Carvd Jaw Exerciser Review – My Experience (Absolutely Awful!)

  • by Matt Phelps

CARVD is Either Great Value-For-Money... Or Just a Cruddy Jawzrsize Clone


Table of Contents

 🎬 Introduction
 🤔 What is CARVD?
 🛠 How to Use CARVD
 🪜 CARVD Resistance Levels
 😍 Does CARVD Work?
 ⚛️ Is CARVD Dangerous?
 🧪 What is CARVD Made Of?
 🛒 Where to Buy CARVD
 💵 CARVD Pricing
 💬 What Do Customers Say About CARVD?
 ❌ Pros & Cons
 🎄 CARVD Alternatives
 🏁 Conclusion



The biggest, most well-known type of jawline trainer, is the incisor-based type. Many medical professionals (and myself) believe that these are harmful to the jaw joint and teeth. Jawzrsize invented the category, and other companies made very similar products- like CARVD.

   CARVD differentiates itself from Jawzrsize via branding and packaging, otherwise it's a very similar product. It's only sold on Amazon and there's not much information on the company behind it. 

   I'll get straight to the point: I think CARVD is a cruddy product. Based on the reviews, other customers think so too.




What is CARVD?

CARVD is an exercise device designed to workout to your jaw. Essentially, it's a hollow, ball-shaped piece of rubber. It's got 2 silicon moulds (one the top and bottom) that are formed to the shape of your own bite. It makes it more comfortable to use.

   The idea is to provide much more resistance than food or chewing gum, to workout the muscles of the face, neck and jawline. The main muscle it aims to target is the masseter of the jaw.

   The masseter is the strongest muscle in the body and won't grow without "adding weight to the bar" or increasing the intensity.

   I totally believe in the theory that CARVD is based on– that you can build the muscles in your face just like you can build your bicep, chest or quads. Whether CARVD is an effective (and safe!) way to do that... is something we'll talk about down below.

   But I have seen first hand that facial exercisers definitely can tone, tighten the face and increase the size of the jaw muscles. Which is something the general public still hasn't accepted. 

CARVD exercise equipment

CARVD equipment with different resistance levels and shapes




How to Use CARVD

So you've bought one and now you're ready to try it... exciting! But first, you've got to mould it to your teeth, that's what those white pads at the top and bottom are for.

DO NOT skip this step. This type of facial exerciser is considerably (a nice was of saying extremely) risky for your front incisor teeth. Without adjusting the moulds, your increasing the odds even more that you'll chip or move a tooth. Follow these steps from the official CARVD Amazon listing, to "safely" use the tool:


STEP 1️⃣ – Get a small pot of water to boil fully. Then, place the Jaw Ball in that pot, gently with the help of a slotted spoon for twenty seconds

STEP 2️⃣ – Remove it from the boiling water and give it a quick shake to rinse off excess water

STEP 3️⃣ – Use a mirror to ensure that it faces outwards and that you have the right side up. Line up all those clear biting strips with the top and bottom front teeth of yours

STEP 4️⃣ – Bite into the Jaw Ball and use sufficient pressure so that your teeth make an impression

STEP 5️⃣ – Hold it for about ten seconds and remove after rinsing under cold tap water and you're done!



I have mixed feelings about how you have to shape the device. One one hand, it's good. Everyone's mouth, teeth and jaw is different and adjusting for this from a safety standpoint makes sense. Plus, you need to make groves for your teeth so the pressure you exert can be spread across multiple teeth.

   But on the other hand, it's even more dangerous if you set it wrong. You don't want to set the bite crooked, or with a slight overbite, or with a slight underbite. Because then you'll be training your jaw in that position and building a muscle balance for that particular position. We'll talk more about this down below.




CARVD Resistance Levels

There's 3 different resistances for beginners, advanced or experts. Here's everything you need to know:



 CARVD blue level

  • Blue Level 1

What I think: this is the safest version of CARVD. I don't think incisor-based jawline exercisers should be any more than 20lbs of resistance, but they don't say anywhere what the resistance is-



CARVD red level

  • Red Level 2

What I think: the resistances at this level are dangerous for the jaw joint and force the temporalis muscle to takeover (more on than later). I recommend avoiding.



CARVD black level

  • Black Level 3

What I think: this resistance is dangerous for the jaw joint and force the temporalis muscle to takeover (more on than later). I recommend avoiding.




Does CARVD Work?

Depends what you mean. Does it work for what? Exercising your face? Improving your jawline?

   I'm going to assume the main thing you want to know, is whether CARVD improves your jawline and overall appearance. And the complicated answer is...

   Yes, yes it does. You're masseter muscles will get larger and this will give a stronger looking jaw. But it works out other muscles more. And the end result isn't necessarily a more attractive face.

   Most stress is placed on the temporalis muscle on the sides of your head. The wider your mouth is open when applying force, the more the temporalis takes over from the masseter. A larger temporalis muscle makes your head look wider at the top as the muscle starts to bulge horizontally.

   CARVD also stimulates the buccinator muscle which will ruin your chances of having the "hollow-cheek" look. It works out a lot of different muscles: there's hundreds of muscles in your face, head and neck. Every expression or movement you do "works out" hundreds of muscles. It's not about how many muscles you workout, but which ones are bearing the majority of the load.

   It does give you a workout. And that workout is a bad workout. I don't think it makes you look better. Deadlifting more than you can handle with awful form will still give you a good workout... but it will ruin your back as well. 




What is CARVD Made Of?

You should avoid CARVD for this reason alone: it's likely made of toxic plastics and silicones.

   They don't say anywhere what it is made of. And based on the poor reviews about the quality of the product, and the lack of information in the listing... I'd say it comes straight from China. It's not tested, not FDA approved, and not safe for putting in your mouth. 

   Almost all other jaw trainers on Amazon are like this as well. Literally hundreds of cruddy imitation products have sprung up over the years. Most of them are drop-shipped straight from China, are made from terrible silicon and plastics, and have never been tested. Chinese manufacturers simply see an image of these tools on Amazon and try to copy it.

   My point is: if you're going to put a piece of rubber in your mouth and chew it... I would want to know what's in it.


Carvd review

A customer even says that CARVD tastes like chemicals 😱




Is CARVD Dangerous?

There are 2 main type of jawline exercisers:

  • ❌ Incisor-based – bite down with your front teeth
  • ✅ Molar-based – bite down with your back teeth

Types of jawline exercisersIncisor-based Jaw Trainer (left) use your front teeth to bite down. Molar-based use your back (molar) teeth to bite down (right)


CARVD is an Incisor-Based type of jaw trainer. The bad type. Jawzrsize was the inventor of this category when they released their first model in 2016. Since then, the Molar-Based type of jaw trainer has been invented. It is a much healthier and more effective option.


incisor-based vs molar-based

An incisor-based trainer on the left. And a molar-based trainer on the right



3 Ways CARVD and Other Incisor-Based Exercisers Are Dangerous

  • 🦷 Teeth – the incisor teeth were naturally designed for piercing and tearing. They are not suited for the high, repeated pressure of CARVD. In the worst case this can lead to chipped, crooked, or broken teeth.
  • 📐 Jaw Joint & Muscles – the degree of stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) depends on how wide the mouth open and closes during exercise. Wide ranges of motion cause the TMJ to dislocate and re-adjust. This isn't the worse thin by itself, but add the constant load from CARVD... then it's dangerous and causes significant wear and tear to the jaw joint. Jaw pain, cracking, arthritis and tension headaches are some of the potential side-effects. 
  • ☠️ Toxic Materials – repeatedly biting into a toxic plastic or rubber will ensure you ingest those toxic substances. It's unclear what CARVD is made from or whether it has approval. The same can be said for most other jawline devices on the market. Make sure you check what the product is made of before you put it in your mouth.


Why Molar-Based Exercisers Are Superior 

  Molar-based exercisers sit on the molars. Because they're not big, the mouth only has open slightly during training. The range of motion is natural and the jaw joint was built to withstand this type of pressure. Chewing on molar-based is indistinguishable for the temporomandibular joint from chewing on a tough piece of meat.

This is what the flat surface of molar teeth was designed for.


How to Reduce the Risk of Damage When Using CARVD

  • 🛑 Do not chew if the bottom mould wears down
  • 🛑 Stop if you feel pain
  • 🛑 Never chew fast, always slowly and controlled
  • 🛑 Do not fully open your mouth and release your bite pressure until there is no tension
  • 🛑 Do not workout for more than 10 minutes a day




Where to Buy CARVD?

As far as I know, you can only buy CARVD on Amazon in the US. 




CARVD Pricing

CARVD is currently sold out on Amazon, so I can't see how much it costs.

   But for something that breaks instantly, the price is too high. No matter what it is. The moulds you bite into and form fall out straight away. They don't even pretend to work haha.

   It's a really common issue apparently. Almost every review says that this happened to them.

   It's really annoying because if you don't replace them, it becomes too dangerous to use. There's no way to buy replacements, so the whole thing just becomes useless.



⚠️ Cheaper Imitations ⚠️ 

In my other jawline product reviews, I talk about NOT buying cheap Jawzrsize imitations you find on Amazon, Aliexpress or Alibaba.

I'm talking about CARVD here. It is one of those garbage copy-cat products made from a Chinese manufacturer and sold without testing them. They're made from toxic materials that have no business being put into your mouth, and they have no liability.

   With these sorts of things, it pays to buy high quality equipment from safe and trusted distributors. Check out the list of most effective equipment down below, under CARVD alternatives.


cheap jawzrsize copies

CARVD is a cheap Jawzrsize copy like the ones in this image





They have no shipping policy.



They have no return policy




What Do Customers Say About CARVD?




  • “Brilliant considering others were trrying to sell the same for over 30 quid time will tell to see how long it lasts
    • "The jaw exerciser is durable and fits comfortably. The exercise is simple, yet I can feel the muscles working similar to any other workout. Excited to see the results!
      • "I have used this for 20 days and it wake me up better than coffee. I wish they made an 80lb ball. I do 200-500 reps a day. I can’t wait to see what happens after 3 months."




        • "I received this item yesterday and followed instructions accordingly. However, not sure if it’s my age, as I’m 50, but my mouth is not small and this just about fitted my mouth. This is not anything I expected. I will keep persevering but it really hurts my jaw when I’m not even exercising it. :-/
          • "Firstly, the product I got does not look like the pictures. It is much smaller, the size of a whole nutmeg and the material it is made from is of very low quality. The one I received is not even a mini version of what is advertised, its a different low quality product. If you look at the pics in the review, you will see that almost all received a different looking and size product.
            Also you can not return it.
            So ... free money for them.
            • "This was a waste of money. Do not bother purchasing this trash.
            • "It's nothing like the item shown in the picture, not branded CARVD, took ages to arrive (from China) and split after using it only a few times. Rubbish.”



            🍊 AMAZON

            CARVD is only available on Amazon. You can still fake Amazon reviews, but it's not as easy. Amazon has gotten a lot better at removing fraudulent reviews in recent years, so I think you can basically trust them.

               The average Amazon product has a rating of 4.4 stars. CARVD has a 2.8 out of 5. That's really bad.


            CARVD rating

            CARVD is rated 2.8 out of 5 on Amazon 



            ⭐️ TRUSTPILOT

            A company's Trustpilot rating is their true rating. Because a Trustpilot rating can't be faked or manipulated – by anyone, no matter how much you pay. I don't know how they do it... but their algorithms and systems make it impossible to mislead future customers.

               CARVD doesn't have any presence on Trustpilot. So we can't get a truthful picture of their products and service. When a company isn't on Trustpilot at all, usually that means they are a very small company with limited sales.




            Pros & Cons

            ✅ PROS

            • ...


            ❌ CONS

            • 🌝 Leads to a Round Face – it stimulates and grows the temporalis muscle WAY too much. This can have a severely negative effect on your facial aesthetics by widening the top half of your head- particularly above your ears
            • ☠️ Made from Toxic Materials – based on the chemical taste, smell, and fact that it comes straight from China... we can assume CARVD is incredibly unhealthy to put in your mouth
            • 🦴 Harmful for the Jaw Joint – the CARVD device is too large and the jaw was not designed to apply high levels of force when it is so far open. Here I come TMJ, jaw joint arthritis, stiffness and clicking!
              • 🚨 Breaks Easily  the moulds that your teeth bite down into break quite quickly. Your incisor teeth are made for piercing after all. You either pay to replace them... or you continue using it without them and place even higher pressure on your front teeth
              • 🦷 Damages Your Teeth – this device applies all the pressure to your front incisor teeth. These teeth are made for piercing and tearing, NOT for grinding and applying high force like the molar teeth are. I'm surprised their aren't more stories of people damaging their teeth with CARVD
              • 🤮 Produces Insane Amount of Saliva  you need to keep a bowl underneath your chin to catch all the liquid that pours out of your mouth
              • 🔨 Breaks Almost Instantly  you hardly get the chance to even use the device before it cracks or the moulds fall out
              • 🤡 Looks Like a BDSM Ball Gag  you can't use CARVD in public... It looks too weird and it makes you gag




              CARVD Alternatives



              ✅ Best Alternatives 

              • 🥇 The JAWLINERS: these are the best molar-based jawline exercisers available today. They are both safe and effective. Start with the Beginner and move up to higher resistances as your jaw and face gets stronger.
                • 🥈 Jawliner Gum: a mint flavored gum that has been created to be 15x harder than regular chewing gum. It's cheaper than mastic gum but loses its taste faster and doesn't come with the same health benefits. 

                • 🥉 Mastic Gum: this is 10x harder than regular chewing gum. It's a 100% natural tree sap harvested on the Greek island of Chios. It's a convenient way to train your masseter muscles while you are working, driving, studying or doing anything for that matter.


                READ MORE: the 5 best CARVD alternatives




                  🏁 CONCLUSION 🏁

                  If you're going to buy an incisor-based jawline trainer (which I DON'T recommend), then buy Jawzrsize. Or JawlineMe. CARVD is literally the worst one I've found.

                     CARVD isn't an established company and their online presence isn't strong. Most of their product reviews are downright awful, almost nobody is satisfied with the product.

                     If you put aside the toxic materials, that is breaks instantly, that it doesn't look like the pictures, that is takes 6 weeks to arrive.... put those aside. It's STILL an incisor-based exerciser that can have terrible long-term side effects. There's far more effective (and safer!) jawline exercise devices on the market – mainly those that are molar-based.

                      I would not recommend CARVD to anyone. It's a terrible product, sold by a terrible company.



                  🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

                  Thank you for reading my review of CARVD. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

                  Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

                     Matt Phelps

                     YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



                  P.S I've tested every jawline tool on the market. Here's the ones that work👇

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