The Gonial Angle – The IDEAL Male Jaw Angle

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Your face features may be made or broken by your jawline.

Understanding the gonial angle and how it could impact your appearance is crucial.

The intersection of your lower jaw's bottom and posterior borders creates the gonial angle, which is an angle in your mandible.

For males, a gonial angle of 130 degrees is optimum; for women, it should be less.

Mewing, dermal fillers, etc., may help you improve your gonial angle. It may be reduced with jaw surgery.

The point where the ramus and mandibular body converge is known as the gonial angle.

An often-overlooked feature of face attractiveness is the ramus.

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The Gonial Angle

Your lower jaw's angle is known as the gonial angle.

Refer to the image below for a better understanding of what the gonial angle seems to be.

It is along the triangular-shaped line that extends from your chin to the base of your ear.



Which Gonial Angle Is Best?

For males, a gonial angle of 130 degrees is optimum.

According to Jensen et al. (1954), it may range from 100 to 148 degrees, although 130 degrees is preferred.

It should be lower for women, between 120 and 125 degrees.

The angle may be a few degrees more or less and still look excellent.

The typical female gonial angle is 3-5 degrees greater than the average male gonial angle in all races.

The angle of Angelina Jolie is 123 degrees.

Despite having a squarer jaw, she is still a stunning lady.


What If My Gonial Angle Isn't Perfect?

Since your lower jaw makes up the bottom half of your face, the gonial angle is essential to facial beauty.

It may not be a significant concern if your gonial angle is only a few degrees off optimal.

However, a very steep or vertical slant might be off-putting.

For instance, a 148-degree tilt might give the impression that your face is lengthy.

A long face often contains other characteristics like a weak chin, depressed maxilla, no jawline, etc.

On the other hand, a straight angle of 100 degrees wouldn't be ideal either.

The head would resemble a box because the jaw would be excessively square.

Most individuals, especially males, appear better when their jaw is defined, which indicates that their gonial angle is optimum.

The "jawline effect" is brought on by a masculine feature of a well-developed lower jaw.

Ideal jaws for males should be wide and square.

While some guys with rounder mouths might seem fine, they are often less appealing than those with squarer, wider jaws.

Women may look wonderful with a slimmer and rounder jawline.

Even though Angelina Jolie has a squarer jaw, her other feminine traits make up for it, and it still looks wonderful on her.

Despite having an oval face shape and rounder features, Jake Gyllenhall pulls it off with his other macho traits.



How Can I Make My Gonial Angle Better?

Mewing will increase your gonial angle.

Additionally, you may improve it with jaw surgery, implants, or fillers.

Depending on what you want and how much you want it, you should decide what to do.

To make the greatest choice, it would be ideal for chatting with a plastic surgeon.



If you're still young enough, mewing may assist you in improving your gonial angle.

Mewing is a great method to get your jaw to drop closer to the floor if you start doing it as a child.

The jaw was initially downswing but became more prominent, as shown in the picture above.

Your gonial angle is improved when you meow because your neck muscles press on your mandible.

With the right posture and mewing methods, many persons with long faces may shorten their faces. 

People might see changes in the region around their lower jaw with regular mewing.

The benefits will endure and may take anywhere from at least six months to a few years to become apparent.

If you've been at it for years or decades, don't expect mewing to affect your gonial angle if you're an adult.

If your gonial angle is almost normal and you're generally OK with it regardless, you may mew if you're an adult.

Otherwise, surgery is required.

Mewing is useful because it moves and shapes the bones in your face.

Plus, once you become accustomed to it, mewing comes naturally.

But if you include chewing, mewing is most effective for improving the gonial angle.

Gum chewing regularly might help you develop a stronger jawline by strengthening your masseter muscles.

Chewing will make your masseter muscles bigger, improving your gonial angle even as an adult.

Many people's contemporary diets have resulted in weak jaws.

Most of the food in our diets is mushy, processed, and hardly has to be chewed.

Weak gonial angles and receding chins result from infrequent activation of the jaws and masseter muscles when chewing.

Therefore, mewing and chewing often would be perfect for developing a more defined jawline. We cannot, however, just switch to our ancestors' diet.

Fortunately, you can get the same result by chewing gum.

Regular gum chewing may help you strengthen your masseter muscles and improve the sound of your jaw when you meow.

The best gum to chew is sugar-free gum, such as mastic gum.

You may chew for 10 to 15 minutes daily while pausing.

Remember not to clench your jaw; if you start to feel fatigued, it is time to stop.

The reverse of mewing, such as opening their lips wide, dangling their jaws, etc., is also often accompanied by weak gonial angles and lengthy faces.

Another common cause of it is mouth breathing.



Facial Retraction and Craniofacial Dystrophy Procedures

The tongue commonly rests on the mandible of mouth breathers, who often let their lips hang open somewhat.

They also breathe via their lips rather than their noses.


Continuous mouth breathing weakens your jaw and lengthens your face.

Fortunately, mewing can help you fix that.


Jaw Fillers

You may obtain the perfect gonial angle by adding volume to your jawline with a jaw filler.

This choice is ideal for those whose angles are between 125 and 130 degrees.

A surgeon will deliberately inject jaw fillers, which are injectable gel-like materials, into your jawline.

Most fillers, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, are organic substances that naturally occur in your body.

However, as people's bodies absorb the substance over time, the effects will deteriorate.

Dermal fillers typically last 6 to 12 months for most individuals, depending on how quickly or slowly your body metabolizes them.

Thus, if you want to maintain your appearance, you must purchase them again.

The fact that jaw fillers don't maintain their form effectively and are poor at creating acute angles is their second major drawback.

Your filters will smush even if they seem nice after injection.

You want actual implants for your jaw.


Jaw Implants 

Jaw implants are another option if you desire a stronger jawline to improve your gonial angle.

Jaw implants may increase the ramus, angle, and body of your jawline, enhancing your face symmetry and gonial angle.

A surgeon will make incisions along your jawline, usually within your mouth, to do the surgery.

The implants will be positioned by the surgeon in your jaw's ideal locations.

The majority of implants are made of medical-grade silicone that is customized for you by your surgeon.

After placing the implants properly, your surgeon will use sutures and stitches to seal the incisions.

Typically, the procedure just takes an hour. 

Recovery times may vary, but most patients recover completely within a few weeks to a month.

Even while recovery times may be longer, the effects often endure for a very long period and may not require further treatments.


Jaw Surgery 

If you wish to lessen the angle of your gonial, jaw surgery may be possible.

Additionally, for some individuals, jaw surgery could be a preferable choice.

In other circumstances, jaw implants mask your issues rather than address them, producing mediocre results.

It will depend on your demands and what sort of jaw surgery you need.

Ideally, you should speak with a plastic surgeon to determine what procedure you need.

For instance, problems with the mandible and maxilla are addressed with double jaw surgery.

You may undergo jawline reduction surgery if your jawline is square.

You could sometimes additionally need genioplasty to enlarge your chin.

It will ensure that the remainder of your face will complement your new jawline.



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