The BEST Jawline Angle According to Science (Men & Women)

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W hat is the ideal jawline angle?

This is a frequent question we get.

Depending on how you define the jawline angle, it may either make or ruin the look of your face.

The jaw may be measured in a variety of methods and angles.

The ideal gonial angle, or jawline angle, is between 120 and 130 degrees.

Aligning the jawline with a line that runs from the nasal alar to the lateral canthus of the eye is ideal.

26 degrees is the optimal mandibular plane angle.

How do you determine your jawline angle, and what do the degrees mean?

Here is all the information you need.



Gonial Angle

Y our lower jaw, or mandible, is referred to as the gonial angle because of the way it tapers down abruptly towards your chin.

Your mandible's angle is known as the gonial angle.

Men and women should have a gonial angle between 120 and 130 degrees.

If it is bigger, it gives you enough prominence without making you appear like a mouthbreather.

Your face would seem much too square if your gonial angle was smaller than that range.

How does a healthy jawline affect facial features now that we understand the gonial angle?



Why a Proper Jawline Angle is Important

T here isn't a certain optimal jaw angle for guys.

Studies demonstrate a strong predilection for males with jaw angles of 130 degrees or less (Mommaerts et al., 2016).

A great example of a man with a nice jawline is Sean O'Pry.

He has the perfect gonial angle.

It is noticeable but not too broad.

Due to the rise in testosterone throughout adolescence, men develop more masculine characteristics, such as a larger jaw (Penton-Voak et al., 2004).

Therefore, a man looks more masculine when his jaw is defined, especially at the proper angle.

For women, a decent jawline angle may completely transform how they seem.

The jawline angle has a significant effect even if other characteristics like the height of the forehead and chin may also influence the look.

Emma Watson, for instance, has a 128-degree gonial angle.

She has a pronounced chin and an oval facial shape.

She seems classy in appearance.

She still has a striking appearance, though, thanks to the angle of her gonial and her defined yet thin chin.

Angelina Jolie is another example of a woman with a beautiful jawline but more noticeable features.

She has a gonial angle that is around 123 degrees.

Due to her square facial shape and prominent cheekbones, Angelina Jolie has a remarkably symmetrical appearance.

Her face is appealing since her forehead is the ideal height and breadth.

When seen from the side, your jawline's angle is determined by the gonial angle.

The gonial angle is just one aspect of your jawline, however.



Jawline Inclination

Y ou may gauge your jawline's inclination from the frontal perspective.

Refer to the list below.

The inclination of your jawline is line B.

The line connecting your lateral canthus to your ipsilateral alar and your jawline should be parallel.

Within 15 degrees should be the range.

Your jaw angle can seem odd if the two lines are off by 15 degrees.

Jaw inclination is typically within 15 degrees.



Mandibular Plane Angle

T he angle between your jawline and Frankfort's horizontal plane is your mandibular plane angle.

The jaw inclination and your mandibular plane angle are both present.

But from the side of your profile, you measure the mandibular plane angle.

The ideal mandibular plane angle for males is 26 degrees.

The "length" of your face will depend on the angle of your mandibular plane.

The upper and lower jaws tend to descend, distorting your proportions and resulting in a lengthy face.

Your face may seem lengthy if the mandibular plane angle is high.

On the other side, a low mandibular plane angle might give the appearance of a short face.

A mandibular plane angle of around 26 degrees is considered optimum.



How to Improve Your Jawline

Y ou may use the following techniques to accentuate your jawline to get the ideal jawline angles.


  • Dermal Fillers
  • Jawline Surgery
  • Mewing
  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are a good option to improve your jawline without undergoing invasive surgery.

What you desire from your jawline will determine the kind of filler you get.

For example, certain dermal fillers assist in removing double chins or complete jowls from fatty tissue.

Other dermal fillers enhance your jaw's sharpness and prominence by replacing missing muscle or bone.

Depending on your unique demands, the treatment might take 40 minutes.

Dermal fillers typically last between one and two years, although this also depends on how your body metabolizes them.



Jawline Surgery

Y our jaw and chin are reshaped with jawline surgery.

It may alter your jaw to provide more volume or make it seem smaller.

It is a practical and long-lasting method of altering your jawline.

A surgeon will shave the jaw bone to make it smaller.

A surgeon places an implant to give you the ideal jaw form while giving you a distinct jaw bone.

Typically, mouth incisions are made by surgeons.

There may be very little scarring, but it won't be noticeable.

It normally takes 2-4 hours to finish the process.

You may need to stay in the hospital for a few nights to heal.

After the treatment, you can have facial swelling for a few days, which is typical.

While you wait to completely recuperate from your surgery, you may need to adhere to a certain diet.

You will also get advice on how to sleep well, when to go back to work or school, what painkillers to use, etc.



Mewing is a long-term strategy that you might attempt to improve your facial characteristics.

It is mostly recognized for its ability to give users a chiseled jawline and prominent cheekbones.

To "mew," all you have to do is place your tongue flat on the roof of your mouth and align your teeth, so they are in contact (not clenching).

Your jaw and tongue location exert a force that may shape your facial anatomy.

Although it may seem weird to think that you could just move your mouth and jaw, bones are pliable.

The form of bones may change, even in adults. Look at the illustration below.

The facial bones have altered with time, as seen in the picture above.

You will thus encourage particular bone remodeling in your bones by chewing firmly and maintaining proper tongue position.

Mewing focuses on gradually shaping your face to enhance your appearance.

Many individuals have seen a noticeable change in their facial characteristics, even if the benefits are not immediate.



By obtaining Botox injections, you may shrink your bulky masseter muscles.

You may have a slimmer, more defined jawline with Botox injections.

Botox injections partly relax your jaw muscles.

It helps your jaw muscles shrink by preventing them from contracting as much.

It gives you a thinner and more defined jawline and might bring attention to your cheekbones.

If you have specific muscular issues, Botox injections are a great approach to improve your jawline.

For instance, some TMD conditions and masseter hypertrophy might give your jawline an outsized, asymmetrical appearance.

These issues may be treated with Botox injections to help you have a smaller jawline.




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