Brad Pitt's Jawline: Which Jaw Exercises Does He Do?

  • by Matt Phelps

 Brad Pitt's Jawline Is The Most Famous In The World. But Is Brad Pitt's Jaw Completely "Natural"?


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Can a jawline that good just be due to genetics?

Men AND women are starting to accept that there's more factors involved in having a good jawline than just "being born with it" 🤷‍♂️. 

Diet, exercise and posture have enormous effects on your jawline's shape.

But it's true, you can't change your genetics with those 3 things.

The question is:

🧬 How much of Brad Pitt's jawline is due to genetics?

💪 How much is because he "trains" his jaw?

We'll look at what Brad's jaw looked like when he was younger and how it has changed.

But first, lets analyse why Brad's jaw get so much attention.




What Makes Brad Pitt's Jawline So Special?

Brad's masseter muscles.

That's the answer.

Brad doesn't have a particularly wide jawline bone structure, he just has enormous masseter muscles bulging out the side of his face.

Brad Pitt's masster muscles flare out to the side 

Look at Brad Pitt's masseter muscles on the side of his jaw - incredible


He obviously has supreme genetics and it one of the sexiest men alive (he's won that award multiple times).

He also tops just about every list of strongest jawlines in the world.

But what makes his jawline so superb is the way his masseter muscles bulges out the side, making his jawline look very muscular.



Sure Brad Pitt has amazing genetics, I'm won't deny that.

But his jawline?

There's more to it than just genetics.

The thing about the masseter muscle is.... it's a muscle.

It can be built, just like any other muscle!

Nowadays, thousands of people are using Mastic gum and other jawline tools to build it, but we'll get to that a bit later.




Brad Pitt's Jaw Through The Years

Brad Pitt's jawline through the years 

Are Brad's chubby cheeks as a kid hiding his future famous jawline?


Would you guess that this young guy would have the worlds most famous jawline when he grew up?

Men's faces change a lot during puberty. We can't say much about Brad Pitt's future jawline genetics when he was 14


It doesn't look like Brad had great jawline genetics from these pictures when he was young.

It doesn't look like he has bad jawline genetics either.

Luckily, journalists have written about most parts of Brad's life (because he's MEGA famous).

So we know about some 'hints' that he exercises his jawline...




Does Brad Pitt Do Jaw Exercises? 

Brad Pitt is always chewing gum.

In fact, he's always chewing, eating and nibbling away.

Watch any of his movies and you'll notice.

People have even made memes and YouTube videos about it: "15 Minutes of Brad Pitt Eating".

Friends, set crew and other actors, say "Brad Pitt is always chewing gum".

Well, does chewing gum count as a jaw exercise?

Yes, yes it does.

"Chewing hard gum is the most effective way to build your masseter muscle and improve your jawline"

- Matt Phelps (me)

Enough chewing, and you will stimulate your masseter muscles to grow - and Brad is always chewing.
I believe this is the reason for Brad Pitt's enormous masseter muscles on the side of his jaw.




I'm not saying that's the only reason for Brad Pitt's amazing jaw.

He has had perfect mewing tongue posture his entire life and very low body fat.

Which is basically my formula for getting the best jawline genetically possible:

How To Get Best Jawline Genetically Possible = Mewing + Chewing + Slimming

he stars aligned for Brad Pitt's Jawline.

But that doesn't mean we can't learn anything from him.

A sharper jawline is possible for everyone.




How To Get A Brad Pitt Jawline

⚙️ Step 1: Start Mewing

How you place your tongue and how you breathe affects the shape of your face.

Mewing is all about how the correct posture can improve your facial bone structure.

Learn how to mew and stick to it- you'll be amazed.


💪 Step 2: Chew Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is 10x harder than regular gum.

So if chewing gum can have an affect on your jawline.... then mastic gum is like steroids.

I know this because my jawline before and after transformation only took 3 weeks.

My masseter muscles literally grew in 3 weeks.


💎 Step 3: Reduce Face Fat

The other steps won't matter if your jaw is covered in fat?

Losing weight is the quickest way to transform your jawline.

Sounds simple, but it ain't easy- yeah I know.

I've got 2 microbiome hacks that can help.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss out when I release them.





Brad Pitt Chews a Lot

Chewing is the oldest, but still the best, method for chiseling your jawline.

Don't chew jelly though, you've got to chew hard foods or mastic gum.


    Brad Mews

    He has great tongue posture and has breathed through his nose his whole life = mewing.


      Very Low Body-fat

      His muscular jaw wouldn't look so great if it was covered in fat.

      Brad has always been slim and works hard to stay that way.



        🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

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