3 Best Chewing Gums for Your Jawline (2023 Guide)

  • by Matt Phelps

Find Out: What Is the Best Chewing Gum for Your Jawline?

Don't Try and Build Muscle by Running Marathons...



1. 🥇 Mastic Gum
2. 🥈 Jawliner Gum
3.  👎 Falim Gum
4.  👎 Regular Gum


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YOU KNOW there's exercises you can do to chisel your jawline.

   You're not still stuck at "your jawline is purely genetics blah blah". You've probably even been targeted with some Facebook Ads for "rubber-ball-dog-toy" jawline exercisers.

But you doubt those actually work.

   Imo, they don't work great. To get a sharp and defined jawline, you need to workout and build muscle in a specific place on your jaw.

   Those jawline chew toys don't hit the right spot. From my experience, they make your face rounder- which is not the look I'm going for.


What About Chewing Gum for Your Jawline?

If you came here thinking chewing gum could improve your jawline... you were right!

   It's an old method (the old ones are usually the best) that boxers, bodybuilders and Hollywood actors have been using for decades.

   Loooong before that, our ancestors were chewing types of gum that helped give them strong facial structures. We'll get to that in a minute.

   So, you're looking for the best chewing gum for your jawline. Perfect! I'll tell you the 3 types of chewing gum you can use.

   And I'll tell you when you should use them. Some of these gums are like heavy deadlifts for your jaw- they are really taxing on your masseter muscles.




1. Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is undoubtedly the best chewing gum if you want to chisel your jawline.

   Mastic gum crystal are drops of resin from the mastic tree native to Greece and the Middle East- mainly from a Greek island called Chios.

   Mastic has even been labelled as a superfood because of its numerous health properties.

   But in the last 5 years its popularity has skyrocketed for a reason no Greek farmer could have ever expected. 

"Mastic gum chisels your jawline."

   People are catching on to an old BodyBuilder method for building muscle in their jawlines- chewing mastic gum!

   Because it's 10x harder than regular gum it's like taking your jaw to the gym for the first time.

   Apparently this is relatively well-known in Hollywood and the BodyBuilding space. Now it's making its way into the mainstream.

   More on that later. First you've got to understand where it comes from to know why it's so special:


Mastic gum from chios

Mastic gum from the Greek island Chios



What is Mastic Gum? (It's 100% Natural)

The people of Chios have cultivated and harvested mastic or "Mastiha" for over 2500 years. The hot and humid climate is ideal for the 6-month, laborious process.


Farmers harvesting chios resin

Farmers harvesting Mastic on the Greek island Chios


Every 4-5 days, several cuts are made in the trees to slowly drain the resin. It takes roughly 15-20 days for the crystal to solidify and fall off.

   Because of the way it falls from the tree and it's shape, these small pieces of resin are called "Tears of Chios".

   The farmers then collect these small teardrops and wash them in natural spring water.

It has a refreshing cedar flavour.



Why Was Mastic Gum More Valuable Than Gold?

Mastic's earliest identified use was as chewing gum- but it was later used for healing purposes and even as a currency.

   Mastic producing villages were fortresses, bordered by huge walls. The only way to enter these villages was by ladder, designed to shield the resin from invaders.

I'm not exaggerating when I say: wars were fought over mastic gum.

   During the Ottoman rule of Chios in the 1800s, mastic was worth its weight in Gold. In todays gold prices that means 1 piece would cost $59.14

   Luckily for us, it doesn't cost that much anymore. But with its growing popularity, maybe someday it might. Let's talk about why it's selling out around the world: 



Why Mastic Gum is the Best Chewing Gum for Your Jawline

  • 💎 It's 10x Harder Than Regular Gum: normal chewing gum is like doing pushups and mastic gum is like a 200kg bench press. Which one will build more muscle?
  • ✔️ Sugar Free and Anti-Bacterial: unlike other gums, mastic is good for your health! It helps fight infections, eliminate bacteria in the mouth and ease stomach conditions (this is why it used to be more valuable than gold).
  • ♻️ It's Re-usable: "What? That's disgusting!" - wait, hear me out. Mastic is 100% natural and it never loses it's texture and becomes 'rubbery'.You can chew it multiple times before you might want to take a new piece- one pack can last a long time. I know this sounds gross but you'll see what I mean if you try it.
  • 😋 Doesn't Lose its Taste – Falim comes in a variety of flavours, but none of the last long. Mastic never loses its fresh, cedar taste




Mastic Gum Sounds Amazing. What's The Catch?

While mastic gum is super effective for building the masseter muscle (the main jawline muscle)- you should consider the following before you start using it:

  • Jaw Pain & TMJ: over-chewing can stress your jaw joints and muscles. This could lead to tightness or tension in the muscles and the possibility of cramps. Make sure to stretch your jaw after you workout and don’t chew for too many days in a row.
  • Sensitive Gums & Teeth: remember, mastic gum is 10x harder than regular gum. That means it can be tough on your teeth and gums if you are sensitive. If you have mouth sores or wounds, wait for them to heal before chewing.
  • Is This What You Really Want?: are larger masseter muscles and a more masculine jawline something you want? Maybe some females should ask themselves if they actually want this? Please consider this before chewing mastic gum.



Where Can I Buy Mastic Gum?

  • Rockjaw Mastic Gum: a special mastic gum that is slightly harder than most. It's hand-picked and sieve-washed so it doesn't have that "gritty" texture and impurities that others have. Of course this is my own product, so I'm biased. But I wouldn't sell it if I didn't think it was the best
  • Amazon/Mastic Gum: you can fin a few ok varieties of mastic gum on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. Do some research and fine some "large sized tears". There is good mastic on these marketplaces, you'll just have to use trial and error to find one that you're happy with


🛒 SHOP – Mastic Gum




2. Jawliner Gum

Jawliner gum was made specifically as a jawline chewing gum. It is brand new and was only released in late 2022.

   It's a regular mint-flavored gum, and hence is better suited for the majority – not everyone wants to chew a hardcore natural gum like mastic!



Why Choose Jawliner Gum to Train Your Jaw?

  • 💎 It's 10x Harder Than Regular Gum: normal chewing gum is like doing pushups and mastic gum is like a 200kg bench press. Which one will build more muscle? Mastic gum and jawline gum are equally as hard 
  • 🍃 Mint-Flavored – Jawliner Gum is just like regular chewing gum, but much harder. Not everyone likes the natural flavor of Mastic gum. Jawliner Gum is a great alternative
  • 👌 Every Piece is the Same – with mastic gum, each piece is slightly different. Some might be extremely hard, others might be soft. That's because it's a 100% natural product. Each piece of Jawliner Gum is the exact same. Same hardness, same taste. You know exactly what you're getting
  • 💶 Cheap – because it can be mass-produced, Jawliner Gum is much cheaper than mastic gum


🛒 SHOP – Jawline Gum



Mastic Gum or Jawliner Gum?

Mastic gum is slightly more effective as a jawline exerciser... but it's a lot more hardcore. It's harsher on your teeth and gums.

Its pieces are inconsistent. And the natural cedar flavor is not for everyone.

   Beginners should start with Jawliner Gum. It's a lot more similar to everyday chewing gums, just a lot harder.

   You could always buy one of each pack and see which you like best before buying more.



Where Can I Buy Jawliner Gum?

  • ⚔️ HEREbuy jawline gum right here on this site. Click the link below!
  • 🔸 Amazon: it's now available on Amazon in the USA


🛒 SHOP – Jawliner Gum



You can "watch" this article on my YouTube Channel




4. Falim Gum

Falim chewing gum from Turkey 

This Turkish chewing gum has gained popularity in the mewing community in recent years.

   It's more "chewy" than most other gums and hence it's tougher- though it's nowhere near as hard as mastic or jawline gum.



Why Choose Falim Gum to Train Your Jaw?

  • It's Cheap: a lot cheaper than mastic gum
  • It's Softer: It may be a good starting point for beginners because it is softer than pure mastic gum. Before you "work your way up" to mastic gum, you could start by chewing Falim for a few weeks
  • Multiple Flavors: Falim gum is artificial and so it comes in many flavors including mint and strawberry. If you're going to chewing a lot, some people might like to change-it-up so they don't get sick of the taste.


Falim gum can be used for your jawline

Falim Gum is a popular Turkish chewing gum brand 



Are There Any Risks With Chewing Falim Gum?

This is above my page-grade, but some sources claim that Falim gum contains toxic ingredients.

   There a 2 synthetic antioxidant contained in Falim: E321 or Butyl hydroxytoluene.

   These are included as preservatives to keep the gum fresh. But these antioxidants are always believed to be highly toxic for the liver, kidney's and retina.

   Casual chewers will receive these chemicals in small doses. However if you're chewing regularly to build you jaw muscles, you should consider your increased exposure to these substances.

Please consider this before buying an enormous box of Falim Gum.



Where Can You Get Falim Gum?

  • Amazon: you'll find it lots of different flavors on Amazon. Most sellers sell large bulk packages – more than you need
  • Do You Live In Turkey?: then you don't need me to tell you that Falim gum can be found everywhere. And I mean everywhere




5. Regular Wrigley's Chewing Gum

chew wrigleys for your jawline

Plain old chewing gum can be an effective place to start for beginners.

   You can easily increase the intensity of the workout by adding more pieces and it's available at every corner store or supermarket.



Who Should Start With Regular Gum?

Regular gum isn't much of a "workout". It's not much more exercise than the regular chewing you do when you eat.

   Regular gum can be a good "light day" workout. If you're chewing mastic or Falim gum regularly, you should take some days off. On those days you could chew regular gum as an easier workout.

That's what I did. More info on that down below.



Which Regular Gum Is The Best?

Wrigley's EXTRA is the best for the following reasons:

  • It's Everywhere: it's the most popular and well-known chewing gum brand in the world. You'll be able to find it almost anywhere.
  • Sugar Free & No Unnecessary Chemicals: many chewing gums have ingredients that aren't the best to consume on a regular basis. I've done some basic investigations into the largest brands and Wrigley's gum was the cleanest and most transparent about their processes.
  • Teeth Whitening: a great side-effect. Chisel your jawline and whiten your teeth at the same time? Not a bad deal. Sure, a lot of gums claim to whiten your teeth, but proper studies have shown that Wrigley's gum actually does.




What Can Chewing Mastic Gum Do For Your Jawline? 

Jawline transformation with mastic gum

I completely transformed my jawline in 15 months with Jawline Gum


Jawline Gum is the fastest way to build your masseter muscles on the side of your jaw.

   I completely transformed my jawline in 15 months with jawline gum and the "jawline chew" technique.

   Most guys that use the gum, see a difference in 1 month. Jawline muscle growth in 1 MONTH!


"Sure Matt, you sell the stuff. Of course you're gonna say it works incredibly well." 


   I started selling Jawline Gum after I created it for myself. I was blown away with the results and that's why I started selling it. It would be selfish not to tell others about it.

Anyway, if you want to hear more about how I used chewing gum to chisel my jawline (and about the "jawline chew" technique) check this out👇

My Chewing Gum Jawline Before & After Transformation



🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

Thank you for reading my article on the best chewing gum for your jawline. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thank you!


Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

   Matt Phelps

   YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



P.S. STEEL sells the very best jawline exerciser equipment – we have more than just chewing gums 👇

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