Skullpt Review – A Good Product From a Scammy Company

  • by Matt Phelps

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 🎬 Introduction
 🤔 What is Skullpt?
 🛠 How to Use Skullpt
 🪜 Skullpt Resistance Levels
 😍 Does Skullpt Work?
 ⚛️ Is Skullpt Dangerous?
 🛒 Where to Buy Skullpt
 💬 What Do Customers Say About Skullpt?
 ❌ Pros & Cons
 🎄 Skullpt Alternatives
 🏁 Conclusion




What is Skullpt?

Skullpt is a jaw exercise exercise device. By placing them on your molar teeth and biting down, the resistance supplied with cause your jaw muscles to hypertrophy.

   It works in the same way any other weighted muscle-building exerciser works: you stress the muscle and create tears in the fibers. The muscle heals and repairs to be bigger and stronger.


Skullpt jawline exerciser 

Skullpt jawline exercise equipment




Skullpt claims

Some of the claims made by Skullpt





How to Use Skullpt

It's quite self-explanatory about how to actually use Skullpt.

   But I think it's worth reading how they think you should use it from their official website. Here's a quick step-by-step summary of how to do it:


STEP 1️⃣ – Take Skullpt tabs

STEP 2️⃣ – Rinse in water or mouthwash

STEP 3️⃣ – Place tabs on molar teeth

STEP 4️⃣ – Perform chewing exercises

STEP 5️⃣ – Stretch jaw muscles

STEP 6️⃣ – Rinse tabs again

STEP 7️⃣ – Store tabs in the carry case




Skullpt Workout

1. Warm-up jaw muscles by opening and closing the mouth as wide as possible for 10 repetitions.
2. Start with 40 slow bites
3. Rest for 2 minutes
4. Perform 70 full-force bites with a 1-second pause at the end of each bite
5. Rest for 2 minutes
6. Perform 50 full-force fast bites with no pauses in between
7. Rest for 2 minutes
8. Stretch jaw muscles by opening the mouth as wide as possible and hold that position for 20-30 seconds





    Skullpt Resistance Levels

    There's 3 different Skullpt resistance levels; Starter, Intermediate, Advanced.

       One of these will be suitable for everyone. Men, women, teenagers and experienced jawline trainers.



    Skullpt starter


      Who it's For: they don't have any information about who should use this or how much resistance it provides.




      Skullpt intermediate


        Who it's For: they don't have any information about who should use this or how much resistance it provides.



        🐔 LEVEL 3: ADVANCED

        SKullpt advanced


          Who it's For: they don't have any information about who should use this or how much resistance it provides. 





          Does Skullpt Work?

          Molar-Based jaw exercisers like Skullpt are the best way to grow the masseter muscle that I have found to date.

             I'm a big fan of chewing mastic gum for many reasons, but I think that using Molar-Based exercisers will result in faster muscle growth.

             Regularly using Skullpt and following the recommended levels and workouts can really cause incredible changes in a short period.


           Diagram of mastication muscles

          A diagram of the mastication (chewing) muscles






          Is Skullpt Dangerous?

          There are 2 main type of jawline exercisers:

          • ❌ Incisor-based – bite down with your front teeth (i.e. Jawzrsize)
          • ✅ Molar-based – bite down with your back teeth (i.e. Skullpt)


          Skullpt is a Molar-Based type of jaw trainer – the safe and healthy kind. Incisor-Based types of jaw trainer are usually ball-shaped and get their name from the incisor teeth – the front teeth used to bite down into them. 

          incisor vs molar jawline exercisers

          Incisor-based Jaw Trainer (left) use the front incisor teeth to bite down. Molar-based use your back (molar) teeth to bite down (right)




          Molar-Based Exercisers Are SAFE 👷‍♀️

            Molar-based exercisers sit on the molar teeth. Because they're not big, the mouth only has open slightly during training.

             The range of motion is natural and the jaw joint was built to withstand this angle of resistance.

             Chewing on molar-based is indistinguishable for the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) from chewing on a tough piece of meat.

          This is what the flat surface of molar teeth was designed for and there are no associated risks with using this type of jaw trainer.



          Incisor-Based Exercisers Are DANGEROUS ⛔️

          Incisor-based exercisers sit at the front of the mouth in-between the incisor teeth. Because they're big, the TMJ has to open widely and even slightly dislocate to make room for it.

             The range of motion is unnatural and the jaw joint was NOT built to withstand this angle of resistance.

             The Incisor teeth are made for piercing and tearing flesh: be that fruit, animal or vegetable flesh.

             Repeated chewing at high resistances is potentially harmful for the teeth, as we'll confirm in some negative reviews below.

          Here's some potential risks of using Incisor-based jaw equipment:

          • 🦷 Teeth – the incisor teeth were naturally designed for piercing and tearing. They are not suited for the high, repeated pressure of these ball-shaped devices. In the worst case this can lead to chipped, crooked, or broken teeth.
          • 📐 Jaw Joint & Muscles – the degree of stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) depends on how wide the mouth open and closes during exercise. Wide ranges of motion cause the TMJ to dislocate and re-adjust. This isn't the worse thin by itself, but add the constant load from exerciser... then it's dangerous and causes significant wear and tear to the jaw joint. Jaw pain, cracking, arthritis and tension headaches are some of the potential side-effects. 
          • ☠️ Toxic Materials – repeatedly biting into a toxic plastic or rubber will ensure you ingest those toxic substances. Not all contain harmful substance, but many do. Make sure you check what the product is made of before you put it in your mouth.





            Where to Buy Skullpt?

            Skullpt is only available on the internet and not in physical stores. The only place you can buy them is from their official website.


              Skullpt website screenshot

              A screenshot of the SKULLPT website





              What Do Customers Say About Skullpt?

              Inormally try to focus on negative reviews and shortcomings of the company.

                 Because I think that a great, safe product and pleasant customer service is what you should expect when you buy something. I assume that as the default.


              ✅ POSITIVE REVIEWS

              • It really does work! If you think it's a load of nonsense then trust me you're, wrong I use it when driving to and from work, after around 2 weeks of using it - I noticed a huge difference in my jawline I highly recommend it." 

              ^This review was taken from their website and is next to a stolen image from the Chisell official website. For these reasons, I think this review is fake.


              ❌ NEGATIVE REVIEWS

              • "Deserves zero stars for their lack of ability in running a company. Horrible customer service and they say 8-12 business days but I’ve been waiting over 3 months and still haven’t received anything. Probably for the best. Buyer be warned." 
              • "selling cheap replicas from china be aware ..." 
              • "Worst product ripped apart 2 days, can buy on aliexpress for 1$" 


                🍊 AMAZON

                Skullpt is not available on Amazon.


                ⭐️ TRUSTPILOT

                A company's Trustpilot rating is their true rating. Because a Trustpilot rating can't be faked or manipulated – by anyone, no matter how much you pay.

                   I don't know how they do it... but their algorithms and systems make it impossible to mislead future customers.

                A rating of 2.8 is awful. Mind you, they only have 3 reviews, so it's not a large sample size. But all 3 of those reviews are 1-star. Not a good sign.


                Skullpt trustpilot rating 

                Skullpt Trustpilot rating is 2.8 out of 5






                Pros & Cons

                ✅ PROS

                • 💪 Works the Masseter Muscle: Skullpt is molar-based trainers which means they train the main muscle on the side of your jaw. Other exercisers stimulate the temporalis muscle on the side of your head, above your year
                • 🧱 More Resistance, Different Levels – work your way up to higher resistances as your face gets stronger. You get better results that way. 
                • 🦴 Zero Joint Damage: chewing a small object (or food) is a natural movement for your jaw, teeth and gums. You won't stress any muscles, joints or get TMJ. I can't say the same for some of the other jawline exercisers
                • 👑 Consistent Quality – with Skullpt, you know what the resistance is, and it doesn't change. Natural gums can be very inconsistent. Sometimes it's rock-hard (with gritty pieces in it), other times it's the stickiest thing you've ever felt
                • 🎨 Less Risk of Developing Asymmetry – you put one Jawliner in each side of your mouth, on your molars. The workout is the same for both sides of your face. With chewing gum... it's just one ball in your mouth. It's very common that people chew mainly on one side. Obviously, that side becomes more developed that the other
                  • 🧰 Easy to Carry Around: it comes in a convenient container that fits in your pocket. You can easily take them around with you. After usage, they could be covered in saliva- so you can just put them straight into the container


                    ❌ CONS

                    • 🏚 They Break: Skullpt is made from only one type of silicon. These are prone to breaking as the teeth pierce them and create fractures in the material. 
                    • 🚙 Can't Chew Anywhere, Anytime – you can chew gum while you're working, driving, training or doing whatever. Rubber exercisers like Skullpt are a little more awkward... you usually have to dedicate part of your day to using it
                    • ⚛️ Not Tested or FDA Approved: they don't say anywhere is they've been tested or approved by a governing body. We'll have to assume they haven't. We don't know what materials the Skullpt is made of... which poses a large risk to the user.
                    • 🚢 Slow Shipping (Might Not Arrive): in most cases you'll get your money back...
                    • 📲 They're Hard to Contact: if you want a refund or your capsules don't arrive, it can be hard to get into contact with them. I'm just saying that things may take longer than expected





                      Skullpt Alternatives



                      ✅ Best Alternatives 

                      • 🥇 The JAWLINER: these are the best molar-based jawline exercisers available today. They are both safe and effective. Start with the Beginner and move up to higher resistances as your jaw and face gets stronger.
                      • 🥈 Jawliner Gum: a mint flavored gum that has been created to be 15x harder than regular chewing gum. It's cheaper than mastic gum but loses its taste faster and doesn't come with the same health benefits. 
                      • 🥉 Mastic Gum: this is 10x harder than regular chewing gum. It's a 100% natural tree sap harvested on the Greek island of Chios. It's a convenient way to train your masseter muscles while you are working, driving, studying or doing anything for that matter.


                      READ MORE: the 3 best SKULLPT alternatives




                        🏁 CONCLUSION 🏁

                        Skullpt is an inferior copy of Chisell and Jawliner.

                           Overall, I think it's an effective product that will build your masseter muscles better than you would believe. But there's even better tools available.




                        🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

                        Thank you for reading my review of Skullpt. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

                        Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

                           Matt Phelps

                           YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



                        P.S skip the cruddy imitation products and just buy the best👇

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