JawFlex Review – Why JawFlex is As Clunky As it Looks

  • by Matt Phelps

A Jawline Exerciser That Comes With High Risk (+ Low Upside)


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 🎬 Introduction
 🏞 The Background Story of JawFlex
 🛠 How to Use JawFlex
 😍 Does JawFlex Work?
 🧪 What is JawFlex Made Of?
 🛒 Where to Buy JawFlex
 💵 JawFlex Pricing
 💬 What Do Customers Say About JawFlex?
 ❌ Pros & Cons
 🎄 JawFlex Alternatives
 🏁 Summary



Most jawline exerciser are gimmicks. Not all, but most. I've literally tried them all, and even a few *ahem* unconventional methods. It's a long story, but once I bought a swimming cap and chewed on it for a few weeks!

   Safety is the most neglected part of the jawline workout discussion. Many of them don't build the muscles. AND many of them are harmful for your jaw joint and teeth.

   Some people like to do their research and understand the entire range of jawline workouts available. I certainly did. There's an old-school jawline trainer I found called JawFlex. I get a few emails a week about it, so I thought I'd address all the questions here 👇


Jaw pain

Many jawline exercisers could result in long-term jaw pain and stiffness



The Background Story of JawFlex?

Apparently they've been around since 2012. Which would make them the oldest jawline exerciser that I've come across. Because it is such a "gimmicky" market, most jawline workout devices don't stay around for long. They blow up and become popular for a while, but then the heat dies down when people realise that they don't work.

   There's not a lot of information on JawFlex out there. All I know is that it was created by a guy called Lance Nguyen. I couldn't find any interviews with him so I reached out to him via email to tell him I was going to write an article on JawFlex. He responded at first but ghosted me after a while 🤷‍♂️.




How to Use JawFlex?

Simply put it in your mouth (if it fits) like a mouthguard. Bite down on it for as many repetitions you need to get a workout. Rest and repeat a few times each day.

   There isn't much more to it. Though you should make sure you wash your JawFlex before using it. Wash it after using it too, to make it hygienic for next time.

Here's the a workout routine taken from the "How to Use" page on the JawFlex official website:

WEEK 1️⃣: perform 2-4 sessions of 30-60 reps every day.

WEEK 2️⃣: add or subtract the number of sets according to personal preference. Steady is key.

WEEK 3️⃣ – 5️⃣: increase your session count per day according to personal preference

Do not perform more than ten sessions within an hour and no more than 60 reps per session.


JawFlex tries to simulate a natural chewing motion



Does JawFlex Work?

I don't know how JawFlex has been around this long. It's really uncomfortable and it doesn't even stimulate the masseter muscles, it's all in the temporalis. You DO NOT want bigger temporalis muscles. JawFlex tries to simulate a natural chewing motion like gum or a Jawliner. But it falls short. Really short.

   The company and the website makes a few different claims about what JawFlex can do. I'm going to assume the main thing you want to know, is whether JawFlex improves your jawline and overall appearance. I'll address the other claims below if you're interested.


Does JawFlex Define Your Jawline?

I haven't seen any evidence. No before and after photos. No trustworthy testimonials. Not even a pseudo-scientific explanation of how JawFlex could achieve this. The only "evidence" is that they say it on their website and have some questionable testimonials on their YouTube channel.

 I might understand people using this product, if you thought the risks were worth it to get a chiseled jawline... but it definitely doesn't achieve that. From my personal experience using JawFlex, I don't see how it could improve your jawline. It mainly stimulated my temporalis muscle on the side of my head. Growing these results in a "round face" appearance... not something you want!

 JawFlex's design means that your bite pressure is applied evenly to the rubber plate. No single tooth will bear unnecessary pressure and risk being damaged. Which sounds like a good thing... but it's not a movement our jaw was designed for.

   Your range of motion is set by the tool and there is no wiggle room for different types of facial structures. I think this is one of the most dangerous jaw exercisers on the market because of the pressure it applies to your joint. AVOID!




  • 🤔 Reduce Double Chin – this isn't technically impossible with JawFlex. It does strain your neck significantly, so if you have weak muscles and loose skin, it could tighten this area. They don't have any before and after photos on their website or trustworthy testimonials to prove this point (if it's true).
  • 🤣 Prevent TMJ Problems – No. This device is likely to cause TMJ problems. It is enormous in your mouth and has a one-axis range of motion that is totally unnatural for the jaw joint and as a chewing movement.




What is JawFlex Made Of?


o idea. They don't say anywhere, which is worrying. Ideally I'd want to see them state that their device is made from 100% food-grade FDA compliant silicone, is BPA free, and has been tested thoroughly by health & safety professionals. They haven't said anyone of that. So I'm going to assume they don't tick those boxes.

   But the same can't be said for almost all other jaw trainers. Literally hundreds of cruddy imitation products have sprung up over the years. Most of them are drop-shipped straight from China, are made from terrible silicon and plastics, and have never been tested. Chinese manufacturers simply see an image of these tools and try to copy it.

   My point is: if you're going to put a piece of rubber in your mouth and chew it... you want to be sure that it's safe. JawFlex is made in America, so it is unlikely that it is not safe and hasn't been tested. But it's weird that they haven't said anything about it.



Where to Buy JawFlex?

If you're in the United States it's easy to get your hands on. They have it on Amazon, so it's probably most convenient to buy it from there.

   You might want more of the profits to go to the small business instead of Amazon. In that case, you can buy from their website (www.jawflex.com) and expect it to arrive within 8 business days.


Outside the US

   For everyone else, JawFlex will take 5-15 business days to arrive (though it's really expensive). They ship to most countries around the world, so if you can't find it on your country's Amazon, then check their website.



Pros & Cons



  • 🇺🇸 Made in the US  most of these sorts of things are made in China and potentially use child labor. This is a pro for JawFlex if you are American and want to support American jobs and products.
  • 🛒 Easily Available in the US  it's on Amazon, so you can buy it and get it the next day in most places. They ship to US, Canadian, Europe and Australia. So it's available... but the shipping cost is also as extreme as the product cost.


    ❌ CONS

    • 🤑 VERY Expensive – this is the most expensive jaw trainer available... and also one of the worst. It's 50% more expensive than the next most expensive product
    • 🦴 Harmful for the Jaw Joint – the JawFlex device is too large (read: enormous) and the jaw was not designed to apply high levels of force when it is so far open. Here I come TMJ, jaw joint arthritis, stiffness and clicking! It's also so large that is doesn't fit in many people's mouths. They really should have different sizes instead of the same one for a 6'5 man and a 4'11 woman.
    • 🚨 Rusts & Breaks Easily  the device has springs between the two rubber plates that are what supply the bite resistance. The springs get covered in your saliva every time you use it and they start to rust after a few times. Eventually they come out of their sockets and you can taste the rust in your mouth.
    • 🦷 Damages Your Teeth – this device tries to spread the pressure across multiple teeth, but most pressure is still on the front, incisor teeth. These teeth are made for piercing and tearing, NOT for grinding and applying high force like the molar teeth are. There are multiple stories of people damaging their teeth with JawFlex.
    • 🌝 Leads to a Round Face – it stimulates and grows the temporalis muscle WAY too much. This can have a severely negative effect on your facial aesthetics by widening the top half of your head- particularly above your ears.
    • 🎈Gag Reflex – lots of people complain about how much JawFlex causes you to gag. All jaw trainers do this to some extent. But this one is next-level according to the Amazon reviews.

    JawFlex gag reflex review

    Maybe they should call it GagFlex




    JawFlex Pricing

    JawFlex products are way overpriced at $59.95- down from $159.95 apparently 🙄. for one of the models. Shipping in the USA is between $3 - $10 and for international shipping I picked a random European country, Sweden, and saw that it cost $41... that's insane.

       Overall... incredibly expensive for what you get. I spoke earlier about my opinion that JawFlex is both dangerous and ineffective for improving your appearance. What is something that is dangerous and ineffective worth? Unfortunately not much at all. 




    What Do Customers Say About JawFlex?


    'll focus on negative reviews and shortcomings of the company. Because I think that a great, safe product and pleasant customer service is what you should expect when you buy something. I assume that as the default.



    JawFlex do not have an independently audited reviews service on their website. It's their own review service, so they can can easily write fake reviews and remove negative reviews from real customers.

       I'm not saying the JawFlex team has done that, just that it's very easy to do. So you can't place much trust in the reviews on their website. I always get suspicious when a product has a perfect score on their own website but a not-so-perfect score on Amazon (see below).


    JawFlex website reviews

    JawFlex rating on their own website is 5 out of 5



    🍊 AMAZON

    You can still fake Amazon reviews, but it's not as easy. Amazon has gotten a lot better at removing fraudulent reviews in recent years, so I think you can basically trust them.

       The average Amazon product has a rating of 4.4 stars. JawFlex products are all below that at an average of 3.6 out of 5. The reviews are very mixed. Some people love it:

    "I purchased this product to reduce the appearance of my double chin and to give me a more defined jaw line. I’ve been using it for a week now and already see a difference. It’s very easy/comfortable to use. Highly recommend for anyone who has the same issue."


    and some people are not impressed at all:

    "Offers no real resistance. Did 100 reps easily. Could get more of a jaw workout chewing a soft piece of bubble gum. Returned item. Would call this item a scam, but since I was able to get refunded, I will just say, dont waste your money."


    People buy JawFlex for a range of reasons. I recommend reading through the Amazon reviews to find comments related to the reason you're interested in it.


    JawFlex Amazon reviews

    The JawFlex Amazon rating is 3.6 out of 5



    A company's Trustpilot rating is their true rating. Because a Trustpilot rating can't be faked or manipulated – by anyone, no matter how much you pay. I don't know how they do it... but their algorithms and systems make it impossible to mislead future customers.

       Unfortunately JawFlex has 0 ratings or reviews on Trustpilot. So there's not much we can say there.




    JawFlex Alternatives



    ✅ Best Alternatives 

    • 🥇 The JAWLINERS: these are the best molar-based jawline exercisers available today. They are both safe and effective. Start with the Beginner and move up to higher resistances as your jaw and face gets stronger.
    • 🥈 Jawliner Gum: a mint flavored gum that has been created to be 15x harder than regular chewing gum. It's cheaper than mastic gum but loses its taste faster and doesn't come with the same health benefits. 
      • 🥉 Mastic Gum: this is 10x harder than regular chewing gum. It's a 100% natural tree sap harvested on the Greek island of Chios. It's a convenient way to train your masseter muscles while you are working, driving, studying or doing anything for that matter.


      ❌ Even Worse Alternatives ❌

      • 🤡 NONE: JawFlex is literally the worst jaw exerciser on the market that comes from a reputable source (not random Chinese garbage). It's uncomfortable, expensive, ineffective and dangerous.



      🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

      Many people are afraid of the damage jawline workout balls like Jawzrsize cause to the jaw joint. Rightly so, but JawFlex is not a good alternative. It's been around for a quite a while, but there's much better tools on the market.

         JawFlex looks a clunky, it's expensive, and it doesn't work. It was designed all the way back in 2012. Since then, there's been a lot of innovation in the space and there's far better alternatives available for much better prices.

         Overall, I think JawFlex is barely holding on as a product. The company is squeezing out some last sales before it dies.



      🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

      Thank you for reading my JawFlex review. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

      Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

         Matt Phelps

         YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



      P.S there's many, many jawline exercisers I'd recommend before JawFlex. See the rankings here👇

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