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There is a widespread belief among advertising agencies that a product will be more successful if it is promoted by a lady who seems to be in her twenties or younger and is pretty.

For their advertising efforts, several companies use models with neotenous characteristics.

Neoteny is a highly essential component of feminine attractiveness and is one of the factors that adds to the cuteness of a woman's face.

The condition known as neoteny refers to the preservation of juvenile or childlike characteristics throughout maturity.

To put it another way, it refers to having the appearance of being youthful or infantile.

A lady who has lovely neotenous features will have big eyes that are widely separated, plump cheeks, soft skin, a charming button nose, and a tiny chin that is rounded.

Women who have been bestowed with neotenous characteristics have been blessed.

According to Cunningham (1986), one of the most appealing facial combinations is one in which the lower face is relatively tiny compared to the eyes.

You are looking at a lady who has a high degree of neoteny if she does not have any hair on her body and has skin that has the appearance of being youthful and radiant.



Neoteny and Attractiveness

Every time we turn around, society is the one that resets the bar for what constitutes attractiveness in females.

In addition, the media has played a key part in shaping our ideas of what constitutes attractiveness.

Neoteny is a crucial component of a woman's beauty in the eyes of a large number of individuals and not only males.

Iconic figures from the golden age of Hollywood, such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly, are three good examples.

Even the animated figure known as "Betty Boop" perfectly illustrates how neoteny and feminine beauty are two sides of the same coin.

The following are some examples of other physical characteristics that are regarded to be neotenous:


  • A large proportion of face breadth to height (FWHR)
  • Large forehead
  • Small and shorter chin
  • Fuller lips
  • Large eyes
  • Small nose
  • Higher, thinner eyebrows
  • Rounder face with chubby cheeks


A gorgeous lady will ideally have the perfect balance of both neotenous & non-neotenous traits.

This is the ideal combination.

A lady should strive to maintain a young and sexually mature appearance.

Men want to ensure that the lady they are marrying is mature enough to have children but yet young enough to ensure that those children will have a healthy life.

For instance, prominent cheekbones are seen as appealing since they suggest that the girl in question is beyond the stage of having baby fat and has reached her sexual maturity.

Despite this, many men find that women with larger cheeks, like Gal Gadot and Miranda Kerr, are more attractive to look at. This is not a neotenous characteristic.



How to Look More Neotenous

Your face will ultimately lose its natural neotenous appearance as the years pass by.

Wrinkles are a consequence of ageing muscles.

The eyebrows will eventually begin to sag.

As the fat tissue in your body continues to sink gently, your temples will begin to hollow down.

Soon enough, you'll see bags under your eyes.

Your cheeks will get sunken due to the sinking of malar fat.

Your chin will protrude, and the definition of your face will become noticeably less distinct as a result.

There will be a discernible change in the thickness of your skin.


Many of us share the desire to retain one's youthful appearance.

But how can someone who does not inherently possess such characteristics acquire them?

Can you make your features seem younger by doing certain activities on your face?

Have you ever considered getting cosmetic surgery?

To achieve a more neotenous appearance, mewing should be practised for an extended period to maintain any neotenous traits.

Aside from that, several cosmetic procedures have the potential to produce neotenous traits in the short term.



You probably weren't aware of this, but mewing may help remodel the bone structure of your face.

This method includes positioning the tongue in a certain way to assist produce a more defined jawline with time.

Mewing is really about maintaining the right position for your tongue.

However, over time, the location of your tongue will assist in modifying the contour of your face and prevent the bones in your face from sinking as you age.

Although beginning mewing at a younger age has shown to have the best benefits, this does not indicate that adults cannot participate.

During mewing, the jawline is often one of the first facial characteristics to change form.

Adults who practise mewing will require more time and patience to get their bones into the form they desire since this process takes longer.

If you are sceptical about the efficacy of mewing, you should look at some before-and-after images and some of the scientific research that supports the practice.



Plastic Surgery

When one considers the number of times plastic surgery treatments are carried out from year to year, one can see that this industry is booming.

This level of success may be attributed to the demand from both men and women who are interested in improving their appearance.

18.1 million cosmetic operations were documented in the United States in 2019, according to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report 2019 published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

92% of these procedures were done on female patients, while just 8% were conducted on male patients.

This proportion is strong evidence of women's preoccupation with appearing youthful, gorgeous, and picture-perfect. 

According to the figures above, nose jobs are the most common cosmetic surgery operation for men and women between the ages of 20 and 50.

On the other side, eyelid surgery was the most popular operation among patients in their 40s and older who had plastic surgery.

A portion of the study also revealed that in comparison to males, a much higher number of women opted to get nose reshaping (76%), eyelid surgery (85%), and forehead lift (88%).


Forehead Lift

Wrinkles and brow drooping are two of the most common early indicators of ageing that may be seen on the forehead.

A more revitalised and young appearance may be achieved in the region above the eyes with the help of a forehead lift.

When doing a traditional forehead lift, the surgeon will make an incision in the shape of a headphone (called a coronal incision) that begins at one ear, travels across the top of the forehead, and terminates at the other ear.

To remove any extra fat and tissue, the skin of the forehead will be elevated.

Sometimes the surgeon may relocate the eyebrows higher and realign the muscles to get the desired effect.

When doing an endoscopic forehead lift, the surgeon will create incisions that are far less than an inch on the scalp.

For the surgeon to examine the tissues and muscles that lie under the scalp, an endoscope will be inserted via one of the five scalp incisions.

To elevate the skin of the forehead, he will utilise a different device inside a different incision.

The extra fat and tissue will be removed, and if necessary, he will also straighten the muscles and fix the eyebrows, so they are higher.


Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

As you age, the muscles that support your eyelids begin to lose their strength.

Eye bags, drooping eyelids, and sagging eyebrows are all signs of ageing that may be caused by stretching the eyelids.

These signs will make you seem less appealing and more elderly.

Eyelid surgery is a technique to restore eyelids that have become drooping.

The surgeon makes the incision along the upper eyelid's crease.

After that, he trims away any extra skin, muscle, and fat before stitching up the wound.

Afterwards, the surgeon will either make an incision within the lower eyelid or right below the lashes themselves.

Before he stitches up the incision, he will either remove the surplus muscle, fat and sagging skin or redistribute them in a different pattern.


Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

The profile of one's nose might be considered an essential facial feature.

Surgical reshaping of the nose is an option for women who are unhappy with the natural appearance of their noses.

Surgeons provide men and women who want the contour of their nose modified with a procedure more widely known as a "nose job."

This kind of surgery may be performed on both men and women.

The surgeon will create incisions inside the nostrils to remove the skin from the bone and cartilage under the skin.

Because of this, the surgeon can alter the form of the nose.

If the surgeon determines that the desired form of the nose needs extra cartilage, he or she may harvest some from the ear or the patient's nasal septum.

A bone transplant may be necessary for certain circumstances.


Chin Augmentation

The form of your chin and how well it works with the rest of your features are two of the most important factors in determining how appealing your face is.

Through the placement of an implant, the surgeon can reshape and improve the appearance of the patient's chin.

Alternately, the surgeon may alter the bones or relocate them.

The surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth to position the implant in front of the bone and below the muscles.

If the bones need to be moved or reshaped, the oral surgeon will create an incision within the mouth and on the lower gum to gain access to the bone.

This will allow the surgeon to move or reshape the bone.

He will cut through the jawbone again, making the incision there.

This incision will enable him to relocate the jaw bone, wire it, and screw it into place using a metal plate to hold it in place.



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