What is the Most Attractive Face Shape for a Man?

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Face forms are more important to women than men, but men may still utilize face shapes to help them choose a haircut, beard, and eyebrow shape that complements their features

It's common knowledge that men's most appealing facial proportions are oval or square faces.

It's possible for a man to have a highly appealing appearance if he has an oval face shape, a slightly rounded or square jaw, and no other unusual traits.

However, depending on the other characteristics of a man's face, practically any face shape may make him appear attractive.

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The Most Attractive Face Shapes for Guys

Remember that they are, for the most part, broad generalizations.

There is no right answer regarding what people find beautiful, yet, these facial types are often considered the most appealing ones for men.


The Oval Face Shape

In general, the oval face shape is considered to be a very attractive one for men.

It often has symmetrical features, which are characteristics that the vast majority of people find appealing in faces.

Although it differs somewhat from person to person based on ethnicity, the oval face shape is the most common.

According to several studies, typical faces tend to be more symmetrical, taking on an oval shape (if there are no distinctive facial characteristics), which is considered the most appealing face shape (Little et al., 2011).

Additionally, the oval face shape is simple to style.

The majority of individuals who have oval face shapes have the flexibility to experiment with whatever haircut, eyebrow shape, beard style, etc., that they wish.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider the rest of your characteristics, such as your forehead, nose, and so on.


The Square Face Shape

The square facial shape may make a man appear incredibly handsome in certain circumstances.

According to several studies, larger faces are often associated with dominance, a quality that others may find appealing (Lefevre et al., 2014).

There does not seem to be any connection between the two.

Researchers believe that square faces, which have cheekbones that are bigger and stronger than other face forms, are better able to resist blows than other face shapes.

In addition, square facial forms almost often feature powerful jawlines, another indicator of a dominant personality.

Most women gravitate toward males with strong jawlines because it conveys that the bearer has healthy genes for reproduction.

There is no evidence to suggest that males with stronger jawlines have better genes, which are necessary for reproduction.

On the other hand, as a characteristic that is more often associated with males, women tend to favor guys with a more defined jawline.

In addition, symmetry is of the utmost importance for square face forms.

It is possible to have an unusual appearance that is disturbing if the jaw is large and square.

Henry Cavill is a fantastic illustration of a face that is both symmetrical and square.

He does not have an overly huge jaw, but the one he does have is rather pointed and defined.

In addition, other aspects of his appearance, such as small lips and a straight nose, are male characteristics seen as manly.


A Mix of Face Shapes

It's not uncommon for someone to have a face hybrid of two different types.

There is no such thing as different types of facial shapes.

They are just constructions developed to assist barbers and beauticians in determining the finest styles for the customers they serve.

The majority of individuals are going to have a variety of characteristics.

It is common for males to find appealing an oval overall facial shape with a somewhat square jaw.

It looks particularly good when they also have a thin, straight nose, thin eyebrows, average lips, brown hair, medium-thick eyebrows, and blue eyes.

This combination creates a really attractive face. David Gandy serves as a shining illustration of this point.



How Is My Face Shape Determined?

Your genes have a significant role in determining the general outline of your face.

If both of your parents have square faces, then it is likely that you will also have a square face shape.

However, the environment in which you were raised also has a big impact on the form of your face.

Face shape may be altered by several factors, including surgery, illnesses, food, childhood routines, and posture.

For instance, people who breathe via their mouths often have bad posture in their tongues, backs, necks, and other areas.

A long face, a weak chin, a soft or nonexistent jawline, and other facial characteristics result from poor posture and respiration.

I'd want to change or improve the shape of my face; are there any options?

You may take many different approaches to modify or improve the contour of your face.

However, the approach you should take first will be determined by the outcomes you are looking for.



In general, mewing is a method to improve the appearance of almost any facial shape.

The act of mewing promotes facial upswing, forward face development, increased chin projection, a prominent jawline, stronger cheekbones, and a variety of other facial improvements.

It works particularly well for those with few definitions in their features.

Mewing promotes a healthy posture for the tongue and facilitates nasal breathing, both of which are beneficial for persons who normally breathe through their mouths.

There is a possibility that mewing will not significantly alter the overall contour of your face.

On the other hand, it may make it better.

For example, the practice of mewing led to developing a more powerful and angular jawline in the young man seen below.

One of the drawbacks of mewing is that it is most effective for young people.

Perhaps if you are an adult, you may continue to use it, but the results won't be visible until years or even decades have passed.


Dermal Fillers

It is possible to augment the volume of some areas of your face by getting dermal fillers.

Injectable dermal fillers may be constructed of materials like collagen or hyaluronic acid, both of which are found naturally in your body.

A surgeon may inject dermal fillers into various areas of your face, such as your cheekbones, jaw, or chin, to improve the contour of your face.

However, the effects of dermal fillers often only endure between six and twelve months since the body metabolizes the substance.

In order to maintain the effects of the dermal fillers injected into your face, you will need to have the procedure repeated.

Some significant downsides are associated with fillers, such as the fact that they may migrate to other areas of your face and do not keep their form very well.

Because of this, implants are a preferable choice.



Although Botox is most well-known for reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and for treating excessive sweating, among other conditions, it may also be used to shape and thin the face.

In the same way, dermal fillers are injected into the face, a surgeon will carefully inject Botox into your face to help you get the desired results.

Injections of Botox, for instance, could assist you in achieving a lower jaw size.

Botox injections will reduce muscular activity in your masseter muscles if those muscles are very big.

When there is less demand placed on the muscles, they will atrophy.

On the other hand, Botox injections do not have a long-term effect.

Injections of Botox typically last between three and six months, and you will need to have them repeated as necessary.


Jaw Surgery

To get a more defined jawline, jaw surgery may be an option for you.

For instance, a plastic surgeon may strengthen your jawline by inserting an implant in your jaw in order to produce the appearance of a stronger jawline.

In order to improve the projection and contour of your jawline, they may also lift your jawbone and take away a portion of it.

In addition, jaw reduction surgery is another option for those who want a more refined jawline.

The technique will be tailored to the specific area of your jaw that needs reduction.

For instance, a surgeon would only remove your jaw angle if it is very big.

If it is normal-sized, they will leave it alone.


Chin Surgery

Genioplasty, often known as chin surgery, may be performed to reshape your chin in a manner comparable to jaw surgery.

Your facial harmony may be improved as a result of the procedure.

It is particularly common among people with thin chins beginning to recede.

Chin augmentation surgery allows the chin to be surgically altered in terms of size and form.

It is also possible to have surgery performed on your chin to reduce its size or prominence.

The method used for your chin surgery will be determined by your desired results and your case circumstances.

For instance, a surgeon could chop away a portion of your jawline to create a projection and then relocate the remaining portion forward.

Sometimes, the only change a surgeon may make is to put an implant on your chin.


Cheekbone Surgery

You might choose to have cheek implants if you want your face to seem fuller and more youthful.

If you are looking for a solution to permanently increase your face's volume, you should consider getting them.

Because implants give more rigidity than dermal fillers, this method is particularly beneficial if you want to create crisp lines.

There are three distinct options available for cheek implants.

Implants placed in the malar region improve projection, whereas those in the submalar region provide volume to the cheeks.

The third kind of this procedure involves the enhancement of both the cheeks and the cheekbones in certain patients.

There is also the option of undergoing surgery to reduce the size of your cheekbones.

The L-shaped osteotomy, the scalping approach, and the malar rotation technique are three methods that are often used to reduce the prominence of the cheekbones.



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