Does Chewing GUM Help Your Jawline? – 10 Before & After Photos

  • by Matt Phelps

Chewing Gum is the Oldest & Most-Effective Jawline Exerciser


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 🎬 Introduction
 😍 10 Transformation Photos
 🏆 BEST Jawline Chewing Gum
 ⚙️ How Does it Work?
📜 History of Gum as a Jaw Tool
 🏋🏼‍♂️ How to Workout
 ➕ 3 BONUS Chewing Gum Benefits
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Chewing gum is a phenomenal jawline exerciser tool. I know that for a fact, because I've seen the results on myself. And my friends. And from the hundreds of men and women that have told me via email.

   But not every gum is the same. You know that. Harder gums will obviously do more than a soft bubble gum. More on that later though.


Google trends results for "jawline chewing gum"

Google searches for "jawline chewing gum" has been increasing rapidly for the last 10 years. It seems many people are also wondering if chewing gum can help improve their jawline.



   For some random reason, I always wanted a strong jawline and face. I think it's because I was obsessed with Superhero's.

I wanted to be tough, and part of that (to me) was about looking tough.

   So I tried dozens of different ways to workout the masseter muscles of my jaw. I chewed swimming caps, squash balls and pieces of leather

   Always looking for something that would provide more resistance for my jaw muscles.

   Once I found the right tool, it didn't take long. Within 13 months I had completely changed the shape of my jaw.

   My masseter muscles grew quickly and people assumed I'd had some sort of cosmetic surgery. Far from it. Though I'll admit, my transformation picture looks very extreme here.


My jawline transformation from chewing gum

Left: taken in August 2019. Right: taken in October 2020




10 Jawline Transformation Photos

steel jawline gum results

Alessandro chewed Mastic Gum for over a month to see these results


project jawline results

Dom grew his masseter muscle by chewing project jawline's mastic gum


chewing gum before and after

Insane growth of the jaw muscles from intense gum chewing


excessive chewing results

Claire Embleton unintentionally grew here jaw by chewing gum all day


matt stonie before and after

Matt Stonie's jaw got bigger and stronger after becoming a competitive eater. He trains by chewing gum


jawline before and after

Jan improve his jawline rapidly with mastic gum


chewing gum jawline before and after 

These are Brett Mavericks before and after pictures from 30 days of chewing gum


jawline transformation

A customer that built a masculine jawline... in less than 1 month!


project jawline before and after

Project Jawline mastic gum transformation picture


 chewing gum transformation

Sometimes, results can come extremely quickly for beginners




Which is the BEST Jawline Chewing Gum?

  • 🥇 Mastic Gum: undoubtedly the hardest chewing gum if you want to chisel your jawline. Mastic gum crystal are drops of resin from the mastic tree native to Greece and the Middle East- mainly from a Greek island called Chios
  • 🥈 Jawliner Gum: jawline gum was made specifically as a jawline chewing gum. It is brand new was only released in 2022. It's a regular mint-flavored gum, and hence is better suited for the majority – not everyone wants to chew a hardcore natural gum like mastic!



    Don't waste your time and money testing every type of gum. I've already done it for you. Read my complete breakdown here 👇

    #1 Best Chewing Gum for Your Jawline (Top 5 Ranked)




    How Does Chewing Gum Help Your Jawline?

    Chewing exercises the muscles in your neck, face and jaw, which tightens up your skin and gives you a defined jawline.

       By regularly chewing gum, you're working out these muscles without thinking about it.

       When you chew, you use stimulate multiple masticatory muscles in your face.

       Secondary muscles like, the temporalis, medial pterygloid and the lateral pterygloid. But the main one you want to train is the masseter. 

       It's the muscle that connect your mandible (lower jaw bone) and your cheekbones.

       And you can't have a square, sharp, chiseled, defined, manly, strong jawline without it!


    Chewing gum will build your masseter muscle

    Chewing gum exercises the masseter muscle on the side of the jaw


       The masseter is literally the strongest muscle in the human body. Ok, well some say it's the tongue... it's an ongoing debate!

       Chewing gum can actually grow the masseter, which will give you a stronger looking jawline.

       But nothing will change unless you add greater resistance by using one of the hard chewing gums.

       It's the same with any other muscle: you can't build a big chest by bench-pressing cans of soup.


    NOT CONVINCED? There's plenty of research and studies to prove that mastication (a fancy word for chewing) causes hypertrophy (fancy word for muscle growth).

    Bruxism is also proof. It's a sleep condition where some people 'chew' on their teeth.

       They grind their teeth together all night. It's basically like chewing rocks. Terrible for your teeth, but it does gives them wide and muscular jawlines.

       Their masseter muscles grow so much from chewing their teeth that they have to get surgery to reduce their jaw. 




    A Short History of Chewing Gum as a Jawline Exerciser

    BodyBuilders have used it since the 60s! It's a Bodybuilders job to build every muscle in their body as big, defined and symmetrical as they can.

       People used to call them "freaks" because they were so obsessed with how they looked.

       OF COURSE they have a few secrets for working out their jawlines! It's the most important muscle on your body for improving your attractiveness!

       "Yeah, but steroids..." - I'm not denying that steroids play a big role in BodyBuilding. But they still needed a way to train their jawlines. An exercise that works the right portion of the jawline.


    Tom Platz had a super strong jawline

    BodyBuilder Tom Platz focused heavily on building his jawline



    How to Workout With Chewing Gum

    🦷 1.  Chew on Both Sides

    You don't want an asymmetrical face and jawline. So make sure you are exercising each side of your jaw equally.

       Sometimes you can see in chewing gum before and after pictures that one side "looks better" or is bigger than the other.

       This is due to unconsciously chewing with a dominant side. You'll have to chew consciously and think about equal chewing to avoid this.


    🛌 2.  Rest, So Your Jaw Muscles Can Grow

    Gym junkies will tell you that your muscles grow when you're at rest. it's the same for your jaw muscles of course.

       So don't workout you jaw with chewing gum for more than 1-2 hours per a day. Start with 20 minutes a day.

       You may get tempted to chew gum all day: "more chewing = more muscle!". But too much chewing could lead to TMJ. You don't want that.

       If you're chewing Mastic Gum, then even 1 hour a day is TOO MUCH. Mastic gum is like HEAVY deadlifts for your jaw and it's extremely taxing on your entire jaw.


    🧘‍♀️ 3.  Stretch To Avoid Tight Jaw Muscles

    Stretching is just good practice for maintaining the flexibility of your muscles.

       Excessive gum chewing without stretching could lead to jaw joint problems. Do a few jaw stretches after every workout if you are chewing gum regularly.


    🏋🏼‍♂️ 4.  Add More Weight To The Barbell

    You wouldn't expect and hour of running to build a lot of muscle in your legs.

       Same for your jaw muscles: an hour of chewing isn't the best way. You need to add weight to your workout. 

       Heavy squats will build muscle 100x faster than long distance running. So how do you "go heavy" for your masseter muscles? You chew a hard gum like mastic, or jawline gum.


    ⏱ 5.  Give It 3-6 Months

       Go to the gym for 2 months and you won't look like The Rock, right? Building muscle takes time, don't expect immediate results. Some muscles, like the chest, grow easier than others. The muscles of the jaw need a lot of resistance to grow.




    3 BONUS Benefits of Chewing Gum

    1.  💪 Workout For Your Facial Muscles: 

    Chewing gum is the simplest way to start building your jawline because it exercises the core jawline muscles- the masseter..

       When you do bicep curls in the gym, your biceps get more defined. Same thing happens to the muscles of your face and jawline.

       Though, you'll need to make sure these muscles are visible and not covered in a layer of fat. More on that later.


    2.  😍 Reduce Your Double Chin and Tighten Up Saggy Skin

    Chewing gum exercises the muscles that support your cheekbones and chin.

       It can help you to lose cheek fat by tightening up your skin around your face and chin area. Your underlying facial bone structure will become more visible.

       If your goal is to simply tighten and define your face, regular chewing gum is an excellent place to start.

       Over time you can increase the intensity of your workouts by using mastic- which is resin picked from the mastic tree found on the Greek island Chios.

       Or using jawline gum, which is a mint-flavored gum designed specifically as a jawline exerciser.


    3.  🏃‍♀️ Feel Fuller, Eat Less, & Lose Weight

    Chewing gum makes your brain think that you're eating and "tricks" it into thinking you're full.

       Next time to eat, try eating 10% less than you usually would and chew some gum straight after you're finished.

       You won't be hungry even though you ate 10% less than usually. It's a great method for gradually reducing the amount of food you eat.

       Losing weight is also the most important factor in improving your facial aesthetics and appearance.

    Chewing gum improves your jawline both directly and indirectly!


    ⚠️ A Word of Caution ⚠️

    Not ALL  gum is good. Some chewing gums are loaded with sugar and are essentially junk food.

       These are awful for your oral health, leading to tooth decay and other dental problems.




    🏁 SUMMARY: Does Chewing Gum Help Jawline?

    • Chewing Gum Builds Your Masseter Muscles: your jawline muscles can be grown like any other muscle. Chewing is a natural way to stimulate the muscles of the jaw.
      • Add Weight To Your Jaw Workouts: curling a can of soup 200 times won't build your biceps. Same with your jaw's masseter muscles- you've got to go heavy if you want to grow. Use mastic gum or jawline gum to add extra resistance to your jaw workouts.




      🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

      Thank you for reading my article "does chewing gum help jawline". If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thank you!




      Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

         Matt Phelps

         YouTuber & Founder of STEEL



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