10 Celebrities With Weak Jawlines – Why They're Attractive Anyway

  • by Matt Phelps

A Strong, Chiseled Jawline Isn't Everything... Just Look at These Hollywood Celebrities With Weak Jaws 


You're probably like most people – you don't have a fantastically chiseled jawline.

That's fine. It's just one trait that is part of what makes you attractive. There are millions of people that are considered attractive, that don't have great jawlines.

If you think about it, most famous celebrities don't have strong jawlines... which is kind of strange because it's no hard to do these days.

Most are just average! Sure, there's a bunch that do have great jawlines: Brad Pitt, Timothee Chalamet, Olivia Wilde etc.

But they're just outliers! I've put together a list of 10 celebrities, that don't just have average jawlines... they have weak jawlines.

If you're feeling self-conscious about your jawline – just look at these famous people.

Some of these people were the most famous people in the world during their heyday. And I bet you have a better jawline. What could be more encouraging than that?



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10. Seth Rogan

Seth rogan - weak jawline 

Seth Rogan is famous for being funny- not his jawline


Seth is almost always overweight.

Having excess fat, especially in your face, is a really great way to kill your jawline.

But even when Seth thinner, he has a double chin and low definition.




9. Tom Felton

Tom Felton - weak jawline 

Malfoy doesn't look as "sharp" in real life


It's partly the shape of Tom's head that contributes to his weak jawline.

He has quite a wide "upper half", which means his lower half (jaw) needs to be wider to be proportionate.




8. Jack Septiceye

 Jack Septiceye - weak jawline

Jack has 25 Million YouTube Subscribers


This isn't a great picture to demonstrate Jack's jaw.

His jawline isn't that weak, but it's certainly nothing spectacular.

I recommend checking out his YouTube channel is you want a better view.




7. Adam Driver

Adam Driver - weak jawline 

Adam has significant facial asymmetry AND a weak jawline. That doesn't stop the ladies from going wild over him


Some pictures of Adam look... really bad.

He's seen as a "sex symbol" and has become one of the most popular rising actors in recent years.

Maybe I'm just a mean, but I don't think he's particularly attractive.




6. Tracy Morgan

 Tracy Morgan - weak jawline

Tracy is overweight in this picture... but even when he is lean- his jawline is nowhere to be found


Tracy has a double chin even when he is lean.

I'd image this is caused by mouth breathing or improper tongue posture.




5. Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph - weak jawline 

Maya doesn't have to even be overweight for her "double chin" to show


Maya has that bulge under her chin that we sometimes call a double chin.

This is almost always caused by mouth breathing.

You will never see a nose-breather with a chin and jaw like this.




4. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage - weak jawline 

A famous action-hero without a superhero jawline


Nic has had a bunch of surgery over the years.

But even after all that, he still has a pretty average (actually it's bad) jawline.




3. Paul Giamatti

 Paul Giamatti - weak jawline

Paul always plays the bad guy. Or at least the angry, irritated guy.


He's got a double chin.

Even if he were to lose weight- he'd still have it.

But so what?

He doesn't care.




2. Edward Norton

Edward Norton - weak jawline 

Edward starred in Fight Club with Brad Pitt. That's a strong contrast between their jawlines...


Edward is handsome imo.

But he's clearly lacking in the jawline department.

If you've seen Fight Club, you get a real contrast.

Brad Pitt's jawline is the most famous in the world.

And Edward's jawline looks even weaker next to him.




1. Michael Cera

 Michael Cera - weak jawline

Michael has a "weak face" in more ways than one. He almost has no jaw because his face just melts into his neck


I'm sorry but Michael has a weak jawline, a hooked nose, beady eyes and a round face.

That's really mean, I know. But hey, he's rich, famous and probably happier than most people.




Top 10 Celebrities with Weak Jawlines

1. Michael Cera
2. Edward Norton
3. Paul Giamatti
4. Nicolas Cage
5. Maya Rudolph
6. Tracy Morgan
7. Adam Driver
8. Jack Septiceye
9. Tom Felton
10. Seth Rogan


What do you think of these celebrities with weak jawlines? If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!

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