Does Chewing Gum Help Your Jawline? - Facts & Myths

  • by Matt Phelps

Heavy Chewing Will Give You a Sore Jaw... But Will it Improve Your Jawline?


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Table of Contents

 🤨 Why Do People Think Chewing Gum Can Improve Their Jawline?
❓ Does Chewing Gum Help Chisel Your Jawline?
 ⚙️ How Does Chewing Gum Help Your Jawline
🧪 Proof That Chewing Gum Can Grow Your Jaw Muscles
🏅 3 Benefits of Chewing Gum
➕ 2 Other Ways to Improve Your Jawline
🪜 5 Steps to Improve Your Jawline With Chewing Gum
🏋️‍♀️ How to 10x Your Jawline Workouts
🏁 Summary



A sharp, well-defined jawline is a symbol of masculinity and is an important factor in attractiveness. That's why you want one right?

   You're not alone. The number of men and women using Jawline exercisers, botox and plastic surgery have all skyrocketed in the last 10 years. But the place everyone starts at... the first question everyone asks is:

Does Chewing Gum Help Improve Your Jawline?

   Below, I'll explain why the answer is YES. How to chew to build the right muscles. WHAT to chew to actually get results... AND I've even got a discount on the best chewing gum for your jawline.


Did chewing gum help create this jawline?

Millions of men are trying to build a stronger jawline and hollow cheeks



Why Do People Think Chewing Gum Can Improve Their Jawline?

Chewing uses your jaw muscles, right? The more you chew, the more you workout your jaw. It should get bigger, stronger and more defined. So chewing gum does help your jawline, right?

   It makes sense that exercise could change your face and jaw muscles. After all, exercise does that to the rest of our body. The first jawline exercise that comes to mind is chewing.

   But obviously you can't chew food all day... that's called obesity. So the next thing people think of is: chewing gum. Perhaps chewing 5 pieces of gum will be a solid workout?



Try throwing 2-6 pieces of gum in your mouth and chew for 20 minutes. Feel anything? Most people will feel a slight ache in their face, jaw and around their temple area.

   That's kind of evidence that chewing gum can be a workout for your jaw- because of the muscle soreness. But does that mean that chewing gum helps improve your jawline?

Not really. Ask any athlete and they'll tell you:

"Just because something hurts... doesn't mean it's a good workout."
- Athletes


They've been doing it since the 60s! It's a Bodybuilders job to build every muscle in their body as big, defined and symmetrical as they can. People used to call them "freaks" because they were so obsessed with how they looked.

   OF COURSE they have a few secrets for working out their jawlines! It's the most important muscle on your body for improving your attractiveness!

   "Yeah, but steroids..." - I'm not denying that steroids play a big role in BodyBuilding. But they still needed a way to train their jawlines. An exercise that works the right portion of the jawline. That way is called: chewing gum.

   That's no secret. You're reading this because you had an inkling that chewing gum might be effective for chiseling your jawline. The real secret is the type of gum that BodyBuilders have been using for 50 years to build up their jaw muscles. More on that later...


Tom Platz had a super strong jawline

BodyBuilder Tom Platz focused heavily on building his jawline



Does Chewing Gum Help Chisel Your Jawline?

Chewing gum stimulates multiple masticatory muscles in your face. It won't improve the appearance of your jawline significantly unless you add greater resistance by chewing a hard gum- like mastic gum. This will grow the masseter muscle and lead to a stronger, more defined jawline.

   That's the short, simple answer. We'll get into details below about where and how to get your hands of some quality mastic gum.



How Does Chewing Gum Help Your Jawline?

Chewing gum is a simple way to chisel your jawline. Chewing exercises the muscles in your neck, face and jaw, which tightens up your skin and builds your Masseter muscle. By regularly chewing gum, you're working out these muscles without thinking about it.

   When you chew, you use many of facial muscles. Duh! There's a whole bunch of boring masticatory muscles like the temporalis, medial pterygloid and the later pterygloid. But there's one main chewing muscle that you need to know about:



   It's the muscle that connect your mandible (lower jaw bone) and your cheekbones. And you can't have a square, sharp, chiseled, defined, manly, strong jawline without it!


Chewing gum will build your masseter muscle

Chewing gum exercises the masseter muscle on the side of the jaw



The masseter is literally the strongest muscle in the human body. Ok, well some say it's the tongue... it's an ongoing debate! Chewing gum can actually grow the masseter, which will give you a stronger looking jawline.

   Yes. There's plenty of research and studies to prove that mastication (a fancy word for chewing) causes hypertrophy (fancy word for muscle growth) in the masseter muscle. Here's one worth checking out:



Proof That Chewing Gum Can Grow Your Jaw Muscles

Try Googling Bruxism jaw. It's a sleep condition where some 'chew' on their teeth. They grind their teeth together all night. It's basically like chewing rocks. Terrible for your teeth, but it does gives them wide and muscular jawlines (but they don't look good!).

   Their masseter muscles grow so much from chewing their teeth that they have to get surgery to reduce their jaw.

"Right... where are you going with this dude? I'm not going to screw up my teeth..."

   I brought it up to show you that the jaw muscles can grow a lot from regular chewing. There's no question that it can be done. Obviously I'm not recommending Bruxism.

   What I will do is recommend a chewing gum that is the perfect balance of hard and safe, to help improve your jawline.


my personal jawline transformation from chewing gum

Apart from using chewing gum to improve my jawline, I used mewing and slimming. More on those below. Click here to read more about my jawline transformation



 3 Benefits of Chewing Gum

1.  💪 Workout For Your Face and Jaw Muscles: 

Chewing gum is the simplest way to start building your jawline because it exercises the core jawline muscles- the masseter and the temporalis.

   When you do bicep curls in the gym, your biceps get more defined. Same thing happens to the muscles of your face and jawline. Though, you'll need to make sure these muscles are visible and not covered in a layer of fat. More on that later.


2.  😍 Reduce Your Double Chin and Tighten Up Saggy Skin

Chewing gum exercises the muscles that support your cheekbones and chin. It can help you to lose cheek fat by tightening up your skin around your face and chin area. Your underlying facial bone structure will become more visible.

   If your goal is to simply tighten and define your face, regular chewing gum is an excellent place to start. Over time you can increase the intensity of your workouts by using mastic gum.


3.  🏃‍♀️ Feel Fuller, Eat Less, & Lose Weight

Chewing gum makes your brain think that you're eating and "tricks" it into thinking you're full. Next time to eat, try eating 10% less than you usually would and chew some gum straight after you're finished.

   You won't be hungry even though you ate 10% less than usually. It's a great method for gradually reducing the amount of food you eat and getting your stomach used to it.

   Losing weight is also the most important factor in improving your facial aesthetics and appearance. Chewing gum improves your jawline both directly and indirectly!

   Using this technique, you'll see accelerate weight loss if you chew mastic gum. It has a positive impact on your microbiome (like kefir and kimchi), which will help prime your body for weight loss.



2 Other Ways to Improve Your Jawline

🏃🏽‍♂️ Weight Loss

Losing weight is a great place to start. Obviously you can't see your jawline if it's covered in fat or saggy skin. Good jawlines were more common in the past because people were thinner.

You might even have a Brad Pitt jawline... you've just got to uncover it!

   It's a boring solution. You already knew about it. But that's because it works! Don't underestimate how far losing weight will get your towards your jawline goals.

   The first, most obvious place to start after weight loss- is chewing gum. It seems like a logical jaw exercise, but does chewing gum help your jawline?


Taylor Lautner's jawline before and after picture shows how important weight loss is
This photo of Taylor Lautner's jawline before and after weight loss clearly shows how important losing weight is for your jawline

👅 Mewing

Mewing is a gaining momentum every week and there is evidence everywhere that it will improve your facial bone structure. If you aren't mewing or don't even know what it is- start by reading this: What is mewing?

   The ultimate way to improve your jawline is the combination of mewing, chewing and slimming (weight loss). That's my jawline formula that I used to completely transform my own appearance, and now I help thousands of others.

Does mewing help your jawline

A typical mewing transformation. Click here to see 100 more mewing transformation photos



5 Steps to Improve Your Jawline With Chewing Gum

🦷 1.  Chew on Both Sides

You don't want an asymmetrical face and jawline. So make sure you are exercising each side of your jaw equally. Sometimes you can see in chewing gum before and after pictures that one side "looks better" or is bigger than the other.

   This is due to unconsciously chewing with a dominant side. You'll have to chew consciously and think about equal chewing to avoid this.


🛌 2.  Rest - So Your Jaw Muscles Can Grow

Gym junkies will tell you that your muscles grow when you're at rest. it's the same for your jaw muscles of course. So don't workout you jaw with chewing gum for more than 1-2 hours per a day. Start with 20 minutes a day.

   You may get tempted to chew gum all day: "more chewing = more muscle!". But too much chewing could lead to Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ). You don't want that.

   If you're chewing Mastic Gum, then even 1 hour a day is TOO MUCH. Mastic Jawline Gum is like HEAVY deadlifts for your jaw and it's extremely taxing on your entire jaw. I'll tell you more about this down below.


🧘‍♀️ 3.  Stretch To Avoid Tight Jaw Muscles

Stretching is just good practice for maintaining the flexibility of your muscles and to help avoid jaw joint problems. Do a few jaw stretches after every chewing gum jawline workout.


🏋🏼‍♂️ 4.  Add More Weight To The Barbell

You wouldn't expect and hour of running to build a lot of muscle in your legs. Same for your jaw muscles: an hour of chewing isn't the best way. You need to add weight to your workout. 

   Heavy squats will build muscle 100x faster than long distance running. So how do you "go heavy" for your masseter muscles? You chew mastic Jawline Gum. Read more about it down below.


⏱ 5.  Give It 3-6 Months

   Go to the gym for 2 months and you won't look like The Rock, right? Building muscle takes time. Some muscles, like the chest, grow easier than others. Unfortunately the muscles of the jaw don't grow quickly. They're extremely resilient and need an lot of excessive load.

I talk about how you can "add weight" to your workouts right here 👇



How To 10x Your Jaw Workouts

Mastic gum is BY FAR the most effective chewing gum to help chisel your jawline. It's like taking steroids and benching 4 plates on each side of the barbell. Regular gum is like runnin a marathon.

   Obviously mastic gum isn't some magic pill that can instantly improve your jawline. But compared to other gums... it kind of is. 

   I wrote a whole article explaining HOW and WHY you shouldn't even bother with other chewing gums. Read this right now 👇

The Best Chewing Gum For Your Jawline (waste no more time!)


A pack of Steel Jawline Gum

Chewing mastic gum is the best jawline exercise. STEEL is currently the most popular jawline gum on the market



SUMMARY: Does Chewing Gum Help Chisel Your Jawline 

  • Chewing Gum Builds Your Masseter Muscles: your jawline muscles can be grown like any other muscle.
  • Face Fat Will Hide Your Amazing Jawline: lose the weight so your chewing gum jawline results can be seen.
  • Have You Tried Mewing? Proper tongue posture and nose-breathing greatly affects how your face develops. Do both correctly to maximise your jawline's appearance.
  • Add Weight To Your Jaw Workouts With Mastic Gum: curling a can of soup 200 times won't build your biceps. Same with your jaw's masseter muscles- you've got to go heavy if you want to grow.



🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

Thank you for reading my article about does chewing gum helps your jawline. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thank you!


Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

   Matt Phelps

   Founder of STEEL®


P.S If you made it all the way to the bottom here... you're probably pretty serious about using chewing gum to chisel your jawline.

So I'm offering you a 10% discount on Jawline Gum, if you buy through this link:

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