How To Make Your Mouth Wider (YES, It's Possible)

  • by Matt Phelps

Your mouth is a facial feature that has the potential to improve the overall appearance of your face.

Having a mouth just a bit broader than average is beautiful.

So, how exactly can you enlarge the size of your mouth?

Surgical expansion of your mouth's width is an option for you.

The kind of surgery required to enlarge your mouth will depend on the specifics of your case; nevertheless, in most cases, incisions will be made along the sides of your lips.

You may also try using a mouth brace or splint in conjunction with mouth stretching exercises to gradually and naturally expand the size of your mouth.

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Why Does My Mouth's Width Matter?

Your mouth is one of the aspects of your face that stands out the most.

After your eyes and eyebrows, it is the characteristic that people are most likely to comment on first (given that you have no other distracting features).

If your mouth is the perfect width, you won't have to try to make your smile as big as possible; it will come naturally to you.

In addition, there is a significant correlation between those with larger lips and leadership.

According to many studies, candidates with larger lips have a greater chance of being elected to the Senate of the United States (Re et al., 2016).

People have the impression that they are better leaders because of this, even though it does not guarantee they are.



What Is the Optimal Mouth Width?

By the golden ratio, the perfect mouth would have a lateral width of about 1.6 times the width of the nose.

That proportion is the one that strikes the best balance between beauty and practicality.

The horizontal breadth of your mouth should be about 1.62 times that of your nose when you are completely relaxed.

This is being done with the lips tightly closed.

That proportion seems to be flattering for both sexes.

However, since a larger nose is considered to be more manly, it is acceptable for males to have larger noses while having a lesser ratio.

However, the optimal mouth breadth described by the neoclassical canon could be somewhat different.

According to the neoclassical canon, the optimal ratio for the mouth to head size is 1.618 to 1. (Schmid et al., 2006).

According to the same research, the ratio of attractiveness to unattractiveness does not change until it reaches 1.8:1.

Therefore, more appealing lips are broader than average.

When your mouth is relaxed in its natural position, you want the width of your mouth to be at least 1.5-1.8 times wider than the width of your nose.



How Can I Make My Mouth Wider?


Surgical techniques, such as the "fishtail flap," may assist you in achieving your goal of having a wider mouth.

On the other hand, these procedures are often reserved for patients suffering from disorders such as microstomia, which refers to an excessively tiny mouth opening.

Certain surgeons are prepared to do the treatment to broaden mouths even if the main motivation is cosmetic.

In order to assist you in achieving the optimal width of your mouth, they will often adapt the procedures used in previous mouth widening operations.

In most cases, a surgeon will first recommend that you have bilateral oral commissurotomy, followed by commissuroplasty.

A cut will be made in your mouth during the initial stage of the process.

In the second treatment, the muscles of the larger mouth will be rearranged to reduce the amount of scarring and maintain the mouth's functionality.

In many instances, the surgeon may do a lip lift in addition to the primary procedure.

The abrupt increase in the size of your mouth will prevent you from seeming to have a "droopy" appearance.

In addition to that, you can have some very fine scars. Some people may need a little scar correction.


Mouth Brace/Splint Device

Some individuals choose to gradually expand the size of their mouths by wearing a device known as a mouth brace or splint.

The goal is to progressively broaden the mouth at the vermillion lips without ripping it by stretching the muscles in the mouth and the cheeks next to the mouth.

Some devices have included a microstomia prevention gadget.

People with microstomia may use this device to prevent their lips from shutting while speaking.

You may do this while smiling broadly and placing the gadget between your lips.

Your mouth will gradually expand as a result of the force that comes from the gadget and from you extending it.

However, mouth stretching will most likely be painful for you, particularly if you are already not used to the sensation.

Some users have reported that the first few days of using it were difficult but became less difficult with continued usage.


Mouth Stretches

Mouth exercises are one option available to you if you want to increase the expansion of your mouth. It is very much like wearing a mouth guard or brace.

The most notable change is that you won't be using a gadget to stretch your lips and muscles as you did before.


Exercise 1:

Try to smile as broadly as you can while keeping your lips closed.

Maintain the hold for at least 10 seconds. It is necessary to repeat.


Exercise 2:

Make space in your mouth so we can see some of your teeth (not all).

Maximize the amount of space in your mouth by stretching it out.

Maintain the hold for at least ten seconds. It is necessary to repeat.


It may take you long before you see apparent effects, and it demands a significant amount of effort.

On the other hand, if you do not want to have surgery or wear a splint, this can be the best choice for you.



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