Do Jawline Exercises Work? Here's What a "Jawline Expert" Says...

  • by Matt Phelps

The #1 Way to Chisel Your Jawline

Only Some Jawline Exercises Actually Improve Your Appearance...


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  • 😨 How to Get Uglier: certain methods aren't just a waste of money and time...  they'll create an aesthetic imbalance in your facial proportions!

  • 💉 "Like Steroids For Your Brad Pitt Muscle": the most effective way to grow muscle on your jawline (in the right places!)

  • 👨‍🔬 The 3-Step Jawline Formula: set the foundation, build the right muscle and then chisel away the excess. What does all that mean? Don't worry I'll walk you through it step-by-step.



Do Jawline Exercises Work?

Exercising your neck, chin and jaw, can lead to sharper cheekbones and a more prominent jawline.

   Do jawline exercises work? There's no doubt. But which ones are the most effective?

   There's 3 types, and they're all good for different goals. Let's look at them and then break down why you might do them.


The 3 Types of Jawline Exercises

  • 🐶 Rubber Chew Toys - objects that you chew to stimulate your facial muscles.
  • 🌿 Natural Resistance Exercises - do these without any equipment.
  • 💪 Mastic Gum - hard (natural) chewing gum.





🐶 Rubber Chew Toys 🐶


  • Jawzrsize
  • Jawliner
  • Chisell



  • Exercises many muscles in the face and head, not just the jawline.



  • Works out muscles that you probably don't want to grow.
  • Breaks quickly.
  • Unnatural chewing position, can cause TMJ.
  • Can't chew anywhere. It's kind of embarrassing.



I'm personally not a fan. These jawline exercisers are more like face and head exercisers. They work many muscles, but not the ones you want. 

   The temporalis on the side of your head is one of them. Excessive usage of these will grow your temporalis and make your head rounder and wider- not a good look imo.

   I recommend these to older people who are looking for a way to exercise their face. NOT to improve their appearance.

rubber toy jawline exerciser

These are a common rubber jawline exerciser





🌿 Natural Resistance Exercises 🌿


  • Temple rub
  • Jaw jut stretch



  • Free! No equipment needed.
  • You can do them anywhere.



  • Minimal effect and changes.



A great way to cheaply exercise your face and jawline. I recommend everyone stretch their face regularly. You'll feel great!

   However, you won't change how you look with these simple face and jawline exercises. You need more resistance for that.

Facial exercises

Simple face exercises can be effective over a longer timeframe





💪 Mastic Gum 💪



  • Rockjaw Mastic Gum
  • Project Jawline
  • Greco Gum



  • Effective for growing your masseter muscle.
  • You can chew anywhere. While working, studying etc.
  • Incredibly cheap relative to the changes you'll see.



  • It's not free.
  • Not everyone likes the taste.
  • You'll run out and have to buy more.
  • Hard to find good quality crystals.



Mastic gum is the best jawline exercise imo. It is 10x harder than regular chewing gum and your jawline will show it.

   It's spectacular at growing the masseter muscle of your jaw in a short period of time. Men will see results within 3 weeks.

Mastiha crystals (mastic gum)

Mastic crystals are 100% natural and has been used as chewing gum for 3000 years 





The NEW (But 3000 Years Old) Jawline Exercise That Promises Results in 3 Weeks

You're probably only just hearing about mastic gum. So I thought I'd give you a bit more info on it.


3 Benefits of Mastic Gum

  • 💎 It's 10x Harder Than Regular Gum: normal chewing gum is like walking and mastic gum is like a 200kg squat. Which one will build more muscle?
  • ✔️ Sugar Free and Anti-Bacterial: unlike other gums, mastic is good for you! It helps fight infections, kills bacteria in your mouth and eases stomach conditions.
  • ♻️ It's Re-usable: "What? Gross!" - wait, hear me out. Mastiha is 100% natural, never loses it's texture or becomes 'rubbery'. You can chew it multiple times before taking a new piece- so one pack can last a long time. You'll see what I mean when you try it.


Results in 3 Weeks??

I started selling mastic gum after my incredible results using it (see below). There's a few reasons why Mastic Gum is by far the most popular brand:

  • A Sharper Jawline or it’s Free: it'll give you a sharper jawline with one pack of gum. If it doesn't work for you... I'll give you ALL your money back. 
  • EVERY Piece Is High Quality: the pieces are hand picked by private farmers on the Greek island Chios. Then washed and filtered 2x to make sure only the hardest and clearest mastiha crystals remain. Other mastic gum brands have “gritty” pieces of sand and dirt inside them, which can damage your teeth. 
  • You Know What You’re Getting: Instead of trying 15 different sources of gum, testing and experimenting for yourself- just buy Mastic Gum once. It works. It’s the best. And it’ll save you time and energy.
  • Membership To The Jawline Building Community: buying Steel Jawline Gum, will get you a free membership into a reddit community, email newsletter and How-To YouTube channel. All of these are dedicated to helping you on your jawline journey.


READ MORE: using mastic gum as a jawline exercise isn't exactly new 👇

How to Get a Sharp Jawline with Mastic Gum (Hollywood's Secret)





The 3-Step Jawline Formula (For Men and Women)

My personal experience led to the jawline formula. I completely transformed my face (for the better!) using these 3 steps.

   There's other things you can do to improve even more, but the 3 steps alone account for 95% of all the improvements.

my jawline formula photo

Mewing, chewing and slimming is how I got a sharp jawline


1. Mewing - Set the Foundation

Mewing will make your facial musculature stronger and nose breathing will give you better oxygen absorption.

   Mewing can cure overbites, weak chins and double chins. Learn how to mew properly and start TODAY.

2. Chewing - Build the Muscle

Your jaw muscles can be grown just like any other muscle on your body.

   Chew mastic gum regularly (every other day) using the "jawline chew" method and watch your masseter muscle get bigger like Brad Pitt's.

3. Slimming - Make it Visible

Make all your mewing and chewing gains visible by getting lean and losing facial fat.

   Find a healthy cutting plan that works for you and stick to it. Don't rely on cardio to lose weight.


I explain the jawline formula in 36 seconds on my YouTube channel





Summary: Do Jawline Exercises Work?


3️⃣ There Are 3 Types of Jawline Exercises

Want to exercise your face and don't care how it changes? Use rubber jawline exercises. 

   Want to stretch out the muscles in your face and feel limber? Try Natural resistance exercises?

Want to build muscle and get a chiseled jawline? Chew mastic gum regularly.


💪 Mastic Gum is the Best for Building Your Jawline

Your jaw muscles can grow just like any other muscle. Chew mastic gum regularly using the "jawline chew" method.


🧪 The Jawline Formula: Mewing + Chewing + Slimming

  1. MEWING: set the foundation of your face with proper tongue posture and nose breathing.
  2. CHEWING: build your masseter muscle by chewing mastic gum.
  3. SLIMMING: make your mewing and chewing gains visible by losing weight.





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   Matt Phelps

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P.S read how to use the jawline formula to get yourself a sharper jawline👇

How to Get a Jawline (The Jawline Formula)


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