How To Get a Better Jawline With Mastic Gum (Hollywood's Secret REVEALED)

  • by Matt Phelps

You Still Think A Sharp Jawline Is Just Genetics? Here's How To Get A Chiseled Jawline Using An Old Hollywood Secret


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  • 🤔 The Crucial Jawline "Misconception": your masseter genetics aren't "bad" at all.

  • 💤 Accidental Quagmires: how some people literally wake-up with bigger jaw muscles.

  • ✅ a Better Jawline Or Your Money Back: how to get results without risking a cent.


JAWLINE is all genetics? That's what everyone tells you. They say you're either born lucky or you're not. That's bulls**t and I'll tell you why:

   Bodybuilders use a Greek gum that is so tough it builds your facial muscles and neck muscles. They call it "the bench press of the jaw". According to them, the jaw is just a muscle that can be built like any other.

Lol well why don't regular gum chewers have strong jawlines?



Our ancestors chewed bark, roots, leaves and nuts for 6000 years. Every ancient culture had its own version. Their "chewing gum" was a lot tougher than the soft, sweet plastic we have to today.

   They never had to ask which jawline exercises to do. They never did facial exercises or had to worry about cutting down junk food to get to single digit body fat.

   They ate tough meat and hard foods that weren't boiled floppy and filled with preservatives. They trained heavy everyday. Can you picture a caveman with a saggy frog throat? 



Open a Google tab and search "100 Most Attractive Men". Pick any list and tell me if one guy has a weak jaw. Seriously I'd love to know. Women don't dream of men that look like baby-faced boys. They love razor sharp jawlines.

These actors, sport stars and models get paid for how they look:

   More teenage girls with you as their wallpaper = More money

So if there's any secrets to looking good- Hollywood finds them. They learnt from Venice Beach Bodybuilders jawline exercises actually result in a chiseled jawline... Chew gum. Mastic gum. With the correct form and your mouth closed.

   Still skeptical? Think your jawline is a results of individual genetic factors and it can't be improved? That it's all about you bone structure and has nothing to do with muscle? Read on:



Google Bruxism jaw. These people have a condition where they 'chew' on their teeth while sleeping. It gives them wide and muscular jawlines.

   Their masseter muscles grow so much they have to get surgery to reduce their jaw and chin muscles. What's the masseter? It's the bulge on the side of Brad Pitt's jaw. 

Brad Pitt is famous for having large masseter muscles on the side of his jaw

Brad Pitt's has a muscular jawline because his masseter muscles are so large


Bruxism destroys your teeth. I brought it up because I wanted to show you that the jaw muscles can be grown with the right kind of heavy chewing (2011 Jimma University Study).

So if you've never trained your jaw properly, GOOD NEWS:  



You get the same "Newbie gains" as you get in the gym. Don't forget your jaw is a muscle that can be grown just like your biceps. BUT you need to start working out now.


" You think actors, models and bodybuilders are just born with a perfectly chiseled jawline like that? Lmfao - we train it. It's not from cosmetic surgery. You gotta train your jaw. It's a muscle. "

A famous YouTuber who uses STEEL Jawline Gum
- Fitness Model


   It's the same with bodybuilding: the younger you start the bigger you can get. It's easy to stack on mass. Make use of all the extra testosterone and HGH you have in your system while you can.

   Imagine how jacked you'd be now if you started bodybuilding 5 years earlier! The earlier you plant the seeds, the faster the tree grows. 

   Of course, how much you can improve your facial muscles depends a bit on your face shape.

   But even that can be altered over time by something called mewing – placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth.



It's the resin of the Mastic tree. A tree found only on the Greek island Chios. For 2500 years the locals have been chewing this stuff and holy hell are the positive benefits clear... they all have strong jawlines.

   Mastic gum is 10x tougher than regular gum - which feels like curling a can of baked beans. Mastic gum feels like a 200kg deadlift for reps.

   That's why you'll have to stretch your neck muscles to prevent neck pain. Drinking water and massaging your lower jaw will increase blood circulation and prevent jaw clenching or any jaw pain.

   Mastic is 100% natural so I can't 'make' more. I have to grow it. I apologise in advance if stocks are low. 



I added around 3mm to each side of my jaw in less than 30 days. Just one piece a day for 20 minutes.

   Sounds simple, but you've got to remember your jaw will ache for hours after your first workout.

Still, visible gains in a few weeks is f***** nuts. So I decided to start selling it.

I promise:

  • the best of all jaw exercises for increasing jaw definition and maintaining a strong, youthful appearance
  • visible growth of your masseter muscles in 30 days

   IF you try Jawline Gum and don't like it... just email me and I'll give you all your money back.

   You can keep the gum, ask for a refund, and rip me off. But I haven't had a single person do that.



If you made it this far, you do your research. You know if you want something different to happen, you're going to have to do something different.

   One year from today you will be someone new. The question is who? That is your decision to make right now.

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🍀  GOOD LUCK!  🍀

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Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

   Matt Phelps

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  Today is your day. With the millions that are training to get a sharper jawline – you won't be able to keep up. Are you going to take action today? Or wait for the "right time"?

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