Jawliner vs Mastic Gum – Which is Better for Your Jawline?

  • by Matt Phelps

Jawliner vs Mastic Gum Comparison


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 🎖 What is Jawliner?
 🌲 What is Mastic Gum?
 👍 Which is Better?



    What is Jawliner?

    The jawliner is by far the best jawline exerciser available on the market today. It comes in 3 resistances: beginner, advanced and expert.

       By placing them on your molar teeth and biting down, the resistance supplied will cause your jaw muscles to hypertrophy.

       It works in the same way any other weighted muscle-building exerciser works: you stress the muscle and create tears in the fibers. The muscle heals and repairs to be bigger and stronger.

    Jawliner tool

    These Jawliner rubber capsules sit between your molar teeth at the back of your mouth


    ✅ PROS

    • 💪 Works the Masseter Muscle: Jawliners are a molar-based trainers which means they train the main muscle on the side of your jaw. Other exercisers stimulate the temporalis muscle on the side of your head, above your year
    • 🧱 More Resistance, Different Levels – work your way up to higher resistances as your face gets stronger. You get better results that way. The STEEL jawliners come in 3 precisely calculated resistances; 52lbs, 62lbs and 70lbs
    • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: chewing a small object (or food) is a natural movement for your jaw, teeth and gums. You won't stress any muscles, joints or get TMJ. I can't say the same for some of the other jawline exercisers
    • 🎖 FDA Approved: these are made from food-grade silicon, and have been tested and approved by the Food & Drug Administration as well as by the PICA institute of Berlin
    • ⏱ Lasts Longer = Cheaper – the Jawliner's don't break and can be re-used as much as you like. Chewing gums are a diminishing product that you have to buy again and again
    • 👑 Consistent Quality – with the Jawliners, you know what the resistance is, and it doesn't change. Natural gums can be very inconsistent. Sometimes it's rock-hard (with gritty pieces in it), other times it's the stickiest thing you've ever felt
    • 🎨 Less Risk of Developing Asymmetry – you put one Jawliner in each side of your mouth, on your molars. The workout is the same for both sides of your face. With chewing gum... it's just one ball in your mouth. It's very common that people chew mainly on one side. Obviously, that side becomes more developed that the other
      • 🧰 Easy to Carry Around: it comes in a convenient container that fits in your pocket. You can easily take them around with you. After usage, they could be covered in saliva- so you can just put them straight into the container
      • 😃 A Sharper Jawline... Or It's FREE: either you'll see an improvement to your jawline or you'll get your money back. The same goes for all STEEL products


      ❌ CONS

        • 🏚 They Can Still Break: the newer Jawliner models are made with 2 types of silicon; one to provide the resistance, another to bite into without breaking. However, they can still break if you have particularly sharp teeth or chew them very aggressively. It doesn't matter too much though – they come with a free replacement policy





        What is Mastic Gum?

        mastic gum

        Mastic gum is a sap picked off the Mastic tree – which is native to the Greek island, Chios. Mastic farmers literally make cuts into the tree and wait a few weeks.

           They come back and collect the dried sap before putting it through a cleaning and filtering process.

           So Mastic gum is 100% natural and has a long history of use in the mediterranean. And is still used widely in modern times.

           It really has a fascinating history, multiple health benefits, and wars were even fought over it.

           But we're interested in it for its hardness. It's at least 10x harder than regular gum and the extra resistance is why Mastic is commonly used as a jawline exerciser.



        ✅ PROS

        • 💎 10x Harder Than Regular Gum – Mastic gum is significantly harder than Falim gum. This means it's a better workout for your masseter muscles You'll see visible changes to your jawline much faster.
        • 🌲 100% Natural – there's absolutely nothing added to it. It's picked from a tree, cleaned, and then shipped to you.
        • 🚗 Chew Anywhere, Anytime – you can chewing gum while you're working, driving, training or doing whatever. Rubber exercisers like Jawzrsize are a little more awkward... you usually have to dedicate part of your day to using it
        • ♻️ Re-usable & Lasts Forever – this might sound weird... but you can chew the same piece of Mastic gum for many days without it becoming softer. In fact it becomes harder!
        • 🥕 It's a "SuperFood" – this is why mastic is so valuable. It's has many natural enzymes and antioxidants that are used to treat stomach ulcers, reflux, for dental hygiene, as a skin regeneration agent, and for other ailments of the peptic system.
        • 👅 Doesn't Lose its Taste – Mastic never loses its fresh, cedar taste
        • 😎 Not Embarrassing to Use in Public – STEEL – Mastic Gum packages fit in your pocket and you can workout your jaw whenever it suits you, and nobody will even know it! Obviously you can't hide that you're using Jawzrsize
        • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: chewing a small hard piece of gum is a natural movement and texture for your jaw, teeth and gums. You won't stress any muscles, joints or get TMJ. I can't say the same for some of the other jawliner exercisers.


        ❌ CONS

        • 💰 Not Cheap – it takes over a year to grow and harvest Mastic Gum from the Mastic Tree. There's a limit to the supply on the market because it can't be mass produced in a factory.
        • 🧩 Different Shapes & Sizes – it's not made in a factory. Pieces come in different shapes, sizes and densities because it is a 100% natural product.
        • 😋 Only 1 Flavour – Mastic gum has one natural flavor





        Which is Better: Jawliner vs Mastic Gum

        Mastic Gum
        Potential Risks
        Health Benefits
        Jawline Results





        🏁 CONCLUSION 🏁

        And the winner is... neither! Both are super-effective as tools to grow your masseter muscles. Which one you choose really just depends on your preferences.

           Molar-Based jaw exercisers like Jawliner are the best way to grow the masseter muscle that I have found to date.

           And Mastic gum is a more holistic tool that builds evenness in your face and jaw, whilst also being portable and healthy.

           I personally use a combination of Jawliner and Mastic Gum in my jaw workouts.



        🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

        Thank you for reading my article on Jawliner vs Mastic Gum. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

        Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

           Matt Phelps

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