RockJaw Gum Review – The First (and Last) Flavored Mastic Gum

  • by Matt Phelps

Does Flavored Mastic Gum Even Taste Better Than Regular?


Table of Contents

 🎬 Introduction
 🛠 How to Use RockJaw Gum
 🪜 RockJaw Flavors
 😍 Does RockJaw Work?
 ⚛️ RockJaw's Suspicious Ingredients
 💵 RockJaw Pricing
 💬 What Do Customers Say About RockJaw?
 ❌ Pros & Cons
 🎄 RockJaw Alternatives
 🏁 Conclusion



Rockjaw is the world's first flavored mastic gum. The natural taste is a refreshing pine flavor, but it's not for everyone.

   So the Rockjaw team have created 6 additional flavors that they add to the gum.

   They've been around for a few years, but are still pretty "niche" and sell mainly in the UK. I like that someone has dared to experiment and add flavors. I would never have thought to do that because I like the natural taste.

   We'll get into the details of whether Rockjaw is an effective jawline exerciser later. Let's start this Rockjaw review with how to use it👇 


rockjaw creator jawline transformation

Rockjaw founder's own jawline transformation





How to Use RockJaw

Whether you're chewing Falim Gum, Mastic Gum or Jawline Gum... the method is the same.

   Every jaw exerciser or jawline chewing gum purpose, it to build your masseter muscle on the side of your jaw. Chewing hard foods and gums has been proven (here's a study) to grow your masseter.

   But it doesn't grow the same way your chest grows. The masseter is more like your forearms and calves. It needs regular and HEAVY stress to grow.

It's so used to chewing everyday – yet you don't have big, strong jaw muscles.

   It's used to soft foods that are part of most people's everyday diet. That's where Mastic Gum comes in: it's harder than most foods and you can chew it consistently for hours.



3 Steps on How To Chew RockJaw Gum


1.  🦷 Chew Using All Teeth – your incisors, canines and pre-molars and molars. This will ensure you workout all parts of your masseter muscle.

   However, you should mainly focus on chewing with your back molar teeth. This will build the most mass and result in the fastest growth


2. 😛 Chew on Both Sides – you want to build muscle on both sides to ensure a symmetrical face.

   You may have to consciously think about how you are chewing to check if you're isolating one part of the muscle or one side of your face


3. 😴 Stretch & Rest – give your muscle time to recover and grow. Your jaw is going to get sore and tight. Stretch between workout to relieve tension using these jaw stretches



RockJaw Chewing Workouts

Mastic gum is hard enough to see changes with 2-3 weeks if you chew consistently.You don't have to dedicate more than 1 hours to it every day.

   Following the 3 steps above, chew Project Jawline according to your status below:



  • 20 minutes chewing a day
  • Take a day off once a week
  • Continue for 3 weeks



  • 40 minutes chewing a day.
  • Take a day off once a week
  • Continue for 2 months



  • 2 hours chewing a day.
  • Take a day off once a week
  • Continue until desired results




RockJaw Flavors

Rockjaw comes in 7 flavors. Here's the current list of flavors available on their website:

  • 🌲 Natural Mastic
  • 🍌 Banana Delight
  • 🍓 Strawberry Candy
  • 🧈 Butter Toffee
  • ☕️ Morning Mocha
  • 🍏 Apple Hulk
  • 🍇 Wild Raspberry


I haven't tried all the other flavors... but the ones that I did try didn't impress me. I'd just prefer the regular fresh flavor of mastic that doesn't fade.



Rockjaw flavors 

Rockjaw comes in 6 flavors as well as the natural taste of mastic gum





Does RockJaw Gum Work?

There's no doubt that chewing Mastic Gum will add mass to your jaw. Think about it: our ancestors chewed bark, roots, leaves and nuts for 6000 years.

   They never did facial exercises. They ate tough meat and hard foods that weren't boiled floppy and filled with preservatives. They trained jaw heavy everyday. 

   In recent years we've proven that chewing tough foods will hypertrophy your masticatory muscles – mainly your masseter. This 2011 study for example.

   I've seen dozens of impressive transformation photos on reddit and other "looksmaxxing" forums. In general, you should be skeptical with these results photos. Changes can be a result of multiple factors.

That said, I'm 100% certain that Mastic Gum is one of those contributing factors.


Diagram of facial muscles

A diagram showing the main chewing muscles. The Masseter muscle is also known as the "jawline muscle" 





    RockJaw Ingredients

    Their ingredient list contains some unhealthy additives in my opinion. They also add sweeteners like sucralose and unhealthy seed oils like Safflower extract.

    Curcumin and the coloring agents could also potentially stain teeth.


    Rockjaw ingredients list

    Ingredients list for Rockjaw gum





      Rockjaw Pricing

      You can only buy Rockjaw from their official website. With the type of reviews they have... they wouldn't last 2 seconds on Amazon.

         On their own website, they can control what reviews are shown and what to hide. More on that later...

          1 container of their mastic crystals costs over $35 – they say that should last 1 month. Mastic gum isn't cheap, but that's too expensive. Here's how it compares to the other top brands (adjusted for differing quantities):

      • 🏆 STEEL – Mastic Gum = $23.95
      • Greco Gum = $27.98
      • Project Jawline = $29.99 
      • 💩 RockJaw Mastic Gum = $35.04

         Mastic is 100% natural and so you're always going to get sticky pieces in any pack you buy.

         Good suppliers try to filter out the softer pieces. But even then, around 10-20% will still be softer than the rest.

      The batch I got from Rockjaw was about 30% low quality, sticky mastic gum.

         That's a lot higher percentage than you should expect. Considering the quality of their gum – you could say they're really expensive.





      What Do Customers Say About Rockjaw Gum?

      I'll focus on negative reviews and shortcomings of the product.

         Because I think that a great, safe product and pleasant customer service is what you should expect when you buy something. I assume that as the default.



      • "Product was exactly what I was after, there mastic gum is perfect definitely a step up from your average chewing gum, tastes great and delivery was really quick! Will definitely be ordering again."
      • "Good quality product that is hard to find anywhere else. I am now a loyal customer."




        • "Garbage do not buy could not open the package and after breaking it open the pieces were so small that it just swallowed. Do Not Buy."
        • "The taste of strawberry is very artificial unfortunately, and the gum is so soft I swallow it. This was a disappointment."
        • "Ordered a months supply to try as I’ve used non flavoured gum before and the taste is sometimes bland after a while. I was surprised by the taste of the apple which was nice but it felt like a coating on the gum and after a few chews seemed to disappear unfortunately. Could be my experience but I often had to use two pieces to chew due to the size of the months supply as chewing one for the first few times didn’t seem to be working for me personally so would be quite expensive. I wanted to like this gum but for the price and what you get in the months supply for me personally I’ll have to stick with the unflavoured cheaper options, couldn’t see much of a difference on quality either."



          🍊 AMAZON

          Rockjaw is not available on Amazon.



          ⭐️ TRUSTPILOT

          A company's Trustpilot rating is their true rating. Because a Trustpilot rating can't be faked or manipulated – by anyone, no matter how much you pay.

             I don't know how they do it... but their algorithms and systems make it impossible to mislead future customers.

          A rating of 3.4 is bad.


            Rockjaw trustpilot rating

          RockJaw Trustpilot rating is 3.4 out of 5  






          Pros & Cons

          ✅ PROS

          • 🔥 It's Effective: RockJaw is mastic gum and has many of the same benefits as STEEL – Mastic Gum. It's very effective.
          • 💪 Builds the Right Muscle: it builds the lower portion of the masseter muscle- the part you want to!
          • 👨‍🎓 You Can Workout Anywhere, Anytime: chew while you're working, studying, driving or working out.
          • 👅 Doesn't Lose its Taste – Mastic never loses its fresh, cedar taste
          • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: no TMJ or stress on your joints.


              ❌ CONS

              • 🪨 Can Be Gritty: the main downside of RockJaw is the quality of the mastic crystals. They contain small impurities, like grains of sand, which could damage your teeth.
              • 💵 Expensive: for its quality, RockJaw is kind of expensive. And that's before you factor in the high cost of shipping!
              • ⚛️ Contains Unhealthy Additives: they have 6 flavors that they add to the mastic gum. They add an ingredient that is used in shampoo and hair products. They add sweeteners like sucralose. And they add unhealthy seed oils like Safflower extract
              • 🚢 Slow Shipping: speaking of shipping, it's slow. It's not unusual for your package to take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
              • 📋 It Runs Out: mastic gum is re-usable so you can chew one piece of separate occasions. However, most people don't do that. Once you chew through your pack, you'll have to order more.
              • 😋 The Taste Isn't For Everyone: Mastic has a fresh cedar flavor. But not everyone likes the taste. Most people's taste buds are used to the sweet mint flavors of regular gum





              RockJaw Alternatives



              ✅ Best Alternatives 

              • 🥇 The JAWLINERS: these are the best molar-based jawline exercisers available today. They are both safe and effective. Start with the Beginner and move up to higher resistances as your jaw and face gets stronger.
              • 🥈 Jawliner Gum: a mint flavored gum that has been created to be 15x harder than regular chewing gum. It's cheaper than mastic gum but loses its taste faster and doesn't come with the same health benefits.
              • 🥉 Mastic Gum: this is 10x harder than regular chewing gum. It's a 100% natural tree sap harvested on the Greek island of Chios. It's a convenient way to train your masseter muscles while you are working, driving, studying or doing anything for that matter.


              READ MORE: the 3 best rockjaw alternatives



                🏁 CONCLUSION 🏁

                I'm a big fan of mastic gum. I chew it every day. I love it as a jawline exercise, appetite suppressant and even as a form of meditation. But not all mastic gum is the same.

                   Rockjaw's mastic was inconsistent in size, flavor and hardness. The ratio of hard to soft crystals was ok - around 70:30 - not great. The best mastic brands are around 90:10.

                   Given that this brand is also also the most expensive I have found and that shipping takes forever... I'd say your money is better spent elsewhere.




                🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

                Thank you for reading my review of RockJaw Gum. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

                Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

                   Matt Phelps

                   YouTuber & Founder of STEEL®



                P.S I've tested every jawline tool on the market. Here's the ones that work👇

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