What is the Most Attractive Eye Color? How Common is it?

  • by Matt Phelps

First impressions are everything and there are a lot of things we look at when considering how attractive one is.

One of these impressions comes from the color of the eyes.

People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and making eye contact with someone can be the start of a long relationship.

We’ll take a look at the different eye colors and which is the most attractive.



Most Attractive Eye Color

Fans love the bright blue eyes of stars like Margot Robbie, Marilyn Monroe, and Zac Efron.

Maybe this is because there are so many movies and TV shows with blue-eyed actors and actresses.

Hazel eyes are the most beautiful on women.

It can be hard to pick a favorite eye color.

In another study, researchers found that most people are attracted to people with blue eyes.



What Are The Different Eye Colors?

Even though blue eyes have a natural sparkle to them, brown eyes have their benefits as well. 

Melanin is a pigment found in the irises of those who have brown eyes.

They also have the most melanin, which means they are less likely to get eye diseases and are better protected from the sun. 

They are also less likely to get type 1 diabetes than people with light blue eyes.

Hazel eyes have the second most melanin, but the most pigment is around the edge of the iris.

The center of the eye is a mix of gold, brown, and green.

People have also voted hazel eyes as one of the most beautiful eye colors.

This means that hazel eyes are both healthy and beautiful.

Green eyes are very rare, which may be why some people think this is the most attractive eye color.

Grey eyes are another rare color of eyes.

Grey eyes can be different colors, like blue-grey or silver-grey. Both are considered attractive because of how mysterious they look and how the stroma is made.

This makes light spread out in a different way, giving the color a silvery look.

Amber eyes are less common than blue or green eyes, so they aren't talked about as much.

Amber eyes are also called golden eyes.

They can be light or dark, with a yellow copper tint and green-hazel or brown highlights.

People often compare them to cat eyes or think of them as belonging to reptiles.

People with amber eyes are more likely to be of Spanish, Asian, South American, or South African descent.

Amber eyes are beautiful to look at, but people with them are more likely to get cancers of the eye.

No matter what color your eyes are, you should always wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV light when you're outside to avoid getting cancers like intraocular melanoma.



Why Do People Think That Blue Eyes Are The Most Attractive?

Blue eyes are definitely the most attractive eyes in the west, and they also rank pretty high in the east.

This may be because of the stereotypes we learned as kids, from the Disney princesses to the leading actresses and actors in our favorite TV shows and movies.

From Grace Kelly to Margot Robbie, and from Frank Sinatra to Chris Hemsworth, it's clear that blue eyes are the most common in Hollywood.



What Is The Most Common Eye Color?

You might be surprised to learn that brown eyes are the most common around the world and grey eyes are the least common.

Here is a ranking of eye colors from most to least common:

  1.   Brown: The percentage of people with brown eyes ranges from 55% to 79%. Most people in Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia have dark brown eyes.


  1.   Blue: People with blue eyes rangebetween 8% and 10%. Most people with blue eyes live in Europe, especially in Scandinavia.


  1.   Hazel: The percentage of people with hazel eyes is 5%. People can have hazel eyes anywhere in the world, but they are most common in Europe and the United States.


  1.   Amber: Amber eyes are pretty rare and just 5% of people can be found all over the world.


  1.   Green: About 2% of people. Most people with green eyes live in Northern, Central, and Western Europe.


  1.   Grey: Less than 1% of people. Grey eyes are rare, and most people with them live in Northern and Eastern Europe.



How Do We Know What Color Our Eyes Are?

Your eye color is based on how 16 different genes work together.

Most of these genes make, move, or store a pigment called melanin.

The amount of melanin in the front layers of your iris determines the color of your eyes.

People with blue eyes don't have much melanin, but people with brown eyes have a lot more.

It is thought that the OCA2 gene on chromosome 15 can explain 74% of the differences in eye color between people.



Can I Change The Color Of My Eyes?

Your genes may decide what color your eyes are, but that doesn't mean you can't try out other colors.

Many stars wear colored contact lenses all the time to change the color of their eyes.

Colored contacts are the best, safest, and least expensive way to change the color of your eyes.

Whether you wear glasses or not, most colored contact lenses are plano (no power).

Since it's so easy to try new things, why not try making your blue eyes brown or your brown eyes blue?

Even your eyes can be different colors for work and play.




A person's attractiveness isn't just based on their eye color.

The distance between your eyes and other factors is also a sign of your attractiveness.

No matter what color your eyes are, they are unique and can never be copied.

But if you don't like the color of your eyes and wish they were a different shade, colored lenses are a great way to change your look quickly from day to day.



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