How to Get a Jawline in 3 Steps (Jawline Formula)

  • by Matt Phelps

The 3 Steps on How to Get a Jawline THIS Year...

Using the Simple Formula That Is Working for Thousands


🔎 Revealed on this page...

  • 😮 "That's 100% Photoshopped": I'll show you my own chiseled jawline (you'll think I had surgery) and I'll teach you the simple 3-step formula.

  • 💪 How to Build the "Brad Pitt" Muscle: your jaw muscles can grow just like any other muscle. Step 2 is a detailed guide to growing the right ones - and FAST. Most men see growth in 3 weeks.

  • 🧬 8 Healthy Hacks That Melt Face Fat: no, you can't tell your body where to burn fat... but some methods are better than others.


my jawline before and after chewing mastic gum

My 3-step How to Get a Jawline formula worked for me. I'll share it with you right NOW on this page.


Icreated my jawline formula in 2019 after years of experimenting.

The 3 steps aren't revolutionary, but they work.

   They'll seem simple when you hear them, and that's the point. It's often the simple solutions that work best. By sticking to the formula, I transformed my jawline in 13 months.


How to Get a Jawline Without Surgery

Plastic surgery is WAY too common these days. I'm not a fan. I think it's unnatural.

   Well... wait, obviously injecting plastic into your face and jawline isn't natural. Almost nothing we do today is natural. I guess my problem with it is a bunch of things:


Plastic surgery is:

  • 🧪 Unnatural - what would Grandma say?
  • 💰 Expensive - from $10k up to $100k
  • 🍭 Unhealthy - putting plastic in your face comes with risks
  • 🤮 Cringe -  sorry! But tbh that's what I think


zac efron before and after surgery

Even someone as attractive as Zac Efron has gotten plastic surgery. imo Zac looked far better before.


With all those "downsides", wouldn't it be great if there was a natural way to get similar results?

   That's exactly what this page will give you: a natural formula that ANYONE can use to get a jawline. And you can start at ANYTIME.


Why my formula is the superior way to get a better jawline:

  • 🌲 100% Natural - nothing shady, no cheats or shortcuts.
  • 🎉 FREE - no expensive equipment or consultations. Though you can accelerate your results for $21.99. More on that later.
  • 🥦 It's Healthy - it's not just not unhealthy. You'll see improvements to other seemingly unrelated aspects of your health.
  • 😍 Look Amazing But Still Natural -  you can always tell if someone has had plastic surgery. It never looks entirely "right".



My Simple 3-Step Jawline Formula


How to Get a Jawline = Mewing + Chewing + Slimming


Pretty straight forward right? No freaky (or illegal) supplements and bone-smashing techniques?

   No. These are the raw ingredients you need to get a jawline. They are more complicated than they sound and I have lots of shortcuts to help you. But first, maybe you don't know what each of the steps even mean?


The 3 steps of How to Get a Jawline

1. 👅 Mewing - correct tongue posture and nose breathing

2. 💪 Chewing - masseter stimulation chewing using mastic gum

3. 🏃🏽‍♂️ Slimming - lose face fat to refine your jawline and make it visible

    Start NOW: Copy the Methods That Are Already Working

    If you're like me when I started: you don't lack motivation.

       You're keen to jump into a routine and you've got the discipline to stick to it every day. But you're scared of wasting your time. There's so many jaw exercises and rubber balls chewing toys out there, it's hard to know what works.

    LUCKY YOU! - I've done all the experimenting for you.

    Let's go into more detail for each of the 3 steps; mewing, chewing and slimming.




    1. Mewing 👅 

    Why You Don't Already Have a Sharp Jawline (And What to Do About It)

    There's a lot of confusion around mewing. That's understandable. It's a relatively new idea to most people and there's lot of false information being spread around. 

       There's hundreds of mewing transformations being shared on Reddit, YouTube and in forums. Just check out these 40 mewing before and after photos if you don't know what I'm talking about.


    mewing google search trends

    Mewing is gaining popularity FAST. Just look at the increase in Google searches for mewing in the last 3 years.


    Ok so this thing "mewing" is taking off like a rocket 🚀. What even is mewing though? And what's it got to do with improving your jawline?


    Mewing = Correct Tongue Posture + Nose Breathing


    Mewing claims that there is a specific way humans should rest their tongue in their mouth and how we should breathe. This posture is claimed to be the healthy and natural posture for humans.

       It wasn't until a few hundred years ago that our modern diet and lifestyle changed this.  Modern people have less energy, weaker facial bone structures and far more chronic problems due to "excess" rather than "malnourishment".


    Native american jawline

    It's well known that native Americans had strong jawlines due to their lifestyle and habit of chewing hard tree resins (like mastic gum)


    When your Grandpa was 20, did he have a double chin and chubby cheeks?

    I didn't think so. Mewing comes naturally to some people and is VERY hard for others. It all depends on your lifestyle and habits right up until the point you try mewing for the first time.

       If you don't "mew" already, you've got some fantastic benefits to look forward to. Not just an improved jawline and facial bone structure.


    What Are the Benefits of Mewing?

    • Insane Energy Levels: more efficient absorption of oxygen from each breath.
    • Become Taller: better posture means you'll literally get taller.
    • Calm, Focused Mind: deeper nose breathing will lower your heart rate and  
    • Deeper Sleep: proper nose breathing and tongue posture relaxes your body when you sleep. Leading to longer REM periods.
    • Improved Digestion: correct chewing means food is ground down into smaller pieces, which are more easily digested.
    • Dark Circles Disappear: mewing eradicates that "tired" look a lot of people have around their eyes.
    • And the one you REALLY care about:


    A Stronger Jawline & More Prominent Cheekbones


    Colton Haynes has a great jawline

    Colton Haynes has a strong jawline which is visible because of his low bodyfat. More on that later.


    Let's face it, all those other health benefits are secondary. You just want a Brad Pitt jawline.

       Well first you're going to have to learn how to mew correctly. Do it wrong... and you could end up worse off than you start. So pay attention.



    How to Mew Properly in 5 Steps

    1. Seal Your Lips Lightly 💋 and Have Your Teeth Touching Lightly 🦷

    2. Place Your Whole Tongue Against The Roof Of Your Mouth 👅

    3. Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back 💂‍♂️

    4. Swallow Using Only Your Tongue 🥤

    5. Chew Slowly With Your Mouth Closed 🦷 


    That's it?? I know it sounds pretty simple. But try it out- you're going to have dozens of questions:

    • How long should I do this every day?
    • How hard should I press against my palate?
    • How do I mew when I'm sleeping?
    • and 1000s more (I literally get 1000s of questions on my YouTuber channel)

    Learning how to mew takes months. Plus there's far too much to know to write in this one article. Go and read this mewing tutorial article I wrote and watch the video I included below.

    Read This:

    How to Mew Properly in 5 Steps (Complete Step-By-Step Guide)


    Then Watch This:


    The best mewing tutorial on YouTube. My channel is the internet's best resource for mewing and jawline information.


    Why Mewing is the Step #1 to Getting a Jawline

    Mewing puts your jaw structure back into its natural position. Remember, mewing isn't some new jawline exercise. It's just the natural and healthy posture that humans are supposed to have.

       It's like going back to eating fresh vegetables and organic meat. Instead of eating all the processed garbage that's available for us today.

       Mewing can make changes to your jaw and facial bone structure that NO exercise can. It's either mewing, or surgery. Here's what mewing will do:

    • Correct an overbite - this takes your jawline a long way. Your chin will be more prominent and you lose that "sunken chin" look.
    • Remove your double-chin - the fatty bulge under some people's chins disappears and saggy double-chins tighten up.
    • Lips, nose and eyes change - many see improvements in seemingly unrelated areas of their face.



    2. Chewing 💪

    The Little-Known Way to Chisel Your Jawline That Will Sound Obvious in Hindsight

    You've started mewing. You're seeing changes.. but MAN, they are slow. Unfortunately that's the way it is with mewing. It'll be worth it though.

    But what more can you do to speed up the process and improve your jawline even more?

    Build Your Masseter (The Brad Pitt Muscle)

    The masseter muscle sits on the side of your jaw. Most people with "strong jawlines" just have large masseter muscles. Either from genetics or they've built it. Intentionally or accidentally.


    Brad Pitt is well-known for his masseter muscles

    Brad Pitt's jawline is famous for its meaty masseter muscles


    "haha but I don't have that muscle"

    Your masseter muscle is small, but don't worry- it exists! Modern diets are so soft that most people have never stimulated these muscles before.


    a diagram of the masseter muscle

    The masseter muscle is highlighted above in red



    How to Grow Your Masseter Muscle

    You probably already know what I'm going to say... 

       Chewing is the best way to build your jaw muscles. It sounds so simple and basic- but it's literally the best way. All those rubber chew toys like Jawzrsize might seem innovative and cool... but they don't improve your jawline.


    Why chewing gum is the best jaw exercise:

    • ✅ It works the right muscle - it's the masseter you want to grow. Chewing works it directly. Rubber jawline exercisers stimulate the temporalis muscle. Building it will make your face rounder - not the look you want.

    • 📍You can do it anywhere - chew while you're working, walking or doing whatever. You don't have to be embarrassed about doing it in front of others either- it's not some big rubber gag ball.

    • 🫀Your body is designed to do it - you won't have any issues doing what your body is designed to do. No stiff joints or pain.


    But what's the best chewing gum for your jawline?


    jawline gum search trend on google

    Searches for "jawline gum" are rising rapidly. Lots of jawline before and after photos are turning head...



    Mastic Gum is the Best Chewing Gum for Your Jawline

    Nothing Else Even Comes Close

    • 10x Harder Than Regular Gum: that’s why it works so well. Regular gum is like trying to build muscle by walking a marathon. Mastic Gum is like a 200kg squat for 10 reps. Which one builds more muscle?
    • Sugar Free: mastic gum is grown- not made in a factory. It’s 100% natural and sugar free. You can chew it for as long as you want (until your jaw gets too tired). You don’t need to worry about fitting it into your diet.
    • Chew Anywhere, Anytime: you can workout your jaw by chewing gum no matter what you’re doing- working, walking or watching TV. Many other jawline exercisers and “rubber balls” are awkward and aren’t convenient to take around with you during the day.


    5 Steps to Maximise Your Chewing Gum Jawline Results

    1.  Chew on Both Sides

    You don't want an asymmetrical jawline. Make sure you to exercise each side of your jaw equally.

       Some people unconsciously chew with their dominant side their entire life. So chew consciously to avoid this.


    2.  Rest, So Your Jaw Can Grow

    Gym junkies will tell you that your muscles grow when you're resting. Same for your jaw muscles. Don't workout your jaw with chewing gum for more than 1-2 hours per a day. Start with 20 minutes a day.

       You may get tempted to chew gum all day: "more chewing = more muscle!". But too much chewing could lead to Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ). You don't want that, so take it easy.

       If you're chewing Mastic Gum, then 1 hour a day is TOO MUCH for beginners. Mastic Jawline Gum is like HEAVY deadlifts for your jaw. It's extremely tiring for your jaw.


    3.  Stretch To Avoid Tight Jaw Muscles

    Stretching is a good idea for maintaining the flexibility of your muscles and to help avoid jaw joint problems. Do a few jaw stretches after every chewing gum jawline workout.


    4.  Add More Weight

    You wouldn't expect and 1 hour of running to build muscle in your legs. Same for your jaw muscles: 1 hour of chewing isn't the best way. You need to add weight to your workout. 

       Heavy squats will build muscle 100x faster than long distance running. So how do you "go heavy" for your masseter muscles? You chew the best chewing gum for your jawline - mastic gum.


    5.  Give It 3-6 Months

       Go to the gym for 2 months and you won't look like The Rock, right? Building muscle takes time. Some muscles, like the chest, grow easier than others. The muscles of the jaw don't grow quickly. They're extremely resilient and need a lot of excessive load.


    Read More: How to Get a Sharp Jawline With Mastic Gum



    3. Slimming 🥦

    No, You Don’t Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight

    Yep, this is obvious. But people overlook it because it's obvious. They're looking for some new hack or workout that will let them skip the hard work.


    weight loss search trend on google

    People have been wanting to "lose weight" forever. Everybody knows they look better when they're thinner, but it's HARD.


    Losing weight is the fastest way to improve your jawline. Nothing else comes close. Most people already have halfway decent jawlines, they're just hidden by a layer of fat.

    "You might already have a sharp jawline... it's just hidden with fat!"

       That's why slimming is step #3. By mewing and chewing, you've built a sharp, chiseled jawline. Now you've just got to uncover it by losing weight.



    What Happens to Your Jawline After Weight Loss? 

    All your hard work becomes visible. Your skin around your neck, jaw and chin tightens up. Your masseter muscles stick out from the side of your jaw. And your chin becomes more prominent and defined.

       Weight loss in general will make your entire body more attractive- not just your face. Shedding fat makes ALL your muscles more defined. You can see the striations and lines where your muscles attach.


    a man with a 6-pack

    The hardest part of getting a 6 pack, is losing weight so you can see it.


    Have you ever seen a fat person with a 6 pack?

       Of course not. The whole part of having a 6-pack is being lean enough to see the muscle. IT'S THE SAME WITH YOUR JAWLINE.


    Please DO NOT underestimate the effect that weight loss can have on your jawline. Losing weight is hard. It's not fun. But it WORKS.



    Diet vs Exercise For Weight Loss

    Not how much you eat, but what you eat. Thats what matters. I use a version of Tim Ferriss' Slow Carb Diet

       It's SO MUCH EASIER to lose weight when you aren't hungry. Starving yourself just makes you feel like sh** and you just end up binging anyway. It's not sustainable, and it doesn't work either.


    Exercise vs Diet

       When you want to burn off your belly: should you exercise more? Or diet? Which is easier, more effective and more sustainable?

       Diet. But you shouldn't think of it as a "diet". To me that word sounds temporary. You're looking for something you can do forever (or at least for a few months) and feel fantastic at the same time.


    exercise vs diet

    It takes a lot more exercise to burn calories than you think


    Run 5 Miles or Not Eat That Slice of Carrot Cake?

       To burn off the calories from 1 slice of carrot cake you'd have to 5 miles. That's crazy 😜.

       Which is easier? Running 5 miles might take 1 hour. How long does it take to not eat a piece of cake? 1 second?

       That's why diet is 10x more important than exercise when you're trying to shed pounds. It is so much more time efficient and it actually works better anyway.


    "Ok man, I get that... But it's hard to resist food. I get hungry. I get cravings. Sometimes I eat a whole bunch of things before I even realise what I'm doing 😅"


       I'm the same. So I created some dieting rules that mean you never need to feel hungry. Let's check them out.



    How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Being Hungry

    Follow the 5 rules below... and you can eat as much as you want. Seriously, you never have to be hungry or feel guilty. The fat will just melt off.

       Some preparation and planning is needed though. Otherwise you'll fall back on your bad habits. Make sure you read the section below the 5 rules.


    🍞 Rule #1:  Avoid white carbs

    All bread, rice (even brown rice), cereal, potatoes, pasta, tortillas, grains and fried food with bread.


    🍳 Rule #2: Eat only these foods.

    Proteins: Eggs, chicken, beef, fish, pork, turkey, tuna (all unprocessed meats).

    Legumes: Lentils, black beans, pinto beans, red beans, soybeans.

    Vegetables: Spinach, cucumber, mixed vegetables (including broccoli, cauliflower, or any other cruciferous vegetables), Sauerkraut, kimchee, asparagus, peas, broccoli, green beans, carrots, zucchini.

       Basically all vegetables except root vegetables like potato, parsnip and sweet potato. 

    🧃 Rule #3: Don’t drink calories.

    Drink a lot of water. Don't be afraid to drink unsweetened tea or black coffee as well. But remember that they dehydrate you, so try to limit it. I drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and 1 cup of tea in the afternoon.

       Do not drink milk (any type of milk), soft drinks, or fruit juice. These are high sugar, high insulin and don't keep you full AT ALL = bad choice.

       Sugar-free soda is a no go. It is counter-productive for your gut bacteria, which is crucial for regulating your body's fat stores. No alcohol either.


    🥝 Rule #4: Don’t eat fruit

    Tomatoes and avocados are the only exceptions. But don't have too much of them either. I know a lot of people frown when they hear this rule — how can fruits be bad for you?

       They aren't bad for you. But that doesn't mean they help you lose weight. They're loaded with fructose, which is a form of sugar that spikes your insulin. Taking your body out of "fat-burning mode". Only eat fruit on your cheat day.


    🍔🥤🤤 Rule #5: Take one day off per week.

    Saturday usually works the best! You need to have a day to indulge and reset your discipline clock. Once a week (Saturday) I eat burgers, fries, pizza and candy- whatever I want.

       But make sure your cheat day doesn't sneak into a "cheat weekend". Too many people diet during the week and binge during the weekend. If you're serious, eat garbage one day only.



    Food Preparation & Planning

      Obviously you'll lose weight if you follow any diet. The hard part is following it!

         This diet or "eating plan" is designed to be easy to stick. But I want to make it as easy as possible for you and I've got a few tricks to help.


      How to stick to the diet:

      • 🌶 Make your food taste delicious - add chilli, garlic, salt, lemon, spices, flavors, and sauces (healthy sauces).
      • 🥘 Have some "go to" meals - you don't want to always be thinking of what to make. Have a few recipes that you eat over and over again. And always have your fridge stocked with the ingredients.
      • 🍫 GET RID OF UNHEALTHY FOOD FROM YOUR FRIDGE - if you can't access it, you can't eat it. At the end of cheat day, throw the food away. You don't want to be tempted to eat it the next day. Only 1 cheat day remember!
      • 🥙 Have a "go to" takeaway meal -  have a takeaway option that fits the rules of the diet. That way, when you're tired and couldn't be bothered cooking, you can order good, healthy food. Instead of reaching for convenient junk food.
      • 🥩 Eat high protein meal -  try to get some protein in at every meal. Protein fills you up for longer than other macronutrients, so you're less likely to want a snack later.



      Weight Loss Hacks You'll Wish You Knew About Earlier

      At Least You're Lucky to Find Out About Them Now!


      • 🫖 Green Tea Extract - it contains a whole bunch of catechins, particularly epigallocatechin gallate. Studies have that they increase fat oxidisation in humans- making it easier to burn it off. Drink green tea or get some epicatechin supplements.

      • 🧃 Drink Sugar-Free Cordial - want a way to satisfy your sugar cravings without eating sugar? I drink calorie-free cordial (or squash or cool aid) all the time. It takes delicious, fills me up and kills my cravings for sugar!

      • 🥚 High Protein Breakfast - protein kickstarts your metabolism and makes you feel fuller than other macronutrients. I eat 3 eggs for breakfast everyday.

      • 🍏 Shot Apple Cider Vinegar - every fitness YouTuber has made a video about this for a good reason- it's works! ACV creates a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut that really accelerates how fast you burn fat. I shot a teaspoon of this every morning (warning: it tastes bad) and then wash it down with a glass of water. Sometimes I have it 3x a day.

      • 🧊 Cold Showers -  stimulates Brown Adipose Tissue to burn fat and glucose as heat. In other words, it burns stubborn fat. It's also a great way to wake up and boost your metabolism for the rest of the day.

      • 💊 Supplement Magnesium - it's pretty crazy how magnesium helps with everything: better sleep, more testosterone, greater heart health.... the list goes on forever. The main takeaway is: you're not getting enough from your diet. Get some Magnesium chloride or glycinate supplements.

      • ❇️ Chew Gum - sometimes you just need a distraction and to keep your mouth busy. Chew gum in between meals to trick your brain into making you feel full. But make sure it's sugar-free!

      • 💧 500mL of Cold Water - wake and drink 500ml of cold water straight away. This has been shown to increase your resting metabolic rate 24-30% after drinking. That's a whole bunch of extra calories burned just by drinking water.



      SUMMARY: How to Get a Jawline in 2021

      1. Mewing - Set the Foundation

      Mewing will make your facial musculature stronger and nose breathing will result in better oxygen absorption. Mewing is the cure for overbites, weak chins and double chins. Learn how to mew and start TODAY.

      2. Chewing - Build the Muscle

      Your jaw muscles can grow just like any other muscle. Chew mastic gum regularly using the "jawline chew" method.

      3. Slimming - Make it Visible

      Make all your mewing and chewing work visible by losing fat on your face. Learn about insulin management and the slow carb diet. Don't rely on cardio to lose weight.


       I explain how to get a jawline with my formula in 36 seconds on my YouTube channel



      🍀  GOOD LUCK  🍀

      Thank you for reading my 3-step formula on how to get a jawline. If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends - thanks!


      Matt Phelps- founder of Jawline Gum

         Matt Phelps

         Founder of STEEL®

      P.S STEEL Jawline Gum will sharpen your jawline in 30 days... or it's free 👇

      How to Get a Sharp Jawline using Mastic Gum (Hollywood's Secret)



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