How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller (5 Natural Methods)

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If you find your nose a distraction, you might be wondering how you can make your nose look smaller.

Rhinoplasty is the most effective way to make the nose appear smaller.

In some cases, people may opt for dermal nasal fillers to strategically smooth the nose.

If you wear makeup, you can try shaping and highlighting the nose to improve the shape.




The most effective way to get a smaller nose is to undergo rhinoplasty commonly known as nose surgery.

Surgery can reshape the nose to make it smaller and more proportionate.

A rhinoplasty can do more than improve the harmony of your face.

In some cases, patients can get the procedure to improve both the aesthetics and the function of the nose.

It can also correct abnormalities due to birth defects or trauma.

However, some people may not need a full nose treatment to have a more beautiful nose.

There may be only part of the nose that needs fixing to look better.

For example, if the tip of the nose is large and disproportionate to the other parts, it may be necessary to reduce the tip.

Different types of surgery adapt to different patients according to their needs.



Rhinoplasty Before/After

Open rhinoplasty

This type of rhino is often used for major nose reshaping.

The procedure allows the surgeon to get the best view of the nasal anatomy, allowing them to effectively reconstruct the nose.

Surgery is performed on a case-by-case basis.

People who want major changes such as modification of the nasal tip are candidates for this surgery.

Generally, this is not a choice for those under 18.

To begin the procedure, a surgeon will make incisions in the vertical strip of skin between the nostrils.

The surgeon will then lift the soft tissues and skin to expose the entire nasal anatomy.


Before and after rhinoplasty

A Rhinoplasty transformation photo


Closed rhinoplasty

This type of rhinoplasty is generally intended for minor reshaping of the nose.

It is less invasive than open rhinoplasty.

The procedure may change the angle, size, or shape of the nose.

It can also correct specific respiratory problems if there are irregularities in the nose.

Unlike the open version, the incisions will be inside the nose, which reduces the risk of scarring.

However, a surgeon cannot achieve the same visualization as the open variant and may use an endoscope for better visualization.

Ethnic rhinoplasty

This intervention often aims to obtain a "western" nose, smaller and more streamlined in shape.

The procedure can lift your nose higher, make it thinner, etc., giving you a more "Western" nose.

Usually, a surgeon will need to remove cartilage from the ear or rib cage.The cartilage will improve nasal projection, reshape the nose and build a nasal bridge.


Secondary Rhinoplasty

Also known as revision rhinoplasty, it is usually used to correct problems that are still present after previous nose surgeries.


Michael Jackson has had more than one Rhinoplasty


In addition, it can solve problems that arise after nose surgery.

It can be an open or closed procedure.

A secondary rhinoplasty can be obtained if you are not satisfied with the results of the previous procedure.

You can also get it if you have problems breathing through your nose after previous surgeries.

Keep in mind that it is always best to consult a plastic surgeon before undergoing any procedure.

They will know which nose shape best suits your face.

For example, you might want to get a button nose.

A plastic surgeon may disagree with this idea because it doesn't match your face shape.

However, the surgeon would also suggest alternative nose shapes to help you get what you want.

Liquid Rhinoplasty (Dermal Fillers)

Another type of rhinoplasty procedure you can get is liquid rhinoplasty.

A surgeon will use injectable fillers to restore symmetry, smooth out sharp corners, etc.

These are very similar to dermal fillers used for cheekbones, jawline, etc.

This does not make the nose look smaller, it just adds volume.

However, it can create the illusion of a thinner, more attractive nose.

It can accompany surgery to improve outcomes (Hedén et al., 2016).

The purpose of the nose is not to be small.

It has no obvious flaws and lets your eyes move to other parts of your face.

Liquid Rhinoceros can help you achieve this.

For example, you may have a large bump on the bridge of your nose.

Liquid rhinoplasty can add volume to areas around the bump, creating a more even bridge.

Plus, it can make your nose look more proportionate.

Sharp angles of the nose can make the nose look bigger than it is.

Fillers can blend the corners of the nose to make the lines smoother and more proportional.

Ideally you want your nose to be less distracting rather than the main focus.

Many plastic surgeons will agree that the less attention your nose takes, the better.

Although liquid rhinoplasty doesn't necessarily make your nose smaller, it can help make it more balanced, giving you a more beautiful nose.

The procedure usually takes 30 minutes.

The effects usually last for a year, but vary from patient to patient.

It is necessary to repeat the procedure after a year if you want to maintain the results.

Not everyone can achieve the look they want with dermal fillers.

For example, if you have a protruding nose tip, dermal fillers may not help.

While they may enlarge your bridge slightly and smooth out the tip of the knot, it is possible that they will enlarge your nose.

Liquid rhinoplasty to achieve a "smaller" nose is usually an option for a more proportionate and smoother nose.

If your nose is huge at the tip or in general, dermal fillers may not be suitable.



Contour and Highlighter

If you wear make-up, you can use it to your advantage.

Strategically contouring and highlighting your face can give you the illusion of a smaller nose without surgery.

However, you need to make sure that you contour and highlight according to the shape of the nose.

Most of the tutorials you'll see online will follow the same outline and highlight method, which doesn't work for everyone.

Here is a guide that will help you know where to shape according to the shape of the face and nose:

Nose guide

As you can see, strategic contour placement can help improve your nose.

For example, the outline is placed on one side of the nose bridge for an asymmetrical nose to make one side appear smaller.

If you have a huge nose bridge, you can place the outline along the sides of the nose, letting the lines grow out slightly to create a smaller nose.

However, you need to make sure to blend the contour well.

The outline should look more like a shadow than a line.

If the lines are too harsh, they will look fake and draw more attention to your nose.

As a general rule, place highlighter on the tip and bridge of the nose.

However, you should always consider the shape of your nose before deciding where to put it.

If you have a wide nose tip, you won't want to highlight the tip of the nose.

You can place the highlights on the bridge of the nose if you want to focus more on the length, not the width. 





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