How Long Should You Chew Gum For a Jawline Workout?

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You can improve your jawline by chewing gum.

There's no lack of evidence about that- just look at these 10 jawline transformations.

But there's not much information out there on the workouts these people use.

Let's look at some workouts you can do at home.

AND answer your questions like: how long should you chew gum for a jawline workout?

And what gum should you chew? 


Jawline transformation

A fantastic jawline transformation by losing weight and building the jaw muscles (with chewing gum)




How Long Should You Chew Gum As a Jawline Workout

D epends on the chewing gum of course.

Some chewing gums are harder than others and hence are a much better workout.

Some regular gums are so soft that you could chew all day and you wouldn't even get sore.

Before we look at the pros and cons, and how long you should chew... let's talk about health.

You might be chewing gum for up to 7 hours a day, a woman in England actually did that, so you need to consider the health risks.

Many artificial gums contain sugar, or at least artificial sweeteners.

There's not a lot of calories in gum so you don't have to worry about gaining weight.

But these can be awful for your gut microbiome which can have many negative consequences in the long run.




❄️ Regular Gum ❄️

This is just normal chewing gum that you find at the gas station or supermarket.

It's not particularly hard, but if you chew long enough, you'll get a decent workout.


WORKOUT: chew gum for at least 3 hours a day to workout your jaw.

Take 1 day off each week.

I know this sounds like a lot... but that's what you'll have to do if you want to see results in a reasonable timeframe.


RISKS: we're not designed to chew soft things all day like a cow.

Chewing for that long is unnatural.

After a few weeks/months of chewing 3+ hours a day, you increase the risk of getting TMJ and damaging your jaw joint.




👌 Falim Gum 👌

Falim gum is a popular gum in Turkey, where it's from.

You can find it in all supermarkets and gas stations.

For everyone outside of Turkey, you can buy it on Amazon.

It's much harder than regular gum.

So you won't have to chew for as long, and you decrease the risk of getting TMJ.


WORKOUT: Chewing Falim gum for 1.5+ hours a day to grow your masseter muscles.

Take 1 day off each week.

Both men and women have reported good results using this workout over a 3-6 month period.




🔥 Jawliner Gum 🔥

Jawliner gum is a mint-flavored chewing gum that's 10x harder than regular gum.


WORKOUT: Chew jawline gum for 20-40 minutes a day to have outstanding results.

Take 1 day off each week.

Many men see visible changes to their jawline in just 3 weeks of chewing.


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It's convenient, tastes good and makes your jaw ache  👇

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🔥 Mastic Gum 🔥

M astic gum is the sap from the Mastic tree- found only on the Greek island Chios.

It's 100% natural and has a limited supply. It can be bought online.

Mastic gum is 10x harder than regular gum.

It never loses its hardness or its fresh taste.


WORKOUT: Chew mastic gum for 20-40 minutes a day to have outstanding results.

Take 1 day off each week.

Many men see visible changes to their jawline in just 3 weeks of chewing.


READ MORE: mastic gum is how you 10x your jawline workouts.

It's the deadlift of chewing gums – it builds muscle fast 👇


The Best Chewing Gum for Your Jawline (+ How to Chew it)


Mastic gum is 100% natural and has a wide range of positive side effects





You can improve your jawline with almost any type of gum.

The question is: how fast do you want to see results?

And what risks are you willing to take?

Harder chewing gums like mastic or jawline gum will give you results much quicker.

But they are harder to find in stores and often more expensive.





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P.S chewing gum regularly does more than just train your jaw muscles and improve your jawline👇

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