Mewing vs Jawliner – Which is Better for Your Jawline?

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Mewing & Jawliner Comparison


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 🎖 What is Jawliner?
 👍 Which is Better?



    What is Mewing?

     Mewing tongue posture


        Mewing is the process of flattening your entire tongue on the roof of the mouth. As well as breathing through you nose and maintaining good back posture.

           Over time, this tongue position will realign your teeth and change your facial structure.

           To mew correctly, you should relax your tongue and make sure it's resting entirely against your palate (roof of your mouth) using a mixture of suction and pressure.

           This is the natural, healthy tongue placement we are supposed to have. In fact, before modern times, everyone did! But modern lifestyles have made it feel unnatural. Learn more about mewing here.


        ✅ PROS

        • 🫁 Keeps Air in Your Lungs Longer – our nostrils are smaller than our mouth, so it takes longer for us to exhale. This can mean up to 20% more oxygen uptake into your bloodstream compared to mouth breathing = more energy!
        • 💨 Humidified Air – your nasal passage warms air (by up to 40ºF) on the way from your nose to your lungs. This is important in cold weather.
        • 🦠 Removes Germs and Pathogens – your nasal passage filters out significant amounts of bacteria and other pathogens during each lung full of air. Nose breathers get sick less often.
        • 🧘‍♀️ Less Breathing Interruption – when you inhale and exhale through your nose, it's easier to breathe while chewing, drinking, talking or exercising. That "extra" oxygen you get from nose breathing goes a long way.
        • 💧Increased Hydration – each exhalation from the mouth expels water. This is particularly important during exercise, where mouth breathers become tired and dehydrated earlier.
        • 🦷 Straighter Teeth – proper posture exerts pressure on the maxilla which helps widen the dental arch, which allows space for orthodontic tooth movement and proper alignment.
        • 😯 Tighter Skin Around Chin and Neck – mewing is the best way to get rid of a double chin and make your jawline more defined.
        • 💎 Prominent Cheekbones and a Sharper Jawline – you'll notice more prominent cheekbones and hollow cheeks after you've been mewing for a few months. The chin can become more prominent and the jaw widens.
        • 🛌 No Snoring, No Sleep Apnea – reduced nasal obstruction helps prevent snoring and results in better, deeper sleep. Mewing is used to treat people with problems sleeping such as sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.



        ❌ CONS

        • 🕰 Takes a Long Time – changing your facial bone structure, fixing an overbite and expanding your maxilla doesn't happen over night. If you're a teenager you can see results in a matter of months. The older you are, the longer it will take to see results.
        • 😑 Easy to Get Wrong – if it doesn't come natural to you... you have to be very careful what you're doing. Many people try to force the posture too much and end up doing more harm than good. Facial asymmetry and crooked teeth can be the end result. Don't make these mistakes.
        • 🧠 Maybe You're Already Doing it? – if that's the case, you've got nothing more to gain here. However, I estimate that about 80% of people could have better tongue posture and nose breathing.





        What is Jawliner?

        The jawliner is by far the best jawline exerciser available on the market today. It comes in 3 resistances: beginner, advanced and expert.

           By placing them on your molar teeth and biting down, the resistance supplied will cause your jaw muscles to hypertrophy.

           It works in the same way any other weighted muscle-building exerciser works: you stress the muscle and create tears in the fibers. The muscle heals and repairs to be bigger and stronger.

        Jawliner tool

        These Jawliner rubber capsules sit between your molar teeth at the back of your mouth


        ✅ PROS

        • 💪 Works the Masseter Muscle: Jawliners are a molar-based trainers which means they train the main muscle on the side of your jaw. Other exercisers stimulate the temporalis muscle on the side of your head, above your year
        • 🧱 More Resistance, Different Levels – work your way up to higher resistances as your face gets stronger. You get better results that way. The STEEL jawliners come in 3 precisely calculated resistances; 52lbs, 62lbs and 70lbs
        • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: chewing a small object (or food) is a natural movement for your jaw, teeth and gums. You won't stress any muscles, joints or get TMJ. I can't say the same for some of the other jawline exercisers
        • 🎖 FDA Approved: these are made from food-grade silicon, and have been tested and approved by the Food & Drug Administration as well as by the PICA institute of Berlin
        • ⏱ Lasts Longer = Cheaper – the Jawliner's don't break and can be re-used as much as you like. Chewing gums are a diminishing product that you have to buy again and again
        • 👑 Consistent Quality – with the Jawliners, you know what the resistance is, and it doesn't change. Natural gums can be very inconsistent. Sometimes it's rock-hard (with gritty pieces in it), other times it's the stickiest thing you've ever felt
        • 🎨 Less Risk of Developing Asymmetry – you put one Jawliner in each side of your mouth, on your molars. The workout is the same for both sides of your face. With chewing gum... it's just one ball in your mouth. It's very common that people chew mainly on one side. Obviously, that side becomes more developed that the other
          • 🧰 Easy to Carry Around: it comes in a convenient container that fits in your pocket. You can easily take them around with you. After usage, they could be covered in saliva- so you can just put them straight into the container
          • 😃 A Sharper Jawline... Or It's FREE: either you'll see an improvement to your jawline or you'll get your money back. The same goes for all STEEL products


          ❌ CONS

            • 🏚 They Can Still Break: the newer Jawliner models are made with 2 types of silicon; one to provide the resistance, another to bite into without breaking. However, they can still break if you have particularly sharp teeth or chew them very aggressively. It doesn't matter too much though – they come with a free replacement policy





            Which is Better: Mewing vs Jawliner

            Potential Risks
            Health Benefits
            Jawline Results






            🏁 CONCLUSION 🏁

            They both serve difference purpose... so they're hard to compare

               Mewing is the healthy and natural way to breathe and rest your tongue in your mouth.

               Doing it will expand your maxilla and give you a strong, attractive facial bone structure.

               Jawliner will build and grow your jaw muscles and chisel and tone your face. It is incredible effective at doing so. That's why I rate it the #1 jawliner exerciser and I recommend you try it.

               I recommend mewing to everybody. Literally everyone should be mewing. It shouldn't even be called mewing, or have a name. It should be as natural as blinking. 



            🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

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