Different methods can be used to fix a lopsided smile.

Immediate treatment is different from delayed treatment.

In an emergency, like a stroke or a serious face injury, the first step in treatment is to stop severe damage and lessen the long-term effects.

This could include things like taking blood thinners to treat a stroke or having surgery to fix a broken face.

After the unevenness is stable, you can use exercises to train the muscles.

This will make the face look better or stop any further problems from happening.

Botox (botulinum toxin) injections can sometimes stop specific muscles from moving so that the mouth doesn't look uneven.

And sometimes, surgery is needed to rebuild the nerves, muscles, bones, or other parts of the face.

This kind of surgery may also help lower the risk of certain problems, like eye damage from an eyelid that doesn't close properly.




Different health problems can cause an uneven smile.

However, there are normal habits that can make a person's smile uneven, which can be corrected.

If your face looks different all of a sudden, you should see a doctor right away.

An uneven smile can sometimes be a sign of something serious like a stroke or an infection.

Other causes, like Bell's palsy or a displaced jaw, may need medical help to keep problems from happening.

Finally, be reminded that when you can't fix your physical flaws, you can change how you see yourself from the inside out.

When you work on accepting yourself, you can still use your unique qualities to make the world a better place. Keep smiling!




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P.S asymmetry or lopsidedness is more common that you think... 👇

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