Jawzrsize vs Falim Gum – Which is Better for Your Jawline?

  • by Matt Phelps

Jawzrsize & Falim Gum Comparison


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 🇹🇷 What is Falim Gum?
 👍 Which is Better?




    What is Jawzrsize?

    a jawzrsize device

    Jawzrsize is an exercise device designed to workout to your jaw.

       Essentially, it's a hollow, ball-shaped piece of rubber. It's got 2 silicon moulds (one the top and bottom) that are formed to the shape of your own bite. It makes it more comfortable to use.

       The idea is to provide much more resistance than food or chewing gum, to workout the muscles of the face, neck and jawline. The main muscle it aims to target is the masseter of the jaw – hence why it's called JAWzrsize.

       Jawzrsize was created in 2016 by an American guy called Brandon Harris. It became popular quickly because it was the first device marketed specifically as a way to improve your jawline.

       Since then, dozens of new tools have been created and lots of innovation in the space. Jawzrsize doesn't seem to have kept up. Read more in my Jawzrsize Review.



    ✅ PROS

    • 👋 Most Well-Known Jaw Exerciser: Jawzrsize were one of the first on the market, their branding is recognizable
    • 👻 They Won't Scam You: Jawzrsize is a legitimate company and if you ask for a refund, you'll get it.
    • 🇺🇸 Made in USAmost jawline exercisers are made in China or Pakistan. That doesn't mean the quality is worse, but you don't know about the healthy and safety conditions of the workers.
    • 🛒 Easily Available in the US  it's on Amazon, so you can buy it and get it the next day in most places. They ship to US, Canadian, Europe and Australia. So it's available... but as we discussed before- it's expensive
    • 📞 Decent Customer Service  I personally did not get a response to my customer support inquiry. However, from reading reviews and comments, it's obvious that Jawzrsize offers above average customer service
    • 👷‍♂️ Made from Safe Materials  I'm listing it as a pro for Jawzrsize, because many other cheap jawline devices are made from harmful materials. But basic health and safety is the bare minimum. Jawzrsize meets all the requirements


    ❌ CONS

    • 🌝 Leads to a Round Face – it stimulates and grows the temporalis muscle WAY too much. This can have a severely negative effect on your facial aesthetics by widening the top half of your head- particularly above your ears
    • 🦴 Harmful for the Jaw Joint – the Jawzrsize device is too large and the jaw was not designed to apply high levels of force when it is so far open. Here I come TMJ, jaw joint arthritis, stiffness and clicking!
      • 🚨 Breaks Easily  the moulds that your teeth bite down into break quite quickly. Your incisor teeth are made for piercing after all. You either pay to replace them... or you continue using it without them and place even higher pressure on your front teeth
      • 🦷 Damages Your Teeth – this device applies all the pressure to your front incisor teeth. These teeth are made for piercing and tearing, NOT for grinding and applying high force like the molar teeth are. I'm surprised their aren't more stories of people damaging their teeth with Jawzrsize
      • 🤮 Produces Insane Amount of Saliva  you need to keep a bowl underneath your chin to catch all the liquid that pours out of your mouth
      • 🤡 Looks Like a BDSM Ball Gag  you can't use Jawzrsize in public... It looks too weird and it makes you gag





        What is Falim Gum?

        Falim chewing gum

        Falim gum is a Turkish gum that has been around for many decades. But it's only in the last 5 years that it has become popular internationally.

           Why? Partly because Mondelez, the massive conglomerate that own Falim, started selling it on Amazon and internationally. But also because it's significantly harder than Wrigley's or any other regular gum...

           Falim gum got picked up by the mewing community. It's been talked about as a great way to tone and define the face because of its extra resistance.

           Thousands, perhaps even millions, of young men and women are becoming interested in improving their jawline, and there's multiple jawline exercisers to help you. Read my full Falim Gum Review here.



        ✅ PROS

        • 🤑 It's Cheap – you can get a pack of 20 pieces for around $4. That's probably the cheapest jaw exerciser you'll find.
        • 🍬 Lots of Flavors – Because it's made in a factory, there are dozens of artificial flavors. If you don't like the taste of one, just try another!
        • 🏪 Easily Available – if you live in Turkey, Falim gum is in every supermarket, gas station or even every store. For everyone else, it's not hard to find on Amazon.
        • 🍼 Great For Beginners: if you've never trained your jaw before, Falim is a great place to start before moving up to mastic gum.
        • 👨‍🎓 You Can Workout Anywhere, Anytime: chew while you're working, studying, driving or working out.
        • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: no TMJ or stress on your joints.



        ❌ CONS

        • 🫐 Not Much Harder Than Regular Gum – it's still a better workout than regular gum... but not by much. It could be a good place to start for beginners before moving on to a harder gum.
        • 🏭 It's Artificial – this is the worst thing because most chewing gums are artificial. In fact, you probably haven't even tried a natural gum before have you? 
        • ⚛️ It's Slightly Toxic – Falim contains 2 synthetic antioxidants; E321 and Butyl hyrdoxytoluene. They're used to prevent the gum going rancid and to maintain its white color. These compounds are suspected of being highly toxic for the liver, kidneys and retina as well as elevating cholesterol levels.
        • 😐 Loses its Taste Fast – some people say Falim is tasteless. In my experience, Falim gum had a taste, but it disappeared quickly. After chewing for a few minutes the texture can also become quite rubbery and I had to add another piece. 




        Which is Better: Jawzrsize vs Falim Gum

        🏆 Falim Gum 🏆
        Teeth Safety
        TMJ Safety
        Ingredient Safety
        Jawline Results






        SUMMARY: Jawzrsize vs Falim Gum

        And the winner is... Falim Gum! It depends on your budget of course and your goals.

           But health experts, and jawline experts, would agree with my analysis that Jawzrsize is just too damaging to your teeth and jaw joint to be worth the slight upside it offers.

           Falim gum isn't the most effective jawline exerciser either. But it's a cheap (and safe) way for beginners to get started. Once Falim become too easy, you can progress to Jawliner Gum.




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