Hunter Eyes vs Prey Eyes – Which Are More Attractive?

  • by Matt Phelps

What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

Let's Find Out What "Signals" You're Giving Off...



Do you know the difference between Hunter Eyes and Prey Eyes?

Have you ever even heard of either of them.

Hunter Eyes are more attractive to the opposite sex.

They convey dominance, power, and self-assurance.

Prey eyes, on the other hand, are seen as submissive and vulnerable.

UC Berkeley led a study on 214 animal species to determine whether the animals prey or predator status could be predicted by the shape of their eyes.

Apparently, species with vertical shaped pupils are more likely to be ambush predators, and those with horizontally wide pupils are far more likely to be prey species.

Humans aren't so different.

Your eyes give others lots of information about you and your personality type.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between Hunter Eyes and Prey Eyes, which are more attractive, and how to "change" your eyes.

Let's get started.


Animal eyes

Cats are predators, they have vertical pupils. Horses are prey, they have horizontal pupils




What Are Hunter Eyes? 

Hunter eyes are almond-shaped eyes that deep set in the skull.

The brow bone usually sticks out and covers (and protects) the eyes.

In Hunter's view, the hooded center is horizontally broad, vertically slight, and inclined upward.

The top of the pupil is on a line with the lower eyelid crease, and the bottom is below it.

Much of this depends on your orbits.

These are the sockets in your skull that hold your eyes.

Another contributing factor is the shape and position of your Maxilla bone.

It's a crucial bone that determines much of your face shape.

This is partly genetic, and partly a result of your lifestyle, more on that later.

Hunter Eye contact looks and feel direct, intense, and focused.

 Hunter eyes

6 examples of Hunter eyes


Sean Opry hunter eyes

Sean Opry is an American model famous for his piercing Hunter Eyes




5 Key Features of Hunter Eyes

There are several key features of Hunter Eyes that make them attractive to the opposite sex.

1)  Dominance

Hunter eyes show that you are in control and not afraid to take charge.

Dominance is a very attractive quality in a mate.


    2) Confidence

    The direct gaze of hunter Eyes projects confidence and strength.

    It shows that you are a secure and stable person who can be relied on.

    Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a mate.


      3) Power

      Hunter Eyes convey a sense of power and control.

      Power is an attractive quality in a mate, and hunter Eyes radiate it.

      It shows that you can protect and provide for your partner, which is an attractive trait.


        4) Upward Compact

        Hunter Eyes have an upward compact, which gives them a focused and piercing look that is intimidating.


          5) Intensity

          Hunter Eyes have a lot of intensity, which makes them very appealing to the opposite sex.

          This can be a bit intimidating at first.

          Intensity is a very attractive quality in a mate because facial attractiveness is indicative of the person's ability to survive and reproduce.

          It shows that you are passionate and interested in the person you are talking to.

          Hunter Eyes has a compelling deep set gaze that will make anyone feel special.




            What Are Prey Eyes?

            Prey eyes are round, wide-open eyes that often give the impression of being scared or vulnerable.

            They tend to look down and away from the person they are talking to. 

            Prey eyes are the exact opposite of Hunter Eyes.

            They convey submission, vulnerability, and fear.

            Prey eyes are usually caused by large orbits- the holes in your skull that hold your eyes- which can be caused by genetics or a recessed maxilla due to lifestyle factors.

            Hunter eyes sit deep in the skull and are protected.

            Prey eyes are more exposed and may even "bulge out" of their sockets.

             Prey eyes

            6 examples of Prey eyes




            5 Key Features of Prey Eyes

            The key features of Human Prey Eyes are:

            1) Submission

            Prey's eyes convey submission to the predator.

            They may avert their gaze, or look down and away from the hunter in order to indicate that they are not a threat.

            Prey eyes may also exhibit dilated pupils, as this signals that the person is not challenging or threatening the predator.


              2) High Upper Lid

              A prey's upper eyelid is often raised higher than the lower lid, giving them a wide-eyed appearance.

              This makes it easier for the predator to see their entire eye, and also makes the prey look more vulnerable.

              Prey eyes may also have a larger surface area, as this makes them more noticeable to predators.

              It is thought that this is an evolutionary adaptation that allows prey animals to be more easily found by predators.


                3) Lack of Intensity

                Prey eyes often lack the intensity and focus of hunter eyes.

                This makes them appear less threatening and more vulnerable.

                Since prey eyes root behind too wide orbits, they look less stunning.

                It may also appear to be more dilated, as this signals submission and lack of threat.

                The prey's eyes often have dark circles and look down from the person they are talking to.


                  4) Horizontal Pupil

                  A prey's pupil is often horizontal, as this allows them to see better in low-light conditions.

                  This is because the pupil expands more horizontally than vertically, allowing more light to enter the eye.

                  Prey eyes often have a wider pupil than hunter eyes, as this allows them to take in more light and see better in low-light conditions.

                  They may also have a higher density of rods, which allows them to see better in dim light.


                    5) Downcast Gaze

                    The prey's gaze is often downcast, as this allows them to avoid making eye contact with the hunter.

                    This makes them seem submissive and less threatening.

                    Prey eyes may also be less focused than hunter eyes, as they are trying to take in as much information as possible.

                    This may make them look "wide-eyed."




                      What Causes Prey Eyes? 

                      Your appearance is a mixture of genetics and lifestyle factors.

                      Your eyes are no different.

                      There's nothing you can do about the genetic component at this point.

                      But certain lifestyle factors can be eliminated or addressed.


                      1) Scleral Show

                      The sclera is the technical word for the white area of the eyes.

                      Scleral show is the exposure of the whites of the eyes on the lower half of the eye.

                      This exposure can be genetic but often it is an anatomical condition where the sclera expands due to trauma, endocrine disease, or just ageing in general.

                      Scleral show

                      Scleral show is the gap between b and c in the above diagram


                      2) Maxilla Position

                      The Maxilla bone is largely responsible for the shape of the front of your face.

                      It also affects the size and shape of your orbits.

                      Prey eyes are often a result of a recessed Maxilla bone.

                      Recent studies, and a whole movement called mewing, have demonstrated that the position of the Maxilla is highly affected by tongue posture.

                      Correct tongue posture, with tongue applying pressure to the upper palate, expands the Maxilla horizontally and also causes forward growth.

                      This is completely natural and decreases the gap between your eyes and brow area.

                      Modern diets and lifestyle mean most people are breathing incorrectly and have incorrect tongue posture.

                      Maxilla diagram

                      The Maxilla bone is highlighted in green


                      3) Orbital Height & Width

                      Hunter eyes are almond shaped- they are vertically compact and horizontally wide.

                      Prey eyes are much rounder.


                      4) Upper Eyelid Exposure

                      You can usually see the upper eye on Prey Eyes.

                      It is exposed when looking straight ahead.

                      This is not the case with Hunter eyes.

                      They are "hooded" and the upper eyelid is not visible when looking straight ahead.


                      5) Canthal Tilt

                      This is the angle between lateral canthus and the medial canthus (see diagram below).

                      A positive canthal tilt is when the lateral canthus is higher than the medial.

                      A negative canthal tilt is when the lateral is lower than the medial.

                      Hunter eyes have a positive canthal tilt. Prey eyes have a negative canthal tilt.

                      Canthal tilt


                      Canthal tilt comparison

                      A negative canthal tilt on the left (Prey eyes). A Positive canthal tilt on the right (Hunter eyes)


                      6) Downturned Medial Canthus

                      This is the pink part in the corner of your eye closest to your nose.

                      In hunter eyes, this tilts downwards slightly.

                      In Prey eyes it sits horizontally.




                      How to Get Hunter Eyes?

                      Hunter eyes signal health and strength.

                      How can you get them?

                      By being strong and healthy!

                      But I don't mean in the typical sense.

                      I mean by having a strong facial bone structure, perfect posture and seamless breathing.

                      There's 3 (natural) things you can do to maximise the chances that you develop hunter eyes over time:

                      👃 Nose Breathing

                      Nose breathing is superior in too many ways to list here.

                      One big way, is that it shapes the way your facial bones develop.

                      Read more about how nose breathing can change your face here.


                        👅 Correct Tongue Posture

                        This is the determining factor in your Maxilla growth and position.

                        Applying pressure with your tongue to your palate is the natural way humans are supposed to hold their tongue.

                        If you haven't been doing that your whole life... then you need to watch a mewing tutorial.


                          🍖 Chew Hard Foods

                          Modern diets are too soft.

                          Everything is boiled and cooked nowadays.

                          That's not what your bodies are designed for.

                          Try to chew hard foods like jawline gum to compensate for your soft diet.

                          This will ensure your mastication muscles are sufficiently stimulated and the right muscle balance is restored.


                            If changing your eyes if really important to you... then there's plenty of cosmetic surgeries that can help as well. The most common are:

                            • Blepharoplasty
                            • Canthoplasty & Canthopexy
                            • Ptosis Repair




                            🏁 SUMMARY: Which Are More Attractive? 🏁

                            Hunter Eyes are more attractive than Prey Eyes.

                            They convey dominance, intensity, and focus.

                            They make the person seem more confident and in control.

                            Prey Eyes are less attractive than Hunter Eyes.

                            They convey submission, vulnerability, and fear.

                            They make the person seem less confident and more vulnerable.

                            Hunter Eyes are the clear winner when it comes to attractiveness.

                            So, if you want to make yourself more attractive, focus on making Hunter Eyes.

                            Thanks for reading! I hope this article was helpful.

                            Do you have any questions or comments? Please feel free to leave them below! I would love to hear from you.



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