Chisell vs Rockjaw – Which is Better for Your Jawline?

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Chisell & Rockjaw Comparison


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 👍 Which is Better?




What is Chisell?

Chisell product photo

Chisell is a jaw exercise exercise device made by a Latvian company.

   By placing them on your molar teeth and biting down, the resistance supplied with cause your jaw muscles to hypertrophy.

   It works in the same way any other weighted muscle-building exerciser works: you stress the muscle and create tears in the fibers. The muscle heals and repairs to be bigger and stronger.



  • 💪 Works the Masseter Muscle: Chisell is molar-based trainers which means they train the main muscle on the side of your jaw. Other exercisers stimulate the temporalis muscle on the side of your head, above your year
  • 🧱 More Resistance, Different Levels – work your way up to higher resistances as your face gets stronger. You get better results that way. 
  • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: chewing a small object (or food) is a natural movement for your jaw, teeth and gums. You won't stress any muscles, joints or get TMJ. I can't say the same for some of the other jawline exercisers
  • 👑 Consistent Quality – with Chisell, you know what the resistance is, and it doesn't change. Natural gums can be very inconsistent. Sometimes it's rock-hard (with gritty pieces in it), other times it's the stickiest thing you've ever felt
  • 🎨 Less Risk of Developing Asymmetry – you put one Jawliner in each side of your mouth, on your molars. The workout is the same for both sides of your face. With chewing gum... it's just one ball in your mouth. It's very common that people chew mainly on one side. Obviously, that side becomes more developed that the other
    • 🧰 Easy to Carry Around: it comes in a convenient container that fits in your pocket. You can easily take them around with you. After usage, they could be covered in saliva- so you can just put them straight into the container


      ❌ CONS

      • 🏚 They Break: Chisell is made from only one type of silicon. These are prone to breaking as the teeth pierce them and create fractures in the material. 
      • 🚙 Can't Chew Anywhere, Anytime – you can chew gum while you're working, driving, training or doing whatever. Rubber exercisers like Chisell are a little more awkward... you usually have to dedicate part of your day to using it
      • ⚛️ Not Tested or FDA Approved: they don't say anywhere is they've been tested or approved by a governing body. We'll have to assume they haven't. We don't know what materials the Chisell is made of... which poses a large risk to the user.
      • 🚢 Slow Shipping (Might Not Arrive): in most cases you'll get your money back...
      • 📲 They're Hard to Contact: if you want a refund or your capsules don't arrive, it can be hard to get into contact with them. I'm just saying that things may take longer than expected




      What is Rockjaw?

      Rockjaw container

      Rockjaw is the world's first flavored mastic gum. The natural taste is a refreshing pine flavor, but it's not for everyone. So the Rockjaw team have created 6 additional flavors that they add to the gum.

         They've been around for a few years, but are still pretty "niche" and sell mainly in the UK. I like that someone has dared to experiment and add flavors.


      ✅ PROS

      • 🔥 It's Effective: RockJaw is mastic gum and has many of the same benefits as Mastic Gum. It's very effective.
      • 💪 Builds the Right Muscle: it builds the lower portion of the masseter muscle- the part you want to!
      • 👨‍🎓 You Can Workout Anywhere, Anytime: chew while you're working, studying, driving or working out.
      • 🍏 Multiple Flavors: it comes in 7 flavors: Natural Mastic, Banana Delight, Strawberry Candy, Butter Toffee, Morning Mocha, Apple Hulk, Wild Raspberry
      • 👅 Doesn't Lose its Taste – Mastic never loses its fresh, cedar taste
      • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: no TMJ or stress on your joints.


          ❌ CONS

          • 🪨 Can Be Gritty: the main downside of RockJaw is the quality of the mastic crystals. They contain small impurities, like grains of sand, which could damage your teeth.
          • 💵 Expensive: for its quality, RockJaw is kind of expensive. And that's before you factor in the high cost of shipping!
          • ⚛️ Contains Unhealthy Additives: they have 6 flavors that they add to the mastic gum. They add an ingredient that is used in shampoo and hair products. They add sweeteners like sucralose. And they add unhealthy seed oils like Safflower extract
          • 🚢 Slow Shipping: speaking of shipping, it's slow. It's not unusual for your package to take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
          • 📋 It Runs Out: mastic gum is re-usable so you can chew one piece of separate occasions. However, most people don't do that. Once you chew through your pack, you'll have to order more.
          • 😋 The Taste Isn't For Everyone: Mastic has a fresh cedar flavor. But not everyone likes the taste. Most people's taste buds are used to the sweet mint flavors of regular gum







              Which is Better: Chisell vs Rockjaw

              Ingredient Safety

              Jawline Results






              🏁 Conclusion 🏁

              And the winner is... Chisell! Molar-Based jaw exercisers like Chisell are the best way to grow the masseter muscle that I have found to date.

                 And Mastic gum is a more holistic tool that builds evenness in your face and jaw, whilst also being portable and healthy.

              I personally use a combination of Jawliner (similar to Chisell) and Mastic Gum in my jaw workouts.




              🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

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