Falim Gum vs Jawliner Gum – Which is Better for Your Jawline?

  • by Matt Phelps

Falim Gum & Jawliner Gum Comparison


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 🇹🇷 What is Falim Gum?
 🦸‍♀️ What is Jawliner Gum?
 👍 Which is Better?




What is Falim Gum?

Falim chewing gum

Falim is a popular chewing gum in Turkey- the country it is from.

   It's an artificial (but sugar-free) gum that gained popularity after the mewing community "discovered" it.

   The word "Falim" translates from Turkish to "My Fortune". Each pieces is wrapped in a piece of paper with a short message printed on it- like a fortune cookie. Pretty cool!




  • 🤑 It's Cheap – you can get a pack of 20 pieces for around $4. That's probably the cheapest jaw exerciser you'll find.
  • 🍬 Lots of Flavors – Because it's made in a factory, there are dozens of artificial flavors. If you don't like the taste of one, just try another!
  • 🏪 Easily Available – if you live in Turkey, Falim gum is in every supermarket, gas station or even every store. For everyone else, it's not hard to find on Amazon.




  • 🫐 Not Much Harder Than Regular Gum – it's still a better workout than regular gum... but not by much. It could be a good place to start for beginners before moving on to a harder gum.
  • 🏭 It's Artificial – this is the worst thing because most chewing gums are artificial. In fact, you probably haven't even tried a natural gum before have you? 
  • ☣️ It's Slightly Toxic – Falim contains 2 synthetic antioxidants; E321 and Butyl hyrdoxytoluene. They're used to prevent the gum going rancid and to maintain its white color. These compounds are suspected of being highly toxic for the liver, kidneys and retina as well as elevating cholesterol levels.
  • 😐 Loses its Taste Fast – some people say Falim is tasteless. In my experience, Falim gum had a taste, but it disappeared quickly. After chewing for a few minutes the texture can also become quite rubbery and I had to add another piece. 





What is Jawliner Gum?

Chewing a hard gum is the simplest way to improve your jawline.

   But Mastic gum isn't for everyone. Jawliner Gum is an alternative that is sweet, mint-flavored and just as hard. 

Jawline Gum is a top-seller on Amazon



  • 🔥 It's INSANELY Effective: Jawliner Gum has hundreds of reviews and before and after transformation photos to prove that it sharpens your jawline. This is the most important criteria for picking a jawliner exerciser. There's no doubt about Jawliner Gum's effectiveness
  • 💪 Builds the Right Muscle: you're trying to improve your jawline and your appearance... the goal isn't to just build muscle in your face, right? You have to build muscle in the right place. The masseter muscle, particularly the lower portion, is the part you want to grow. Other jawliner exercisers grow the wrong muscles, which will make your face rounder. More on that later.
  • 🎖 FDA Approved: this gum have been tested and approved by the Food & Drug Administration as well as by the PICA institute of Berlin
  • 👨‍🎓 You Can Workout Anywhere, Anytime: you can chew gum when you're working, studying, driving or working out. It's easy to train and nobody even knows you're doing it. Some of the other jaw exercisers aren't as discrete, and frankly, they'd be embarrassing to pull out in front of other people
    • 👌 Every Piece is the Same – with mastic gum, each piece is slightly different. Some might be extremely hard, others might be soft. That's because it's a 100% natural product. Each piece of Jawliner Gum is the exact same. Same hardness, same taste. You know exactly what you're getting
    • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: chewing a small hard piece of gum is a natural movement and texture for your jaw, teeth and gums. You won't stress any muscles, joints or get TMJ. I can't say the same for some of the other jawliner exercisers
    • 🍃 Mint-Flavored – Jawliner Gum is just like regular chewing gum, but much harder. Not everyone likes the cedar flavor of Mastic gum. Jawliner Gum is a great alternative
    • 🦷 Not As Harsh on Teeth and Gums – Mastic can be quite hard on your mouth if you have sensitive teeth and gums. Try Jawliner Gum for a softer experience
      • ≣ Every Piece is the Same – Mastic is a natural product picked from a tree – the pieces aren't the same. Because Jawliner Gum is manufactured, it can be made in uniform pieces with the exact same hardness and flavor
      • 🤑 Cheap – because it can be mass-produced, Jawliner Gum is much cheaper than Mastic Gum
      • 🟧 It's Now Available on Amazon: you can it from Amazon, though it is often out-of-stock and you may have to wait to get some
      • 😃 A Sharper Jawline... Or It's FREE: either you'll see an improvement to your jawline or you'll get your money back. The same goes for all STEEL® products


      ❌ CONS

      • 📋 It Runs Out: once you chew through your pack, you'll have to order more
      • 🤤 Taste Doesn't Last Long: most chewing gums lose their taste after a while, Jawliner Gum is no different





      Which is Better: Falim Gum vs Jawliner Gum

      Falim Gum
      Jawliner Gum

      Jawline Results





      🏁 Conclusion 🏁

      And the winner is... Jawliner Gum! Of course it depends on your budget and your goals.

         But most people would agree with my analysis that Jawliner Gum is more effective for chiseling your jawline than Falim gum.

         If you want to see how these 2 chewing gums rank against other rubber jawliner exercisers... I compare them all here 👇

       10 Best Jaw Exercisers in 2022




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