How to Get a Wider Jaw | 5 Steps You Can Do At Home

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We've seen it in comic book characters since we were kids: the good-looking guys always have strong, wide jaws that stand out.

   Even Instagram proves that a wider, more defined jaw is still one of the most sought-after features in men. If you doubt me, check out their selfie likes.

   A wider jaw is also one of the things that women like most about men. So, if you want to look better, this guide on how to have a wider jaw is what you need.




The answer is simple. It is a sign of more testosterone, and we link testosterone to many good things.

   When a woman sees a man with a wider jaw, her brain tells her one thing. "This man has a lot of testosterone, so he's likely to have healthy kids." Not like there’s any proof to this.

   Other than that, just like having defined abs looks cool, a defined jaw has the same effect.




As you might expect, there are some things you can't do to get a wider and more defined jawline. We are talking about a bone, after all. It doesn’t have much wiggle room around it.

   But there are some techniques, exercises, and tips you can use to make your jawline look wider and more defined. Let's take a look:



First, you need to work out and lose weight. If you have a lot of body fat, it also builds up in the jaws and the rest of the face. This makes the face look rounder and less defined.


In fact, it's possible that you have a strong, wide jaw and don't know it because your neck and face are so full of fat that you can't see it. If you want to build your jaw muscles specifically, you can try jawline exercisers.


So this is one more reason to work out and get in shape. When you work out your jaw muscles, they strengthen and make your jaw look wider.


Here's a simple exercise you can do to make your jaws wider:

  1. Push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip while your mouth is closed.
  2. You should feel a stretch under your chin and jaw.
  3. Keep the position for 10–15 seconds, then let go.
  4. Do three sets of 15.
  5. Chin up



An effective way to get a wider jaw is through "mewing," which is a technique founded by orthodontist, John Mew. You can change the shape of the jaw with this method by doing exercises based on the tongue's position.

   Mewing will strengthen the muscles in your face, and breathing through your nose will help you take in more oxygen. Most people who mew only do it to look good in pictures and it works. But if you do it every day, you can get consistent results on your jawline over time.

   Overbites, weak chins, and double chins can all be fixed by mewing. Find out how to do it right and start TODAY.



   You can't change your bone structure, but you can work on your muscles. And you have jaw muscles.

   To do this, we can use another method from the same doctor, John Mew, called "chewing," which allows you to work out your muscles and get long-term results.

   In this case, we use a piece of gum you can buy anywhere and work on it by pressing it with our tongues against the roof of our mouths instead of chewing it with our teeth.

This works out many facial muscles that don't typically get used.




   But what I said in the last section means you won't be able to work hard on your masseters, which makes your jaw look wider.

   Believe it or not, chewing gum is a great way to improve the shape of your jaw. Since it's a natural action, like chewing food; you don't need to set aside time to do it.

   You can chew gum at work while at work or while working out. But chewing regular gum isn't much of a workout. You could chew for hours without working out your jaw muscles.

   It's more work with little to show for it. You need to add weight and make the exercise harder. Chewing works the masseter muscles, so chewing on harder things can be good practice.

   You have to chew a tougher kind of gum. The best resins and saps are those that come from trees. For example, mastic gum is ten times harder than regular gum. There is no sugar or fat in it. And it's 100% natural.

   Clearly, this doesn't take the place of the exercises in the previous section. You use each for something different. So, you should do both of them. One good thing might be to chew soft gum in the morning and these harder gums in the afternoon.

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   Last but not least, surgery is always an option. We don't think it's a good idea, but you can do it if you want to.

   You would need to see an orthodontist to get surgery to make your jaw wider. It is easier to widen the upper jaw than the lower jaw. They use a palatal expander tool to slowly make the jaw wider.

   But, as we've said, that's not what we suggest. We recommend you use the above tips and avoid operating rooms.





Don't make it complicated. It is possible and easy to grow bigger jaw muscles.

   People are slowly realizing that a wider jawline isn't just something you're born with. With effort, you can make yours look great.

And don't forget to send us some before and after pictures of your jawline!




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