Does Falim Gum Work? – Mewing + Chewing For an Improved Jawline

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Chewing is STEP #2 of the Jawline Formula... But What Should You Chew?


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 🎬 Introduction
 💪 Does Falim Gum Build the Jaw Muscles?
 ⚔️ Falim vs Mastic Gum
 ✅ 3 Safe Falim Gum Alternatives
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The jawline formula: mewing, chewing and slimming. Step 2 is all about using jawline exerciser equipment to build your masseter muscles in your jaw.

   If you're a member of any mewing subreddit, you've heard about Falim Gum. It's been a favorite for a while because it's cheap and available in most countries and on Amazon.

   Most transformation pictures are the result of both mewing and chewing. So it's hard to know how much Falim Gum needs to be thanked.

   When you see growth in the masseter though... you know there's been some heavy chewing going on. Mewing alone can't do this👇


a falim gum jawline transformation

a Redditor posted his amazing results in the r/mewing subreddit




Does Falim Gum Work? Will it Build Your Jaw Muscles?

There's no doubt that chewing Falim Gum will add mass to your jaw. Think about it: our ancestors chewed bark, roots, leaves and nuts for 6000 years.

   They never did facial exercises. They ate tough meat and hard foods that weren't boiled floppy and filled with preservatives. They trained jaw heavy everyday. 

   In recent years we've proven that chewing tough foods will hypertrophy your masticatory muscles – mainly your masseter. This 2011 study for example.

   I've seen dozens of impressive transformation photos on reddit and other "looksmaxxing" forums.

   In general, you should be skeptical with these results photos. Changes can be a result of multiple factors. That said, I'm 100% certain that Falim Gum is one of those contributing factors.


Diagram of facial muscles

A diagram showing the main chewing muscles. The Masseter muscle is also known as the "jawline muscle" 





Which is Better: Mastic Gum vs Falim Gum

Both Mastic and Falim gum are popular for their hardness. Which is better? It depends on your budget and your goals.

   But most people would agree with my analysis that Mastic Gum is more effective as a jawline exerciser than Falim gum 👇

  🏆 Mastic Gum 🏆 Falim Gum
Jawline Results





3 Better Alternatives to Falim Gum

(Use These Instead!)



  • 🥇THE JAWLINERS: these are the best molar-based jawline exercisers available today. They are both safe and effective. Start with the Beginner and move up to higher resistances as your jaw and face gets stronger.
  • 🥈Jawliner Gum: a mint flavored gum that has been created to be 15x harder than regular chewing gum. It's cheaper than mastic gum but loses its taste faster and doesn't come with the same health benefits.
  • 🥉Mastic Gum: this is 10x harder than regular chewing gum. It's a 100% natural tree sap harvested on the Greek island of Chios. It's a convenient way to train your masseter muscles while you are working, driving, studying or doing anything for that matter.


READ MORE: the 5 best falim gum alternatives




Falim is effective and cheap. I recommend you try it at least once if you're a beginner. Use it as a stepping stone up to a harder gum like mastic, or as your main mass builder – though it will take longer.





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P.S still want to know more? I wrote a detailed breakdown of Falim Gum👇

Falim Gum Review – My Complete Analysis


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