Are Jawlines Genetic? 100+ Transformations That Prove They Aren't

  • by Matt Phelps

Why Your Habits & Lifestyle Are to Blame For Your Weak Jawline


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Are Jawlines Genetic?

Obviously it's both.

Genetics and your lifestyle: your habits, diet, exercise routines and posture.

It's that same old nature vs nurture debate.

But most people seem to think your jawline is 90% genetics... I think it's about 10% genetics. 


There are certain cultures and times during history where everyone had strong, sharp jawlines.

Not just because they were lean either.

Their bone structures were prominent and they had decent muscle mass in their jaws.

A good examples is Native Americans. Not as much any more, but if you look at old photos.

Or photos of Native Americans still living traditionally... you'll see that they all had:

  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Straight teeth
  • Sharp, muscular jawlines
  • Prominent brow ridges

Theses are all attractive traits in both men and women.


Native Americans have great jawlines

Native Americans had great facial structures because of their lifestyles


Why is this?

It's because of their diet and lifestyle.

I'm using the Native Americans as an example.

But this applies to all hunter-gatherers. 




YOU Have Great Jawline Genetics. But Your Lifestyle is Messing it Up.

The truth is... you have decent jawline genetics.

The codes in your DNA, your genetics, are good enough for you to have a great jawline by modern standards.

Your genetics are holding you back.

It's your lifestyle that is "screwing up" your good jawline genetics.

Humans don't live in the way our body's were designed or evolved.

We were made to wake up with the sun.

Fight or fly from danger.

Hunt for food every day.

Does that sound like you?

We've strayed so far from the life that our bodies were designed for.

It's not weird that this would change our body shape and appearance, right?

The point is: you were born to have a strong jawline.

Everything you do after your birth screws it up though.

Obviously you wouldn't want to live like a hunter-gatherer from 10,000 years ago just to get a jawline.

But there's 5 main things that can "undo" to simulate historic times.   




5 Ways Modern Life Gives You a Weak Jawline

🍟 We're Fat

An obvious one, but it needs to be said.

How the heck can you have a chiseled jawline if your face is fat?

You could have the best jawline in the world.

But if it's covered- it's worthless.

Even if you think you're lean, Iosing more weight will continue to make a difference.


    🍦 Our Food is Too Soft

    Hunter-gatherers ate roots, raw vegetables and tough meat.

    They actually used their jaw and face muscles when they ate.

    Modern diets are so soft that we never strengthen these muscles and build bone density.

    The results is soft, weak faces.


      🛋 We Sit Down Too Much

      I don't think humans were made to sit.

      At all.

      We should either be standing, walking, crouching... or lying down and resting.

      All this sitting is screwing our posture and creating muscle imbalances.

      Posture is strongly linked to the shape of your face.

      Every muscle in your body is pulling on another muscle.

      It's silly to think this doesn't affect our appearance.


        😲 We Breathe Through Our Mouths

        We're not supposed to.

        There's a bunch of really significant health benefits (and beauty benefits) that come with nose breathing.

        Mouth breathing is the #1 cause of a recessed chin and jawline.

        It's also correlated with double-chins, long faces, hooked noses and crooked teeth. 


          👅 Our Tongue Posture is Terrible

          Our back posture affects the shape of your body.

          Our tongue posture affects the shape of your face.

          As simple as that. 99.9% of people have no idea what the correct tongue posture even is.




            The 3 Step Jawline Formula (Start Today!)

            I tried everything before I figured out the 3 the things that work.

            When I was 11 a started chewing on a swimming cap because I thought that would build my masseter muscles...

            1 year later, I bought a squash ball and chewed on that.

            I tried dozens of different things over the years.

            I've tried it all.

            And I found that there are 3 things that really have a big effect.





            1. Mewing

            This sets the foundation of your face and jawline.

            It's the bread of the burger that holds everything together.

            The 2 main aspects of mewing are nose breathing and tongue posture.

            Learn how to mew and don't give up until it feels natural.

            It's one of the best investments you can make in your long-term health, as well as your appearance. 

            Want to see what mewing can do?

            Check this out 👇

            Mewing – 100 Jawline Transformation Photos




            2. Chewing

            Build the masseter muscles in your jaw.

            This is the meat patty of the burger.

            The main show. 

            Chewing a hard gum is like weight lifting for your jaw muscles.

            They can be trained and built just like any other muscle.

            Want to see what chewing can do?

            Check this out 👇

            Chewing Gum – Jawline Transformation Photos




            3. Slimming

            Chisel and define your jawline.

            This is the sauce, the salad and all the extras on your burger.

            The finishing touches - voil



            Slimming down with exercise and diet will make all your mewing and chewing gains visible.

            You won't see anything if your face is covered in fat!

            Not only that, exercise is good for teaching you how to nose breath, and strengthens your entire body, leading to better posture.

            Want to see what weight loss can do?

            Check this out 👇

            Weight Loss – Jawline Transformation Photos



            Marcel Scharr jawline transformation

            Marcel Schaar has been mewing, chewing and slimming for a few years now... is his jawline genetic?




            🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

            We all have good jawline genetics.

            Yes, even you.

            But from a young age, our lifestyles set us up for jawline failure.

            Some people's parents and particular habits set them on the right track from the beginning.

            These people naturally have great jawlines that everyone attributes to "genetics".

            But it's just from a certain lifestyle they've had their entire life.

            The rest of us need to undo the damage that we've been doing since we were born.

            The 3 main things you can do, are mewing, chewing and slimming.



            🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

            Thank you for reading my article on jawline genetics. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

            Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

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