The Best BODY FAT Percentage for Jawline Definition (?)

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You Can't Have a Jawline if You Are FAT

Here's How Lean You Need to Be...


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    Every single time I get "lean", I get compliments on my appearance.

    Girls turn their heads at me in cafes and bars.

    And I feel a hundred times more confident in myself.

    When I'm a bit chubbier, I don't get compliments at all.

    Apparently, I'm just one of those guys: when I'm lean, I look like a movie star (forgive my immodesty).

    But when I'm NOT lean... I just look like an average Joe.

    And I'm almost always NOT lean.

    I'm never fat. But I'm always hovering around 16% body fat.

    I just find it so hard to stay lean!

    I've been mewing and chewing for 2 years at this point.

    I know I have a great jawline underneath, but that last step is really essential for making it show: slimming.

    You can have a razor sharp jaw shape and bulging masseter muscles, but if you're fat, nobody will be able to see your chiseled jawline.

    Heck, you don't even have to be fat.

    You can just be not lean.

    You might look ok/good at 15% body fat.

    But when you get to 8%, you might look like a male model.

    Those last few pounds make an enormous difference.

    Especially if you're like me: face fat is the last to go.

    For some reason, I can have a 6-pack but still have chubby cheeks.

    Others are the opposite: they have a beer gut, but a lean face.

    That part is really just your genetics and there's not much you can do about it.

    So the moral of the story is: get lean and stay lean.

    Seriously, it is the most effective thing you can do to become more attractive and improve your confidence.

    Obviously, it's not that easy in modern times.

    We have access to so much enticing junk, plenty of extra time for eating, and we hardly have to even move our bodies anymore.

    I said it was simple. Not easy.

    But when everyone else has a chubby, unchiseled face... you'll really stand out if you put in the work to get lean.

    If you don't have amazing facial genetics, you can at least get ahead by outworking others by getting lean when they stay chubby.

    I usually get excited when something is simple but hard.

    That means everyone else with less discipline won't bother to do it.

    It's a barrier that keeps others out.

    When everyone else is looking for the silver bullet, you've had time to shoot 100 lead bullets.

    I didn't mean to turn this into a David Goggins motivational rant haha.

    My point is: do the hard, boring, annoying work that others aren't willing to do.

    And you'll get results that others won't.

    Now let's answer the question you came here for 👇




    What's the Best Body Fat % for Jawline?

    For men, it's around 8-9% body fat.

    And for women: it's around 15-17% body fat.

    Your jawline will become more defined and chiseled the lower your body fat goes.

    But it's around these ranges that the extra definition is offset by the extra vascularity and gaunt look that accompanies it.

    Once you start getting too lean, it no longer looks good.

    But I wouldn't worry about that haha, it's extremely hard to reach these levels anyway.

    It reminds me of this meme:

    women weight lifting meme

    Girls think that they'll get bulky if they lift weights... as if it is that easy


    So don't worry about getting too lean.

    You also don't need to worry about getting too rich, or too muscular lol.

    NOTE: these body fat percentage ranges are for fully grown adults between the ages of 18 and 35.

    It's much harder to maintain a lean body as you get older and your sex hormones decrease and HGH levels decrease.

    Luckily, as you get older, your face holds less fat and is lean at higher body fat levels.


    Body Fat % Table for Men

    Body Fat % ♂️ Men ♂️
    < 9 🔥 Super Shredded
    9 – 12
     Lean & Healthy
    13 – 20 Regular Joe
    21 – 24
    25 – 31 You're Fat Bro
    32+ Obese

    Body Fat % Table for Women

    Body Fat % ♀️ Women ♀️
    < 14
    14 – 20 ✅ Lean & Healthy
    20 – 26
    Regular Joe
    26 – 34 Overweight
    35 – 40 Fat
    40+ Obese




    How Do I Know What My Body Fat % Is?

    Everybody thinks they're taller than they are.

    If somebody tells you they are 6'1... measure them and they'll be 5'11.5.

    That's just how it is.

    Everybody adds an inch or two.

    It's kind of the same with body fat.

    People are terrible at estimating it.

    You're almost always fatter than you think.

    I've seen guys estimate their body fat at 9% when they were 16%!

    If you're really serious about it, and I think you should be, you'll go get a DEXA scan.

    That will tell you your body fat %, muscle mass %, and bone density %.

    It's really cool to set your benchmarks and measure yourself against them once a year or so.

    If that's a bit too serious for you, you should compare yourself to others with the body fat percentage you are targeting.

    Try to see if you have the same level of muscle definition (not muscle mass) and whether your veins are as visible.

    This is a decent way of getting a ballpark idea of where you are.


    Body fat percentages for men

    Be honest, which picture does your body look like?



    8 Jawline Transformations from Weight Loss



      jawline from weight loss

    lose weight for a sharper jawline

    chubby cheeks to chiseled jawline

    lad to chad

    Jake gyllenhaal jawline

    get shredded, look good

    lower body fat = sharper jawline



    Christian Bale jawline transformation


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    23 Jawline Transformations from Losing Weight – AMAZING




    Low Body Fat + Mewing + Chewing

    That's the Ultimate Jawline Formula

    Reducing your body fat should be priority #1 for your jawline.

    It's easy gains.

    But what you're doing is just making your current jawline appear.

    You're removing all the fat that is covering it.

    The next step is to improve your jawline.

    Build your jaw muscles and change the positioning of your jawbone.

    Sounds impossible?

    It's not.

    There's thousands of men and women who are using this "jawline formula" to get better jawlines.

    I wrote a simple and complete guide on what you need to do, and how to do it!

    Check that out if you're serious about getting a chiseled jawline 👇

    How to Get a Sharper Jawline (The 3 Step Formula)


     Jawline formula results

    Marcel Schaar used mewing, chewing, and slimming to improve his jawline




    🏁 SUMMARY 🏁

    Before you read this article, you already knew that losing weight would improve your jawline.

    You just needed some extra motivation. You wanted to know how much better you would look. 

    These jawline transformations above are absolutely insane.

    I'm a YouTuber, Blogger and expert in the space – and even I am still surprised how much losing weight does for your appearance.

    I hope this article helped inspire you to lose weight and see how good your jawline is underneath that excess skin and fat.

    Not only does it boost your looks, but more importantly, it will boost your confidence. 



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    P.S there's more you can do to improve your jawline than just losing weight. Chewing gum is a great way to build your jaw muscles👇

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